Revealed: £2m. cost for just 21 patients at KEVII

PRESSURE is building to close the King Edward VII hospital after it was revealed that it costs at least £100,000 a year per patient to run.

PRESSURE is building to close the King Edward VII hospital after it was revealed that it costs at least £100,000 a year per patient to run.

Dealing mainly with older patients with physical needs, in 2012 Health and Social Services spent at least £2,139,446 to run the site that is currently caring for just 21 people.

But as that figure, revealed in a written question, does not include information such as the costs of specialist input and visiting GPs or maintenance staff, the costs are expected to be considerably higher.

Deputy Mike Hadley, who used written questions to obtain the information, believes that the hospital should be closed to save money, with the private sector caring for the users instead.

Private homes spoken to by the Guernsey Press quoted figures of between £30,000 and £70,000 for a room depending on the care needs of a patient – costs which could be covered by the existing nursing care benefit scheme and the States old age pension.

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Supreme Dalek

Does Mike Hadley realise these figures cannot be taken purely at face value? Healthcare is a demand driven service so there may be 21 patients now but for how long? We've got an ageing population after all. The States needs to make sure services are adequate for a varied demand. Is there long term adequate provision in these private homes for an ageing population? If so no problem but if not can you imagine the outcry if elderly people couldn't be cared for in the future? HSSD would be hung out to dry long after Mike Hadley is a distant memory. I wonder how much knowledge he has about healthcare issues. Sometimes I wonder whether he's just out to get his name in the paper with tabloid level stories.


Poor ward management.

Staff allowed to work overtime. Even though staff numbers were high.

Unbelievable sickness never looked into.

Just a few reasons why the cost is so high!


Caring for your own parents starts from home when they feel feeble and need support.Many local families treasure their parents and take them under their roof until such illness that they need specialised help and need to go into caring homes.

There is no incentive in gains from The States of Guernsey for housing your own parents in the infirm or housekeepers allowance which is granted.

Improve the housekeeping allowance grant and maybe more children will be willing to house their aged parent/parents to the end this releasing on housing and residential and reducing staff care.

Looking at the cost per person to be a resident in a home is way over expectations.

We all have a responsiblity in life to love and be loved


Deputy Hadley instead of taking the oh so easy option of declaring that the King Edward be closed down to save money, apply some common sense for once and ask the powers that be to justify their £100,000 per patient costs. That ridiculous figure equates to almost £2000 per week and almost £275 per day per patient. If these figures turn out to be correct then there is the possibility of some serious mis- management going on here by Health and Social Services and this is what should be investigated. If however this proves to be the case then it is high time that the States look at another alternative to saving money instead of the quick fix "close it down brigade" and find ways of encouraging children to look after their parents in old age, at least that would be seen as commendable for once.p