The snowmen (and women) of Saumarez Park

SNOWMEN and women were built from the glistening ground of Saumarez Park this morning.

SIsters Mireille Nicole Guilmoto, Evie Weeks and their creation at Saumarez Park. (Picture by Paul Ainsworth)

SNOWMEN and women were built from the glistening ground of Saumarez Park this morning.

Battle lines were also drawn between families and friends as snowball fights broke out in the early morning chill.

Sisters Nicole and Mireille Guilmoto, with their friend Evie Weeks were among the youngsters at Saumarez who had been unable to get to school due to the standstill traffic in the early morning.

They had built a snowman and woman together.

‘It took us about 15 minutes, said 17-year-old Evie. ‘It was hard work pushing them - our feet slipped.’

Nicole, 15, said they had been constructing a head for their snowman but it was too big and they decided to make a woman as well.

Her sister Mireille, 17, added: ‘You can’t make a snowman without making a woman.’

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Pepe Le Pew

Unable to get to school but evidently able to get to Saumarez Park. Where there's a will there's a way I suppose....and who can blame them. I'd have probably done the same thing! :-)

Island Wide Voting

That's got to be a set up photo!

Those three young ladies must be agency models surely ?


These girls are highly underage. Your comment seems very ill-advised.

It seems Jimmy Saville is still alive...

Pepe Le Pew

That's it, my suspicions are confirmed that the world has gone totally mad. He only asked if the girls were agency models. Perhaps the GP photographer should be investigated too?

Sensible people still accept it is possible to acknowledge beauty without any sinister sexual connotation whatsoever. I regularly tell my daughter she is attractive and intend to do so throughout her life until the day I die - and woe betide anyone who suggests there's anything sexual in that.

Island Wide Voting

Well Mr Rice,if there is ever enough cash left in the kitty to form a 'Thought Police' unit IQ will be your first volunteer


I suppose some people do not know about the link between actions and consequences. I don't particularly like snow and I would much prefer do work, rather than build an 'exciting' snowman.

The trouble is that events that bring rare phenomena afford certain individuals the excuse to skive.



You are a sad, probably lonely, excuse for a human being. What on earth is wrong with a few young people enjoying themselves in the snow ? Get a life before it passes you by.



I think you need to seriously reconsider your choice of vocabulary. It irks me when I hear words such as 'sad' as they hold very little true meaning and mar the beauty of the English Language. You obviously lack the capacity to appreciate and embrace the dfferent sentiments of this forum and therefore the ones that pervade this society.

So perhaps it's you that needs to 'get a life' and, before you say 'I don't know who you are to tell me to go and get a life', remember that, just because you are an adult, it doesn't mean that what your saying is not nasty. If you are an adult then you ought to know better.

Anyway, have you heard the adage "Work now , play later" ; perhaps these individuals ought to use their time more profitably as, once they have worked hard, they can then become more lax.


Agreed, the kids should be locked away in mines and factory's - they can play when they are 90!

L'eree Lad

The only person who should be locked away is Ed - somewhere with no internet access ideally.

His posts have long since ceased to be clever or amusing and are now just an irritant.

Ed, please do everyone a favour and melt away for good like Friday's snow...


Call me old fashioned but if I was ever off school for whatever reason the instructions from the parents was clearly to stay in if I couldnt make school then forget about going out, I guess parents these days dont care what their children get up to as long as they are out from under their feet

Terry Langlois

Call me "normal" but whenever I had the day off school due to snow the instructions were to get out there and make the most of it. Life is made up of such moments.

Pepe Le Pew

Agreed Terry. I don't believe schools should close unless the conditions are severe (which yesterday they weren't) but when they do it's time to play!

We complain about the nanny state, well yesterday Education got it broadly right by opening every school (bar one - whose staff probably wanted to loosen their inner child!) whilst acknowledging that ultimate responsibility for children is in the hands of parents. If a parent decided they'd rather their child had the day off to experience the fun of some rare snow I for one wouldn't blame them.


JJ, at 15 and 17 the girls can hardly be classed as 'children'

Lighten up!


I drove 54 miles to, AND from work today in the snow because I had to. (Gsy ex-pat in SE England) And I managed it.

It took me 2hrs30m on the way back.

These guys "couldn't" get to school? Too slippy, perhaps. Only in Guernsey do weak excuses wash like that.


Congratulations, I'm proud of you, you're a legend (in your own head)

Pepe Le Pew

....and you still had time left to post a comment at 3am.

