Flybe to make redundant 12 of its 39 staff in the island

FLYBE is making redundant 12 of its 39 Guernsey staff over the next three months, it announced yesterday.

Flybe plane

FLYBE is making redundant 12 of its 39 Guernsey staff over the next three months, it announced yesterday.

The airline disclosed the job losses yesterday, with the same number in Jersey, as part of a nationwide attempt to cut costs.

Flybe Europe managing director Mike Rutter said the airline currently employed 39 staff in Guernsey and 69 in Jersey.

The company did not want to make the redundancies, but it was necessary.

‘This is about us trimming our costs,’ he said.

The cuts are part of a two-year plan to turn around the business and will see 10% of Flybe’s UK staff – 300 jobs – cut. But the local figure is about 30%.

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Aurgny extra landing slots at Gatwick?.

Meaning no more states financing.


I think there needs to be some rethinking. Only Aurigny should be able to fly between Guernsey and Jersey (and Alderney) and to England. Other airlines should only be allowed to fly from England to Guernsey, or England to Jersey but not interconnect.

Keep the inter-island routes safeguarded.


Why do we need to safeguard inter-island routes? They'll always be there, and competition will keep the prices down.

The Gatwick slots need to be safeguarded as they could easily be given away to someone else. That's why the states airline is running there and again competition keeps the prices down. Also I don't want to lose Gatwick and have to fly past London to Stanstead to get to London.

As for UK routes (outside Gatwick, Manchester and Southampton), unfortunately there is not enough demand to run to each island separately. That is why airlines will run a triangular service between islands. If a passenger has to go via one of the islands then they can just wait on the plane. With no transit facilities in either airport, I don't think any passengers will be too pleased at having to get their luggage, clear customs, re-check in and clear security just to get to their final destination.


Surely 2 airlines operating at a loss on the same route isn't conducive to lower prices. At least, if prices by a single operator were not to come down substantially, that route would be more secure.


Less staff = less flights?

Looking good value this £80m airport redevelopment. Oh well, at least we'll have a nice new road between La Villaze and Route de Plaisance.

Perhaps they could use some of the land for social housing and there's certainly a few cabins about for 'Fred in the shed'


Why does it have to mean less flights?

Yep lets complain about the airport, we would also all be complaining if the runway fell into dis-repair and we could only get off using boats, then again i guess that would solve the problem of housing too so maybe your on to something their mate.


Well my namesake, not knowing where the cuts are coming from it would seem likely a pilot or two may be going... fewer pilots then fewer flights.

It was a question rather than a statement as to fewer flights. We shall just have to wait and see.

Can I be Jeff too?

Instead of making any pilots redundant, can they not get a transfer to drive the buses over here? The planes they pilot are about the same size and go at the same sort of speeds as the buses.........


Seems extremely unlikely that they'll be laying off pilots (the core of the business), when they can probably afford to shed low-level office workers instead.

Son of jeff

The real problem is that there are just too many jeffs on the island.

In the good old days before aviation spread its wings Guernsey had a few Jeffs in each parish and in fact they were well respected members of the community but as times changed more and more of them starting arriving by air on a daily basis and gradually things got very confusing especially when they started marrying young ladies from outside of their parish - for example my mother and father are called Jeff.

I didn't stand a chance and ended up at la mare de carteret.


I quite agree, son of Jeff, just the other day I was saying to Jeff and Jeff, my neighbours, that all these other Jeffs coming in from other parts of the world is just confusing things.

I, my wife, Jeff, and two sons, Jeff and Jeff, have decided that sadly we are going to have to leave the island, just too many Jeffs, only problem is.......

there'll be no bloney planes to get us out of here, so I guess we'll be catching the ferry.

A la perchoine,


son of Jeff


I think my mum knows your mum, they were courted by the Jeff twins from the vale. I think they ended up marrying the wrong ones but it was too late by the time they found out as they both were pregnant with twins - I think they named them Jeff, Jeff, Jeff and Jeff.


OMG, Jeff! After all these years....! *tearful Jeff sniff, sigh*

...does that make you my brother, my dad, or both...?


