Snow update

We will be updating this page as and when information is received

St Martin's Church this morning. (Picture by Adrian Miller)
St Martin's Church this morning. (Picture by Adrian Miller)

We will be updating this page as and when information is received

Education: At 9.40 the Education Dept moved to quash rumours that all schools were closed by issuing a statement which confirmed that all States schools were open apart from St. Andrew’s Primary and St. Anne’s in Alderney. But if parents felt it was too dangerous to take their child to school it was up to them and they should notify the school of their decision.

Just after midday the department confirmed that St Andrew's would remain closed all day.

1:40pm - School transport and scheduled bus services expected to operate as normal this afternoon. Schools will not close early.

The Education Department expects all schools to open as normal on Monday.

Music Centre will operate as normal tomorrow – if there is any change the Head of the Schools’ Music Service, Mervyn Grand, will inform the broadcast media by 7.45am

Buses: 11:05 - All buses will be running from 11:50 onwards, say CT Plus.

States Works said two of its three gritting lorries were out.

They were gritting routes leading to and in the upper parishes, including Rectory Hill, Route de St Andre by the Little Chapel, Grande Rue in St Martin’s, Le Vauquiedor, Le Chene Hill and Pleinmont.

Air Travel: Update - 2:40 - Airport reopened at 2pm and first commercial flight away was the   Aurigny GR694 flight to East Midlands departed shortly after 2:30pm.

3:05: The Aurigny flight has just landed back at Guernsey due to the closure of East Midlands airport due to the weather conditions.

All Blue Islands passengers are advised to check-in as normal, once the airports open Blue Islands will endeavour to operate the schedule as normal.  Upon opening of Jersey Airport, the Manchester, Geneva and Bristol services will operate.  Upon opening of Guernsey airport,  Blue Islands will be operating flights to Jersey and hopefully the Southampton flight if Southampton Airport opens.

For passengers wishing to change their flights, this can be done on the website in the 'manage travel' section.

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Comments for: "Snow update"


Another guernsey shambles


More like 'another climatic shambles'. Do you seriously have anything else to say ?


Please do not feed the troll ;0)


This is the issue with the Internet; it's extremely difficult to convey the manner in which one delivers a message and thus if, from the persepective of a fellow contributor, a question containing an ostensibly emotional or aggressive tone is made, it is dismissed as the work as an Internet incendiary.

That's what makes the validity of your claim that I am a troll at its best questionable.

How do you know that I wasn't merely asking a genuine question ?


I think the troll Pete referred to was PB Falla and not you Ed. All PBF does is cut and paste the same words ("another Guernsey shambles") onto any topic that takes his fancy. Probably just attention seeking.

Pepe Le Pew

I managed to get to St Andrews from town and Blanchelande said it would open. I reckon the St Andrews staff just fancied a day off to build slushmen. :-)

Mum of 3

Of course it couldn't be because the school is on a hill.

Pepe Le Pew

Perhaps but most journeys to schools in the upper parishes involve hills at some I think I'll stick to the snowman theory! :-)


I live near there and it wasn't safe


I live about five doors down from the school and it was fine. The worst part of my drive to work was getting out of my driveway!


Usual shambles. Island FM announced promptly at around 7.10 am that the majority of scheduled and school buses were cancelled, but Education kept us waiting until 7.25 only to announce that all the schools were going to open anyway and that we (parents) have a "duty" to get our children to school at our own risk. I don't think so.


And if they had shut the schools, you'd be moaning too. Or soemone else would. So let's face it, they couldn't win.


I think that's a bit harsh Bridge and don't really understand what your point is. The buses have to make their own commercial decision and the schools theirs. There was only a 15 minute difference in the announcements which is hardly significant in the grand scheme of things.

I had a text message from school yesterday afternoon to confirm that decision would be made by would be made at 7.15am to update parents and not only did BBC Guernsey confirm the announcement at about 7.20am but I also had another text from the school at that time as well.

We have a duty to make sure our kids get to school safely every day of the week not just when it snows - whether that's by letting them go on the school's bus service or taking them there yourself (if they are too young or too far away to get there under their own steam). If you didn't feel that your child could get to school safely then you were very welcome not to send them until you felt you could.

I say well done to Education for finally allowing each school to determine for themselves whether it is safe on and around the premises or not. School is open, the snow is melting and all will be back to normal by lunchtime.

