Waitrose, Co-op remove some burgers as a precaution

FROZEN burgers sold by Waitrose and the Co-op have been removed as a precautionary measure after horse DNA was found in some Tesco and Iceland products earlier this month.

FROZEN burgers sold by Waitrose and the Co-op have been removed as a precautionary measure after horse DNA was found in some Tesco and Iceland products earlier this month.

Six lines of frozen burgers sold by Waitrose have been taken from the freezers.

A Co-op spokesman confirmed it had removed three lines of frozen burgers.

Waitrose said it hoped they would be back on sale soon.

Sandpiper operates Iceland stores locally and a spokesman said none of the affected products was ever on sale in them.

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What about them removing the VAT from their goods as well?


What a nonsense. When I first heard they had found something terrible in Burgers I assumed they had found something poisonous, but then it emerged it was a bit of horse meat. When I go to France I eat horse meat all the time as I prefer it to beef and it's lovely.The French actually encourage parents to feed it to their children as it is supposed to be good for them. What a fuss and what a waste of good meat.


I have to agree TED. If there was potentially dangerous chemicals then fine, but it irritates me that whilst people around the world starve perfectly good food is thrown away here just because it contains horse meat that is perfectly edible.

I couldn't care less whether a bit of Shergar found its way into it. I would've taken it off their hands for free, put in in our freezer and then eaten it without batting an eyelid. A few bob saved on the grocery bills....


I don't have a problem with people eating humanly killed horsemeat, but I personally would like to be given that choice. By not making it known on the packaging is wrong.


The thing is people are paying for beef not horse ..so supermarkets are riping peopel off.


Julie and MarkB - both fair points, but if horse meat is found, why not just drop the price, tell customers and give them the choice? There's simply no need to just throw it away - that's unnecessary wastage, pure and simple.


the point is PLP they have put horse meat in already..its no good reducing the price "after the horse has bolted"


label it and flog it!


I had one of them burgers it was so fresh you could still see the marks where the jockey had hit it


What a storm in a tea cup and a perfect example of public hysteria. Like TED when I first heard the headlines I immediately thought that some potentially poisonous substance had been found in the burgers which posed a threat to health. It's horse meat which is perfectly edible and very good. I only hope that Waitrose and the Co op had the common sense to at least offer the burgers to someone like the GSPCA so as not to waste perfectly good food. However if not shame on both of you for the blatant waste of food because of pathetic public hysteria.


When you finds a yooman toenail in one its time to worry otherwise,"bon appetit!"

Royston Gauno

The meat balls are the Dogs Dangles..

Alex Cross

When is this world going to get over itself, i for one don't give a monkeys if there are trace amounts of horse in my beef burgers!

Throwing them out if literally disgusting.

vic gamble

.....down here in the South of France horse meat is as common as any other....you can buy a horse meat burger and put five quid on it both ways to win....fuss about nothing, other than Northern sensitivities.


Perhaps you'd be better off putting the fiver on the horse before it became a burger? Still, the odds on a burger winning the Prix de L'Arc du Triomphe must be pretty good!


But the point is Vic if you are paying for beef then it should be beef, not pork, not zebra but beef....If you buy a BMW you don't expct a skoda engin under the bonnet.


What is all the fuss about? There are people in the world who are starving. As a regular Punter I would like to eat any horse that failed to deliver.The fastest horse I have backed was inside a greyhound!


The problem with the horsemeat in these burgers, apart from false description, is that no one knows where the meat has come from. Pet and working horses (not bred for eating) are often treated with drugs, especially antibiotics, that would have harmful consequences to human health if they entered human diet.


The problem is that a lot of the horsemeat used in the EU comes from American racehorses (after they've been shipped to slaughterhouses in Canada via "kill dealers"). Racehorses in the US are frequently given Phenylbutazone as an anti-inflammatory. Phenylbutazone or "bute" is considered carcinogenic to humans.

Oh those pesky scientists, if only they stopped testing things and let us eat our food in peace.


Not worried about eating horse meat BUT has to have a follow through from birth to death as most animals do these days in UK

The nasty bit is these packing plants putting whatever in burgers. What next?

Thinks supermarket chains need to check suppliers!


Not worried about eating horse meat BUT has to have a follow through from birth to death as most animals do these days in UK

The nasty bit is these packing plants putting whatever in burgers. What next?

Thinks supermarket chains need to check suppliers!


Did the issue arise from quality control ? If so,the culture of the production line workers ought to change so that the individuals involved focus on quality assurance instead.


It’s got nothing to do with the "Culture of the Production workers" ED....It’s down to management and greedy directors!!



But the managers and greedy directors (yes I do concur with you on that) influence the culture of production workers. If they personally engaged in production line activities and didn't regard themselves as being a-cut-above their workers then morale would be raised and workers will, theoretically, become more enthusiastic.

The production business also ought to adopt a 'Kaizen' approach for 'continuous improvement' (English translation) striving for perfection does much to create both career satisfaction and high quality and thus improves the business' capacity to trade.

It's a pity that we didn't adopt further Oriental creeds...


I wouldn’t think sorting gristle, cartilage and internal growths from lumps of meat gives much job satisfaction ED



I see you have moved into the food chain.I hope you have not a posionous recipe for us healthy diet minded readers.

Do you remember the talking horse Mr Ed

Island Wide Voting

MarkB @ 8.38am

I would think the job satisfaction derives from knowing that you are selecting the majority of ingredients for your firm's best sausages

Dave Haslam

I checked the sell by date on these Burgers....

