C&E unveils its business plan

A RETAIL strategy, new animal welfare laws and further exploring renewable energy are just some of Commerce and Employment’s key priorities for this year.

A RETAIL strategy, new animal welfare laws and further exploring renewable energy are just some of Commerce and Employment’s key priorities for this year.

In its business plan for 2013, released today, the department set out what it intends to achieve during this year.

The department also published a review of its performance in 2012.

Among its priorities, which it said would contribute towards the States Strategic Plan, was for a retail strategy to be produced early this year.

‘That will aim to maintain and hopefully enhance the retail sector, its offer to local residents and its contribution to the economy.’

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Can Joe (& Joanne - whew ! nearly forgot) Public obtain a copy of the business plan and also the 2012 performance review ?


Yes you can, right here:


vic gamble

...oh dear he has forgotten to comb his hair again....


Perhaps Deputy Le Tocq could give him some tips in the next Policy Council meeting?

Alex Cross

It's about time we made finance in Guernsey competitive again before our #1 industry abandons ship for Malta and Singapore!!

Wake up guys, this is getting seriously scary. As a young islander i'm wondering if i should just pack in life on Guernsey and run while the going's good!!


And how do you thinl we can do that?

Guernsey has already half bankrupted itself trying.

A le Page

Alex..As an old islander, I've already made plans to do just that!


Alex Cross -

I think packing it in is probably going to be your best shot. Finance is never going to be competitive again in Guernsey unless everyone employed in the sector take pay cuts and this will not happen. All we can hope for long term is that our government can come up with some sensible ideas for diversifying our economy before the Finance sector diminishes too far.

Royston Gauno

The adventures of Tin Tin ..


I started reading the 2012 review, I only got as far as the second paragraph by the minister:

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the various debates"

Wow, such clarity and incisive thoughts.

So Kevin Stewart likes to talk?



I gave up on the rest...


That's it? That's the 'plan' that's going to save us...?!

I spotted St Kev shmoozing a well known politician before the elections and thought, 'if he get's in, we're all doomed' then laughed at my nonsensical thought.....

and here we are.

Just goes to prove your first thought is usually the right one.


Come off it Kev ! Retail strategy, animal welfare laws and renewable energy were all put in place by the previous C. & E. As yet you and yours have come up with diddley squat so stop crowing and knuckle down to some original work.


I printed the document off and had a shuffti.

Can anybody explain page 16 !!!!

I took the document out on the streets and conducted a straw poll - here are some of the comments:

1)Sorry mate - gave at the office.

2) wdhaja bzwwha com stet ! - bhoutrous bhoutous ghali ?

3) Gis a job mate - got a jacuzzi and 2 4x4s to support.

4) You aint seen me - right !

5) The sheets are too large and it could be more pliant and absorbant - does it come in roll form ?

6) Sorry, Sir Rupert does not give interviews - besides its our last trip as we are locating to India.

So, there we have it. An intesting set of views that we were able to print before the watershed.

I was then moved on by an armed policeman and cautioned for spreading false and mis-leading literature. He did offer me some "ouffle-dust" at a good rate though - which was nice. Said they had opened a new shop at The White Rock.

Back to la la land - sorry, the studio.


I don't believe the numbers in the report, the average cost of a member of staff is roughly £56,500

Surely no self respecting civil servant would work for such a paltry sum?