Driver panics, 80mph chase begins

AN UNINSURED motorist who panicked when police tried to stop him became involved in a high-speed chase all the way from L’Aumone to Specsavers in St Andrew’s.

AN UNINSURED motorist who panicked when police tried to stop him became involved in a high-speed chase all the way from L’Aumone to Specsavers in St Andrew’s.

Unknown to Daniel Breton, officers wrongly suspected he was involved in a robbery that had just taken place at L’Aumone Surgery.

But Breton, a provisional licence holder, fled because he knew he had no insurance and his passenger was not a qualified driver. He knew nothing of the burglary.

In court, Breton, 25, of no fixed address, admitted having no insurance, no co-driver, failing to stop for police, driving at a dangerous speed, causing £50 of criminal damage to a wall at the police station and failing to comply with bail.

He was sentenced to 90 hours of community service as a direct alternative to three months in prison.  He  was also disqualified from driving for 18 months and ordered to pay £50 compensation to the Home Department for the damage.

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Like last week with the thief whole stole from Aurigny what more do you have to do to go to prison?!

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after all that he gets community service he could of killed someone the courts are being to soft


Only 18 months off the road for 80 mph and no insurance! The sentence for no insurance should be as that of DIC.


Is that it!!!! Thats ridiculous! My friend got a year and a half of the roads, £300 fine for spinning out along the front, no prrof of speed, was licensed and insured, no previous and didnt hit anything. Sort it out you bunch of jokes, should have been sent to prison, doing that speed with no insurance to cover his dangerous driving!!!


Why did the Police chase him at such a dangerous speed for such a long distance. Surely they would have noted the number plate and been able to stop him at a time when it was safe? Unnecessarily putting the public at risk in my opinion.

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The Police suspected that he was involved in the armed robbery at the L'Aumone surgery so taking his number and calling around to his house later was not really an option


Q. Why did they chase him???

A. They believed that he was involved in a Robbery that had just taken place, and then increased suspicion by not stopping for the Police!

Q. Why didn't they make a note of the numberplate and visit them later?

A. How did they know that the driver was the registered keeper of the car and he hadn't just stolen it?


Ahh thank you all for making this clear to me. I was not aware of the fact that this was and armed robbery, and wrongly presumed they were chasing him half way around the Island at speeds of 80 mph for shoplifting a packet of plasters.


I seem to remember Chief Inspector Taylor saying in the press not that long ago that officers had been instructed to call off a chase once the speeds got to 70mph.....

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At the time of writing this there are nine comments on this thread. There are seven comments on the thread about the islands children being sent to the uk.

I wonder what that says about the people on here ?


It says that we don't want to be hit by an uninsured driver!


At least he went to Specsavers

whats it two for £69.99