Kate Ponyntrap

Schools should open, but it's quite obvious that if UK bus drivers deem the roads too unsafe, and bearing in mind people in Guernsey can't drive on snow for toffee; the roads become jammed, so they can't go round banging on about 'duty' when that very duty gets everyone panicking on the roads at the same time and prevents anyone else doing anything for hours. Or crashing into a wall.

Better to say "the schools are open, please get here if and when you can. your children's and your safety is paramount. Please call us and we will try and assist in any way."


Dont judge others by your own standard of driving :)


So nobody in Guernsey can drive on snow? Everyone panicking? What nonsense, and by the way, have you ever thought, most drivers in Guernsey have probably not lived here for long, so probably don't know which roads are likely to be difficult.

As far as I can tell, most schools did exactly what you suggest in your last paragraph.


On the whole of my route to work I did not see one single car driver who could not drive in the snow. Every one of them drove very carefully and competently.


I don't see your point Bridge.

The bus service and schools are separate entities each with their own decision to make as to how they operate under the circumstances.

Considering that the news updates were only 15 minutes apart (hardly significant in the grand scheme of things) I think that they all did a good job in keeping us informed.

We have a duty to ensure (in whatever way they travel) that our kids get to school safely every day of the week - not just when it snows. The schools quite clearly said that if you did not feel that you could get your child to school safely then that is fine. Bring them in when conditions are better. What did you expect - a chauffer driven 4 x 4 to come by and pick them up for you instead?

Well done Eductaion for finally giving the schools the responsibility of deciding for themselves whether conditions in and around are safe for people to attend. It makes so much more sense than a knee-jerk pan island response. Schools are open, snow has stopped and all will be back to normal by lunchtime!


Oops - two posts I'm afraid peeps as site told me that first hadn't been posted due to high demand!

Technology eh?



My point is that the States decided to open the schools, despite the fact that most buses had already been cancelled, and then announced on the radio that we had a "parental duty" (exact words used) to get our children to school, irrespective of whether or not we live out in the upper parishes, don't have a four wheel drive, have children at different schools and have to get to work by 9.

I think to make a statement like that, in the circumstances, is a recipe for mayhem and frankly irresponsible.

I can't make the point any more clearly than that and if you still "don't get it" I suggest you go and find something else to do instead!



If you can make it to work, I'm sure your kids can make it to School!

What about the other parents who are also required in work, who have no one to look after their children? What should they do when they close down the schools for no good reason?



You do realise you don't have to follow exactly what the states tell you? You can think for yourself can't you? If you thought it was too risky to take your kids to school then, guess what, don't take them to school. Oh but then how are you meant to go to work?!! I think most employers understand the meltdown Guernsey goes into when some snow falls and would be willing to compromise to the fact you have children to look after. The states are damned either way as people will always moan. I suggest next time you take the initiative and make your own judgement taking into account the factors that are important to you, they're your kids. I don't know what you want the states to do for you?



The bad weather was publicised three or four days ago. We set our alarm clock 1hr and 15 mins early this morning.

Result? Kids got up early, enjoyed the snow for half an hour. Dropped off at school a few minutes late and we arrived at work half an hour late.

For God's sake why don't people 'man up'. You probably moan at the people who hang about outside Social Security, but can't be arsed to set your alarm clock a few minutes early so your family can beat a bit of poxy snow.

Oh Dear

When I called the bus company at 7.30 and spoke to someone about La Mare Buses, I was told they were running.

Son went to two bus stops. No bus.

Schools open - but when phoned to say child would not be in, told, they may shut again.


@Oh Dear

Precisely! Thank God someone is in the real world with me...

Island Wide Voting

So much for following official advice when travelling during icy weather

I did all the things it said on the telly. I packed a shovel, tow rope , reflective hazard triangle, blankets, gloves, woolly hat, de-icer ,a bag of rock salt ,a torch with spare batteries ,a wireless and enough food and drink to last twenty four hours only to be told by the bloney driver that he wouldn’t let me board the bus

Mum of 3

Why the tow rope and hazard triangle if you were catching the bus?!!


Errrrr..... Joke? I thought it was funny anyway.

Island Wide Voting

That's what the man on the telly said to do.I also forgot to mention the jump leads and the spare can of petrol

Kate Bucketnspade

Where are the air raid sirens when you need them? "Incoming" for schools are closed, "All Clear" for schools are open.

Guernsey's disaster management is based on Island FM nad it's rotation of cheap-to-air music.


