New Seneschal of Sark is announced

JEREMY La Trobe-Bateman is to be the new Seneschal of Sark.

Jeremy La Trobe-Bateman

JEREMY La Trobe-Bateman, pictured, is to be the new Seneschal of Sark.

The announcement was made by Seigneur Michael Beaumont to the island’s Chief Pleas yesterday morning. He said that the Lt-Governor, Air Marshal Peter Walker, approved the appointment of the former Deputy Seneschal having received a recommendation from the appointments board.

That consisted of the Seigneur, who chaired it, and former Guernsey deputy Bailiff Chris Day and His Honour Judge David Brunning, both of whom have homes in Sark.

Mr Beaumont disclosed that the Seneschal-designate – he will take the oath of office in Guernsey’s Royal Court early next month – was the only candidate.

The role will see him preside over the Seneschal’s Court and conduct inquests.

A decision on who will serve as the first standalone President of Chief Pleas will be made on 27 February when the 27 Conseillers meet to elect one following the formal splitting of the role at midnight the previous day.

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Looks like a man with a chip on his shoulder



I was wondering why he had a mushroom growing on his shoulder, thanks for the clarification! ;-))


Rock On Mervyn Peake !!


no it looks like a man who has been told take that job and do as your told,the top job belongs to reg guille.