And they're off.


Dave Haslam.

Could you not reach the base of your chest freezer for they were fresh when you bought them? Buy two get one free.


Horses are not currently bred to be eaten.

This means the H and S rules and regs regarding what goes into them (drugs etc) doesn't have to apply, those would be the same drugs that could potentially be harmful to people.

it's also pretty impossible to trace where they were sourced from, whether they were diseased, healthy, or anything, really.

Of course, eating meat of any description is entirely up to the individual, and I would say to select one form of meat consumption as unacceptable and other types acceptable is rather hypocritical, however, I would suggest that those who remain firm in their belief that horses, which are very intelligent and sensitive mammals (unlike some 2 legged mammals I know....) are 'fair game' for their plates, Google horse/slaughter houses, see what comes up, and be quite amazed at how much they can and do truly vary from our classic and comforting concept of 'humane killing'.

Oh Dear

Why is this always about the horse meat? Just because it doesn't appear on our dinner plate doesn't mean it's somehow poisenous.

The fact that Pork was found in a lot of the burgers (higher number than those with horse) is worse). The amount of people who do not eat Pork for religious reasons is staggering, particularly in the UK.

Horse meat happens to be very tasty and far healthier than beef. This is one of the greatest examples of how the media can cause mass hysteria. No one gave a toss when they didn't know. If the burger tastes alright then eat it and enjoy it.

Obviously if the horse meat contained traces of this so called carcinogenic (which according to the Daily Mail red meat is also carcinogenic) then I could potentially understand it. I wonder how much you'd need to consume in order for it to have an effect though? Especially since what they found was horse DNA, that could be a miniscule amount of horse meat within the burger.

Well done to the media for blowing something so miniscule out of proportion.


The rule of thumb is that, if a creature is poisonous, it bears vibrant colours and is covered in fur. Do you ever see a rainbow horse on the loose ?

I am disgusted with this state of affrairs, not as I fear that human life is being imperilled by allegedly poisonous meat, but because it exposes the folly of the corporation's inner workings as a lack of worker diligence, regulation and upkeep of machinery and deficiency of manager input has resulted in the inability to produce the same kind of item.

vic gamble

...strange you should mention rainbow horses Ed.

I was looking at a nostalgic website the other day where they featured toys from the 80's and the early 90's...and lo & behold there was "My Little Rainbow Horse" a sequence of toys loved by little girls...so there you go, Ed, yes I have seen a rainbow horse...more diligence please.



A REAL rainbow horse is what I am referring to.


A real rainbow horse? Lol.

vic gamble

....well Ed, in the minds of children they are real....surely you would not want to take that away from them?

Island Wide Voting

I think I might have seen a rainbow horse but I'm sure that I have never seen a furry snake


Is this a foretaste of TiG if drugs get legalised over here? ;-)

Oh Dear

Rainbow horses eh? That's the single best comment you've ever posted!

Island Wide Voting


vic gamble

...dazzling stuff Island Wide Voting...bit like an advert for "take lots of LSD and watch the colours move"..bet Ed never knew there was such a herd of rainbow horses just at the point of his itchy fingertips.

@Paul Le Page....how did you know rainbow horses were the things of hippie visions?


I have my sources Vic....

vic gamble

...sources(?) Paul...is that not another word for dealers?


I now have visions of the little girl from Despicable me coming across a fluffy rainbow horse! :-)


I'm trying to work out which internet spoof translator site you use for all of your posts.........

Guernsey Fudge

Regional manager for the chain Mr Jon Gallop has released this statement.

'As leading champions of retailing we will go to great lengths to address these National concerns.

With us and other retailers jockeying for position as top consumer champions we take this issue very seriously.

We will meat every complaint with due respect.

You can bet we will take this seriously.

We are having a meeting tomorrow, and will discuss each way we can help with the race to eradicate this foul practice.

We will whip out buying team into action and spur them on to discover the guilty parties.

They are all saddled with this task.

I bet by this time next week we have discovered the mane suspects in this horrendous scandal'.


Post of the week hands down!

Oh Dear

Are you sure these great lengths to address these national concerns, aren't in fact grand.

Those in favour say yay those against say neigh...

Local Pete

ordered a burger in the Waitrose cafe and the lady asked me if I wanted anything on it? I said yes, a fiver each way.


Local Pete

Plenty empty shops in town if you want a horseburger take away business. Prime location in high street.A furlong or two from the bus terminus.

vic gamble

.....sorry Pete I have already done that one...don't you read previous posts??

Local Pete

Never yours vic, no

vic gamble

...ah well Pete, no doubt you think ignorance is bliss.

Local Pete

Just ignoarance in your case.....

vic gamble

...oh dear Pete...if you are going to use great big words like ignorance it would stand you in good light if you knew how to spell it...one out of ten I'm afraid, yet again!!!

vic gamble

@Pete...and if you did check out previous posts you would have seen my little clue on how to spell that great big intellectual word "ignorance" that you failed so miserably to spot because of your bias against anything written by me...moral of the story Pete...ignore at peril of ignorance..etc, etc, etc,...and please do not write to me again...I am truly fatigued by your nobbles of nonsense... and that is almost as big a word as ignorance...

Pb Falla

Rumour is the horse meat has now been classified as the original

Mr Ed category

Explains a lot id say