Try BBC Guernsey - much more informative in the mornings without the cr*p music (all from the 80's)!

Eve Smyth

Honestly, a shambles people say, nothing was a shambles this morning, I got up, told my daughter to get ready for shcool in case they were open, we waited till 7:30 - schools open so got ready as normal, went to school, was in work by 8:30!!

If the Education closed the schools people would be moaning, if they open them people moan. get a grip and stop moaning its just a bit of snow!


You obviously weren't anywhere near Forest Road then!!!

Eve Smyth

Oh dear, someone is a little grumpy today.

The snow is now melting and almost gone in most places, its just a day, it will all be forgotton tomorrow!!!


If you don't like huge amounts of snow you can always move out of the upper parishes. St. Peter port was cleared by lunchtime and the north hardly got any.



Thats a heavy load now that you have to walk to work.ha ha.You forgot your wellies for the BIG thaw.Be wise next time take a sickie like many today.


Why wasn't the Forest Road gritted? States Works knew that snow was coming. Took me nearly an hour to get from near Forest Stores to the Wicked Wolf!



According to a guy from States Works on Radio Guernsey this morning Forest Road was treated with the new salt replacement stuff that they have now.

Coming from St. Martins to the Airport it was fine, with mainly slush, which allowed cars to drive at around 25mph.

Going from the airport towards St. Martins was another story. It was pretty much pure ice the whole way, so cars were at a standstill. It took me around an hour to get from the Airport to Forest Road garage, and then another 25 minutes to get from Forest Road garage to La Villette!

Either they only used the de-icer on the route out to the airport, and not back towards town, or it doesn't work. Either way it needs to be looked into.

Eve Smyth

A colleague of mine who lives at Torteval managed to get into work before 9am!

Too much fuss over nothing.

Fair enough though they should have gritted more roads especially main ones from the upper parishes.


So how come the runway is still shut......


Probably for the same reason as Bristol,Southampton,Manchester,Jersey,Bournemouthand I think even Gatwick for a while...........

We get thick fog several times a year which closes the airport (for sometimes days at a time) yet half a day's snow closure and everyone thinks the world is coming to an end!

Particularly laughable considering just about every destination with Guernsey links was closed anyway.


Why all the negative waves,chill out a little.


I love the lack of insight people have when it comes to the weather. Slushmen? The ground in places is still solid ice. It is thawing but not as quickly as people think. Check the forecasts.

I could not believe the amount of people trying to drive to work this morning. I bet I got to work quicker than almost everyone that drove. The amount of people who seem to think the best way to perform a hill start in the ice is to rev the car to the point where the back is swinging around is frankly baffling. If you're that clueless driving in this weather, don't drive.

As for the schools being open, absolutely ridiculous. It created an extra volume of traffic and means that any child who gets in by bus is missing out. If the buses aren't running the schools should stay shut.


Pepe Le Pew

I love the lack of insight people have when it comes to a joke. Note for reference, the :-) gives it away. As for the schools being open, your view is the ridiculous one I'm afraid. Notwithstanding a bit of parental discretion so they bloney well should be with the amount of snow we got yesterday. If parents decided it wasn't safe they were at liberty to keep the children at home. One day off school to play in the snow is no more disruptive to taking a day off with a bad cold....or should we close schools next time chicken pox does the rounds?


Due to the lack of children in school (as many didn't go) normal lessons cannot run. All the kids that are not there would miss out.

Chickenpox tends to be for ONE class of children at a certain age, not a whole school.

Your last comment reads:

"One day off school to play in the snow is no more disruptive to taking a day off with a bad cold….or should we close schools next time chicken pox does the rounds?"

It sounds a tad contradictory to me. Why open the schools if it's no more disruptive than having a cold? The fact that those who get to school by bus couldn't get in displays how few would have been there.

Pepe Le Pew

You'll have to excuse me, Me - at the time of writing I was grieving the slow demise of the snowman I had built with my daughter so may not have been thinking straight.


The problem here is, the schools got slated last year for instantly closing when we had our annual dusting of 1/2 inch, because it meant mummy had to take the day off to look after Tabitha and Tarquin.

So in order to minimise critisism this year they played it safe stayed open, and left a get out clause of if you think it's to dangerous to send your kids then don't.