Chuck Norris eat your heart out. :-)

Paule (Guern in UK)


As someone rightly said "Lighten up"

Blah blah snow, blah blah work, blah blah !

For goodness sake, if these young uns want to go build a snowman, let it be.

So what if they and others miss a day or two of school, there are over 300 schools closed here where i live and from what i have seen the kids are taking advantage of their unplanned day off and going out building snowman (and snowwomen of course!) sledging and snow ball fights.

What is the harm i ask?

Go on then tell me........


There is no apparent harm, but there perhaps is some form of subtle harm. Do these young people have any form of wisdom ? Don't they prioritise activities that will, in the long term, of avail to them over ones of which the excitement and pleasure will soon vaporise ?

The fact that many Sixth Formers decided to leave at lunchtime just goes to illustrate the degree of commitment and that these individuals, far from being zealous advocates of education, are half-hearted learners who use the Sixth Form as a way of avoiding the encumbrances associated with a professional lifestyle. Perhaps if this was the weekend I wouldn't have been engulfed with a wave of appall, but, unfortunately, nature has a name for being an inconvenient phenomena and thus it's merely tough luck that the snowfall didn't take place on the weekend.

Paule (Guern in UK)


Engulfed with a wave of appall?

Now i know you are not in any way serious and nothing more than a little troll.


I agree he must a troll but if he is serious then i really think he needs to see someone.


I'am merely disgusted (appalled) at the fact that school pupils are using this as an opportunity to skive.

Contrary to your theory, I am a firm believer in the views that I put forward and write with an air of sincerity. If you are a fervent advocate of a cause, you have a penchant for writing with a verbose style as quirky words and literary expressions are a way of conveying strong sentiments.


I have no intention on 'seeing someone'- flowery expression is by no means an indicator of an unsound mind.I wonder whether you have heard of something called 'passion' or 'zeal' ?


passion and zeal? nope you got me there Ed but i did used to jump in the water lanes on my way to school on occasions just so i could get sent home. It worked a treat :)



I think I know where you are coming from with your very educated unrealist misunderstandable comments for me to understand.

Snow is white and the thicker it gets it causes problems for everybody in one way or another.

ED going to education and reading your comments then I assume you were the teachers pet in school for you found a way of getting into school to hold the fort for the days register of attendents during adverse snowy conditions.

I praise you for turning up wherever your day was taking you.Its a pity the laptop did not get snowbound.Each day brings new adventures.


I'm one of the girls in this article. For those who are complaining about us "skiving" i think you should recognise the definition of the word. My sister and i were at the park at 7.30 as we live about a minute walk away,"Unable to get to school but evidently able to get to Saumarez Park" - True. School is in town, the park is next to my house. Thank you for pointing that out. Our schools told us not to worry if we weren't there early/at all as they knew snow was likely to happen and transport could be difficult. So, we called our schools before school started and told them we would be in a bit late and they both told us that it wasn't a problem. All of us were in school by lunchtime. At my school, there were only 60/450 students absent for the whole day. Those of you talking about "children nowadays" are stereotyping and discussing the habbits of sixthformers- i'm a sixthformer and spend most of my day studying, rarely do i leave except for doctors, dentist etc. At the end of the day, we were at the park for just over half an hour because we live right next to it and were in school for the rest of the day. Snow is fun and exciting, yes, i'm not planning on being top of the world like those of you moaners seem to claim to be, i'm on track with my studies and so am allowed a little fun for half a day. "If you are a fervent advocate of a cause, you have a penchant for writing with a verbose style as quirky words and literary expressions are a way of conveying strong sentiments." -- And Ed, please put the thesaurus away.


What thesaurus ? I was using the vocabulary that I have acquired through education and through reading fiction and non-fiction books. If you wish for bigger words then I will use some more !

However, this calls for revision on how news events are portrayed. The article made it appear as if you spent the entire day playing in the snow, rather than just for half a day. Yes, damn us 'moaners' for our squareness, but we are not blameworthy of not knowing the full situation- we had no idea that you were to later go to the Sixth Form after a brief period of fun.

But did you feel like telling the school that you were going to spend time engaging in snow frolics ?

Terry Langlois

Alternatively Ed, maybe it calls for a revision by YOU of the way in which you interpret news reports and leap to pass sweeping judgemental condemnations of people whom you have never met based on the most meagre information.

