New mental health centre plans revealed

FINAL plans have been revealed for Guernsey’s much-anticipated £24m. mental health centre, which will be put to the States for approval next month.

FINAL plans have been revealed for Guernsey’s much-anticipated £24m. mental health centre, which will be put to the States for approval next month.

The project marks a ‘landmark year’ for mental health and wellbeing services, according to Health and Social Services, which hopes work can start in March on land currently occupied by Oberlands House and Mignot House.

Minister Mark Dorey, pictured, said the redesigned development would cost £1.5m. less than originally expected and would provide ‘modern, recovery-focused services’, replacing the outdated Castel Hospital.

‘This new facility will greatly benefit the community and bring Guernsey up to date in its provision of mental health services,’ he said.

‘With room to accommodate 28 service users and modern facilities for day-care and therapy, this represents a step-change for mental health and wellbeing on the island.'

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Island Wide Voting

It will 'greatly benefit the community' even more if HSSD insists on a clause in the contract that the builder employs local labour only


Great plan just like at Beaucamps, loads local companies out of pocket and I believe still remain unpaid. Employ local but make sure payments get to those that actually do the work. Lets see local contractors employed and a States back payment protection plan. If the local subbies don't get paid then withhold payment from main contractor.


The States cant help themselves. They really are addicted to spending huge amounts of our money at a time when the finance sector is shrinking, and no one in goverment seems to have a clue how to diversify our economy. States memebers STOP spending before you get us into financial trouble that we will not be able to get out of without taxing us all in to the next world.


Plus the States can have the Castel site back for other uses.

My money is on a request for a new police headquarters!


Island Wide Voting

Couldn't agree more, unfortunately it is well known locally, that the "preferred contractor" is NOT (despite their claims) a local contractor, which is quite frankly an apalling state of affairs, given their track record in settling accounts.

Will it make any difference to the States decision............NO

Mr Mint


Couldn't have put it better.



knowing the cost for the new building it tells you that they have their building contractor.

Its very steep price to pay for a building on their own land[states].

Could they have not modenised Duchess of kent home[once patience home and now admimistration]into mental health and wellbeings services.


I'm more interested in what happens to the old Castel site. IMO all those awful buildings should be completely razed/bulldozed (please can we have no backward thinking idiots on here saying they should be preserved). Then we should allow private developers to create a new housing development, including new OPEN market homes, in order to maximise the profit potential.

Cher Eugene

At £850,000 per "service user" (what on earth are these creatures) this building seems not merely gold plated but also diamond encrusted.

I cannot remember when the States last wisely spent a large sum on something that would be of benefit to the majority of law-abiding, tax-paying islanders, people like me. Plenty of grandiose schemes it goes without saying but value for money - rarely.


Over-simplifying the stats for shock tactics, Cher Eugene? Nice try.

I think you and I both know that £850,000 per service user is utter tripe. Say this building has a 50-year life, that already takes the cost per service user down to £583, based on the highly unlikely scenario that every one of them will be staying there for a year. It's more likely that the people who stay there will do so on a short-term basis.

Factor in the day patients and those who will use it for support-group services, considering that something like 1 in 5 of us will suffer mental health issues at some point, and your £850k figure is shamed into insignificance.

Personally, I think we've got a bit of a bargain on our hands. And even if it wasn't, mental health care is one area in which, societally, we cannot afford to scrimp.


Here we go again! Spending money like a drunken sailor. From the picture shown on CTV tonight the building appears to have a reception area that would not be out of place in a five star hotel. Time to reign in these big spenders and start getting value for OUR money; I don't want to see a utilitarian building but horses for courses chaps.


How many wards will be closed on this one because we can't afford to run them?