Lions' added wintry misery

TONY VANCE’S men face a further idle weekend and yet another fixture re-arrangement.

TONY VANCE’S men face a further idle weekend and yet another fixture re-arrangement.

It follows yesterday’s post-lunch call to postpone their FA Vase fourth-round tie away at Rye United, which will now be played next Saturday at the expense of the scheduled league game away to Farnham Town.

The GFC-Rye postponement was, at the time of writing, one of 13 of the 16 fourth-round ties to succumb to the icy weather.

Regardless of when the Rye game is actually played, Vance, pictured, has urged his team not to waste the fourth-round trip.

Comments for: "Lions' added wintry misery"

Ex Northerner

More back page headlines for a called off game - ridiculous.


Totally agree. There are plenty of sports going on in the Island that haven't fallen foul of the waether, who would massively appreciate a few column inches. It smacks of lazy journalism, sit back and wait for the story to come to them instead of getting out there and discovering new sports and sports people

North coach

Who cares ex northerner! Give up your posts there pointless! Gfa football an north have had lot of coverage recently and press will write what they want!! You must have a lot of time on your hands to continue writing on tig! How about use that time to actively do something positive for football?

Ex Northerner

Plenty of people care, I don't think you'll find too many people that agree that the best use of the back page headline is to announce a called off game.

You must just be out of short trousers if you think that recent press coverage of GFA football is anything REMOTELY like the coverage it was given when dear old Rex Bennett was the one doing the reporting.

I suggest you save your "wisdom" for when you're coaching the minis on a Saturday morning, they're about the only ones who will listen.


At this rate GFC won't finish the season until next century! Do they have a footballing equivalent of the Duckworth-Lewis rule?