Guernsey prepares for snow

SNOW is predicted to start falling in Guernsey at about 6am tomorrow morning.

Guernsey Airport in snowy conditions.
Guernsey Airport in snowy conditions.

SNOW is predicted to start falling in Guernsey at about 6am tomorrow morning.

A Guernsey Met Office spokesman said that they expected all of the island to see a covering of snow - not just the higher parishes.

'It possibly will stick, but there is rain following it, so it will be broken up and become slushy quite quickly,' he said.

He added that the weather was due to warm up over the weekend, meaning no further snow was predicted.

With the possibility of snow, the Home Department has issued a statement detailing preparations and procedures in the event of heavy snowfall:

Traffic – Guernsey Police will continuously assess road safety conditions and will regularly issue information to the local media stations. Advice is likely to focus on the conditions of the roads and may suggest that only essential journeys should be considered. If and when gritting can commence, set routes of arterial roads will be treated with de-icer by the Public Services Department.

Business - It is advisable to refresh your understanding of your employers policy during snowy/icy conditions and make arrangements for alternative means of transport/working.

Schools – Whilst the Education Department will make every effort to open all schools which are able to operate in a safe environment, there may be some which cannot open due to unsafe access, issues with the facilities (e.g. burst water pipes or heating system failures) or insufficient staffing levels. An announcement should be expected by 7.15am on a weekday morning. It is expected that parents use their discretion to keep a child at home if they believe that conditions are such as to make it unreasonable or unsafe for the child to attempt to reach school.

When severe weather conditions arise during the school day, announcements will be made as soon as decisions are taken and regularly thereafter.

The grant-aided Colleges will make their own decisions whether to open or not based on their respective operational circumstances and will advise the media accordingly.

The Emergency Services – The emergency services have put in place arrangements so that they will be able to continue to provide a service for emergency calls.

Health and Social Services Department – Have their own transport arrangements for staff during wintry conditions thereby ensuring that the majority of Health and Social Services Department continues to function. St Johns Ambulance and Recue Service will assist with the provision of transport for essential patients.

Airport – In prolonged or severe snowfall, disruption can last for over 24 hours. Whilst Guernsey Airport makes every reasonable effort to clear snow and ice from airside areas, it is a lengthy process.

Further information is available from “The Get Ready for Winter” initiative hosted on the UK Met Office website .

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ivor biggun

big contingency plan for the 6mm well get tonight, schools will be closed and a mad rush at the supermarkets for supplies....


Don't forget the amateur 4x4 drivers who think they can just drive around like nothing's happening....despite having no clue how to drive in the conditions!


"In view of the forecast, Transport and Technical Services are ready to be out gritting roads from 3 am..."

That's what Jersey seem prepared for. Will our gritters be out early before its too late?


Teachers and Civil Servants planning a long weekend.....