There was nothing in the news report to suggest that they spent the whole day playing in the snow - and if you had a better grasp on reality you would have realised that by lunchtime the snow was too soggy for making snowmen (or women) anyway. The only references to time in the report are "in the early morning" and "it took us about 15 minutes". Evidently, your comprehension skills need some attention.

Perhaps you need to apply some of that wisdom that you are convinced that you are blessed with before leaping off the deep end with misguided posts.

Oh Dear

Oh Ed, what on earth is wrong with you?

When I was your age I would've been out in the snow. You really do need to lighten up and enjoy yourself. I know lots of people who enjoy learning but they still make time to have some fun. If you live your whole life locked in a room reading the thesaurus and various internet articles you'll end up a very lonely and depressed old man.

Cheer up, don't take everything people say on here so seriously and enjoy your life.

You may think your writing style makes you sound wise, I think pretentious is closer to the mark.


But I do enjoy my life- there's just different ways by which one can enjoy it.

Pepe Le Pew

Oh come on Mireille don't take it personally - there's no need to justify yourself with the "I work so hard I never leave the house" stuff.

Us grumpy old farts (or grumpy young fart in Ed's case) were just jealous we had to trudge into work whilst you and your mates were out having fun.


I was far from jealous !

Pepe Le Pew

Not even a teeny weeny bit Ed?



If i were you i wouldn`t take any notice of Ed. Hope you had fun and if it were me i`d have taken the whole day off:).


As if attempting to deter others from reading one's posts is particularly mature.


No Ed not "others" just Mireille didn`t you see i was only responding to her.

I told her to take no notice of you because all She did was have a little fun in the snow and you felt the need to post comments such as

"Do these young people have any form of wisdom?"

"The fact that many Sixth Formers decided to leave at lunchtime just goes to illustrate the degree of commitment and that these individuals, far from being zealous advocates of education, are half-hearted learners who use the Sixth Form as a way of avoiding the encumbrances associated with a professional lifestyle."

"I’am merely disgusted (appalled) at the fact that school pupils are using this as an opportunity to skive."


We let our kids off school for the morning while the snow was there..They haven't ever had a decent dollop to play in and loved making snowmen like yours..Like you we phoned the school and they said 'No Probs as some of the teachers had not bean able to fight the traffic..or had good cars they did not want wrecked by people like Ed who get to work at any cost!


Mireille - great comments! Good on you for standing up for your self and good luck with your studies! Glad you had fun :o)


I know these girls. They live very close to Saumerez park so it would have taken no more than five minutes to walk there. Only half of my year turned up on Friday, therefore most of the lessons were a "skive" anyway. The education department obviously felt it was quite a risky day for students, as they wouldn't let us outside because it was too "dangerous", we weren't even allowed to cross the courtyard to the cafeteria. As for Nicole, she made her way into school for the last couple of lessons. We might be in a critical period of our education, but funnily enough, we still get excited playing in the snow, lighten up.

Mr S. Nowman

Ed, you really need to get off here & find something else to do with your spare time. Maybe see a psychiatrist or someone that can help with your issues...

I had great fun at the park! It's just a shame I melted. I'll be back soon hopefully - before the Spring arrives.


I think you have issues. Why can't somebody express their ideas without ridicule. Town Dweller clams that most posters on here are educated, but, since you lack the ability to appreicate what I am saying and that there is such thing as quirkiness, I think that many of you are myopic.

I have absolutely no intention of leaving this site as I believe that, as this is a democracy, I have a right ( yes a right !) to voice my sentiments and express my worldview.

Terry Langlois

Ed, express your sentiments and world view by all means. Be verbose and slightly pompous in your choice of language if you must. It is your right.

But you also have a tendency to cast judgement on others based on insufficient information, and to suggest that you are better than others on this forum or the people about whom stories are written. On several occasions you have revealed your belief that you are educating your fellow posters. That is conceit of the highest order. If you do that, expect to be pulled up about it.

Show a little humility and open-mindedness and I am sure that you will attract less criticism and ridicule. Oh, and learn to spot a joke - take the Nazi graffiti thread for example.

Bon chance.



Fair comments there.


You astound me Ed. You can do concise!

Island Wide Voting


I was consumed by a wave of appall at your remark.Are you adverting to Ed's tendency to sometimes over-egg some of his more otiose posts?


Yes, IWV, I was indeed adverting to Ed's predilection, fundamentally from a syntactical perspective, to correlate his posts with a somewhat verbose, as well as otiose, writing style.


Keep it concise, is all I ask.