Jeff off the lot of you!

Nigel S

No wonder they are losing money. Tried to book a flight to Birmingham next week, came up as £350 return, so I didn't bother. Maybe if they didn't have such outrageous prices, they might get some more passengers? Also tried booking using my accumulated free flights, went right up to August and guess what..No seats available. If there are any free seats by some miracle there are only ever 2 at the most per flight, so consequently it's virtually impossible to book a free flight that you have spent thousands to qualify for. RIP (OFF) FLYBE


My Opinion....

FlyBE are going to reduce the number of existing routes and with it the number of smaller regional Dash 8 aircraft, and the staff to fly and service them and the routes which they operate on.

Ryanair will take over Aer Lingus, and will be forced to divest some of their routes and aircraft to another airline (probably FlyBE) as ordered by EU rules.

FlyBE then will be back at square one, BUT with larger, former Ryanair aircraft, operating to destinations which Ryanair can no longer operate.

These jets are Boeing 737 aircraft. They [FlyBE] have no interest in operating Embraer aircraft to the islands, so there is not a chance they will operate Boeings.

I anticipate FlyBE giving more threats to the Channel Island Governments, and eventually pulling out of being based in the islands altogether.

And heres a thought.... FlyBE have already said they will operate aircraft on leases to other islands complete with crew. Hate to say it, but maybe this would suit Blue Islands or Aurigny?


Nigel....the low cost model and in fact much of the airline industry sells cheap tickets early and as the flight gets more full, seats become more expense. The premise of this is that people booking late will often be booking because they have to travel and therefore will have to pay.

I actually think flybe flights particularly the essentials are pretty good when booked in advance. Tip is to plan ahead.


Lol at "the Jeff's" made by bloney day :)


Maybe this is a direct result of their dire service, which led the public away from them. I had to fly several times with them last year-3 or 4 times to Gatwick, spread quite evenly throughout the year. All of them didn't get off the ground until 1-2 hours after the scheduled time, with no reason given for the delays. Gutted I didn't learn my lesson the first time. Either they need a new fleet of planes that are more reliable, or they really are incompetent.

Not only that, but their main competitor, Aurigny, is cheaper than them. I have to return from Manchester to Guernsey next month, so I checked the cheapest flight. The cheapest rate from aurigny was roughly £80, likewise flybe's cheapest rate was £120. For the flights I booked last year, I thought flybe was on the whole cheaper to book them, but turns out aurigny are cheaper and better now.

Sorry to hear about the job losses though...not their fault the management of flybe clearly sucks.


I'm not a fan of Fly(may)Be, but one reason for their sky high prices (no pun intended!) is the fact they have a monopoly on a lot of UK domestic routes.

I fly from Southampton to Newcastle about 3-4 times a year & the prices have pretty much doubled in the last 18 months or so. It can't be a complete coincidence that these increases have taken effect since Eastern Airways pulled out of the SOU-NCL route.....

However, looking at visiting Guernsey the second week of February, FlyBe's prices range from £85-£115 return (depending on the day & time of travel). Aurigny's prices for the same dates & times are coming in at £206 MINIMUM.

I know which airline I will be using.....


As a further comparison, I just checked the prices with Blue Islands, & flights on the same dates & times as those with FlyBe & Aurigny are £126 return. FlyBe gets my business on this occasion.

One final note. You would think the fact that Aurigny's flights used for the price comparison on the Southampton to Guernsey route are via Alderney (more fuel used, etc.) would explain the higher cost but no. Direct flights are £268.....

There's no wonder Aurigny are haemorrhaging money when their two competitors are so much cheaper - and therefore probably attract more business.


As much as I dislike Flybe for the many times I have been treated unfairly and over-charged, its a fact that air travel has become more expensive and also more frustrating because of all the crazy security etc.

I am sure many of us now try to choose other airlines and trip depending use the ferry where we can but sometimes there is no choice.

But we have to be careful what we wish for...

PS. I really like Blue Islands personally but they have no Gatwick flights so on many occasions I have no choice!