I had to battle that hydro meteorological hazard in order to do an external examination ! People argue that a snow day is the ideal opportunity to create artificial amusement, but it's little more than a hindrance to one's routine existence, especially if it is an impediment to achieving something that would have profoundly benefited one's life. I can't say that I particularly like snow- though it rarely falls in Guernsey.


but it’s little more than a hindrance to one’s routine existence, especially if it is an impediment to achieving something that would have profoundly benefited one’s life.

you mean like having to battle a hydro meteorological hazard in order to do an external examination?.

Anyway true to form Ed :)


Ed - yesterdays hydro meteorological hazard afforded me the opportunity to participate in a paternal bonding experience with my progeny. My understanding is such occurrences enhance the healthy psychological and emotional development of juvenile members of the homo sapien species, which in turn can result in heightened levels of self-actualisation leading to a greater possibility of achieving something of profound benefit to life.



You ought to be reported for abuse you terrible parent. Why were your children not getting stuck into some more meaningful activities to enhance their world view thus being better humans and gaining more knowledge of the world around them? come on whats your excuse for this diabolical behaviour?.

At least while i was playing out in the snow with my daughter i was educating her on things like the trajectory of said snow ball, gravitational forces,and the plight of the dodo ;-)

Pepe Le Pew

In my defence I only wasted about half an hour before I and the progeny had to disperse; I to my place of employ, my progeny to the preliminary learning facility - there to receive a far more enhanced educational experience than building snowmen! :-)


'Artificial amusement'? How is is 'artificial' if they actually have fun?

Lighten up a bit, Ed. Daily routine ain't all it's cracked up to be!


You sound like Mr Logic from Viz..

Island Wide Voting


I'm intrigued by the term 'external examination'.Are you training to be a Doctor ... or perhaps a Vet?

... and while you're on the line what's your take, as someone in his final years at school, on the current dire employment situation in the island?


Island Wide Voting

It's the school that calls it an 'external examination' , it was completed inside school, though.

I have no interest in entering the medical profession- my knowledge of such scientific subjects is only rudimentary. Anyway, it's the school that portrays the employment situation as being "dire" . I, to a degree, am in accordance with such a view as many young students are struggling to gain a position in a particular workplace, especially those that require some degree of expertise and or professional qualifications. I wouldn't like to think that this is merely indoctrination.


Chilled out but no worries (Thanks Electric for meeting demand)

Many years ago the red & green buses put on chains & quite happily climbed to top of Grange

All schools were open unless the loos froze

But then was safe to walk not like now!!

Worst I had (walking) was a flailing snow chain swathing any of us walkers down

We all jumped over a bank & avoided it just

SOG please grit pavements too


OMG what is the problem here, a flurry of snow so the Island comes to a standstill, is there no other excuse for pulling a "sickie" Try looking at the mainland, where people were genuinely stuck, doing their best to get to work, gritters etc., working to full capacity. This is an Island, does no one remember the art of walking. Sorry, obviously not, due to the amount of vehicles, OH, just remembered, you all have 4 x 4's so where is the problem, you can drive in all weather terrain. Why oh Why do you have your 4 x 4's. Pose machine perhaps. Island FM have been slated for no reason, they only go on information provided, so why not get your bad weather info elsewhere. God Help Guernsey if we really had bad weather. Please remind me, how long did the snow last, 4 hours !!!! I think I need to stock up my cupboards now in case I am snowed in, so must go.


Correct, 4x4 are purely a status symbol (except maybe for people who drive on farms).

Also a lot of people don't know how to change the radio dial!


So what happened to St. Andrew's School? Was that the only part of Guernsey completely impassable as far as teachers were concerned? Seems a bit odd if Blanchelande opened and that's only around the corner.

Charlie G

....thought i heard thunder,from the direction of

Europe and Scandinavia,surprise surprise it was laughter,and the joke ? once again the pansy Brits falling about over a dusting of snow.My work takes me to northern europe and

Scandinavia several weeks in winter time,what

a pleasure it is to see those areas just getting on with it,schools open,public transport running,people driving to their work,airports open for business in total blizzard conditions,and guess what? i do not fly to those areas for my work weeks,i drive there,as far as Norway,yep i got winter tyres

on my van,and yep they were supplied and fitted by a small local tyre specialist near the bridge,at very little cost.Oh dear what a

mamby pamby society Britain has become,sad.


Wrong forum mate, this is a Guernsey forum. We rarely get snow over here unlike the UK mainland who seem to get it every year and suffer each time.

It would be a waste of time and money for Guernsey to prepare for something that only sticks on the ground for about 6 hours every 5 to 10 years.