Video - Aircraft's open door shuts the airport

GUERNSEY AIRPORT has just reopened following a security alert.

Video shot by Peter Frankland

GUERNSEY AIRPORT has just reopened following a security alert.

Airport director Colin Le Ray said an unsecured door had been discovered on an aircraft on one of the stands.

It is believed that work was being carried out on the aircraft overnight.

Mr Le Ray said there was a procedure for sealing doors and it was possible that the incident could be the result of an oversight.

It is believed to be a Flybe aircraft involved and a police van was parked nearby this morning.

Guernsey Police issued a statement shortly before midday confirming their involvement:  'Guernsey Police can confirm that officers assisted airport authorities with an incident this morning, involving aircraft security.

'Police officers qualified to undertake technical searches were called in and deployed without delay and a thorough examination undertaken.'

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Guernsey Fudge

Listening to Radio Guernsey

'Kevin Stewart slams open door flight delay'!


Security is an important issue, but the situation this morning was somewhat farcical.

Where was the airport security last night?

Why were the aircraft which had their doors sealed also delayed?

Why was the affected aircraft not moved to another part of the airport?

Why didn't the police bring in their armed helicopter if it was such a serious breach?

This will turn out to be a case of human error, brought about by the lack of security provided by the airport.

If the aircraft was being worked on overnight, you would have thought security would have checked when the job was completed.

This airport closure means that all the travelling public (and I am not one of them today) have a rightful claim against the airport for incompetence and consequential costs incurred.


You cannot stop outside the airport without the yellow coats pouncing on you but you can, as a breach on airside which is supposed to have security working all the time with the works going on, that is quite a major issue a aircraft door left open. So much for visual checks, during the night.

As you say the delayed traveller has a claim against the airport for any incurred costs, which result from this.

Yet again the tax payer will be left to pickup the tab for incompetence, by a States body.


The situation at the airport was not handled well once the security breach had been resolved. With several hundred waiting, rather than ask passengers to clear security one aircraft at a time, everyone was told to go through - with the entirely predictable chaos.

Aurigny compounded the chaos by announcing passengers for later flights should proceed through security, then five minutes later announced that they were starting to offload passengers from the first flight - no doubt stuck in the queue behind those on later flights.

Flybe could have been more proactive in transferring passengers to available seating on the first flight - but only decided to start checking them in after the flight was boarded - further delaying it.

A little thinking would have gone a long way.

Charlie G

Flying Scot,thats just the problem,there never is any thinking,or common sense,it's another fine example of the British way of doing things,making a Mountain out of a mole hill.,exageration,You bet! And where were those other Much needed Police vehicles (ha ha) that protect us from the hoards

Of terrorists ,and litter Louts that plague our rocky outpost?,namely the armoured land Rover and the two BMW X5's,oh deary me.


Less Flybe Guernsey staff may make the remaining overworked/tired staff make more errors.. maybe a sign of things to come !

Charlie G

Congratulations once again to all the law enforcement groups involved with

The latest AirPort shambles.No one denys that we need to keep an eye on things when it comes to security,but Mel and Flying Scot how right You are,problem is though ,with the British way of doing things,there is no thinking or common sense,just the usual total over exageration of handling things! Come to think of it,where were those fine examples of Police purchasing,namely the armoured tank(sorry,land Rover)'and the two high speed motorway BMW X5,s ,full of high tech terrorist busting material.oh deary me.


Personally I find it quite sad, once upon a time, whoever was responsible for sealing the aircraft door would've have had a few words said to them and that would've been the end of it. These days it takes several staff, airport management, police, bomb squad and god knows who else to completely close the airport and practically have to tear the aircraft apart looking for bombs and drugs.

I realise security has had to be increased over the years because of terrorists in other parts of the world but I also think common sense has to be brought into decisions, people have attempted to bomb trains and buses and you don't get the over the top security there.


I seem to recall that a local security company has responsibility for airport security during the night.

If that still is the case what are we paying for.

The Watcher

It always amazes me that, with little or no knowledge of the real facts, so many people are suddenly 'experts' (note the small e) on this Island.

Be grateful for the real Experts who are trained to a high standard and carry out their duties in a proficient and professional manner. Would you approach an aircraft that there was uncertainty about potentially placing yourself in danger? I would suggest not!

People of Guernsey, be thankful that the UK & EU regulations that Guernsey Airport must comply with to travel as easily between the two as we do on a daily basis is due to the professionalism and security that is in place. It is there for good reason!

L'eree Lad

Is it really in-line with UK & EU regulations to leave a plane which was subject to a security breach on the runway right outside a terminal building full of passengers?!!

GCI guy

A terminal with two doors which require an ID card and a code to open separating the passengers and the planes?? Not too unsafe..

L'eree Lad

I'm not sure what use those security measures would have been to the people in the terminal if there had been a bomb on board the plane ?!


What? Does this mean that the pilot is no longer allowed to run and catch his plane just as it starts moving away?


Wouldn't be surprised if the Police delay was brought about because they were preparing a risk assessment before 'going in' !

Absolute farce.

The Flying Jerseyman

I must say that I agree with all the comments in 1-8 above. Yes airport security is important but as previously stated why shut down an entire airport simply because a door on one aircraft was left open, yes it has to be looked into (excuse the pun!) but not at the expense of shutting down an entire airfield.

It seems that as with most things now in this namby pamby world in which we live common sense is not actually that common at all and the "Elf & Safety" brigade and pen pushers who sit behind desks all day just love giving themselves something to do, any excuse to put on a yellow high viz jacket, get outside in the fresh air and walk about with a clip board looking important, well I suppose it helps boost their ego's!

Dave Haslam

Get with the times TFJ

I think you'll find states clipboards have all been replaced with iPads. All part of the FTP you know.

This post is sponsored by Cilit Bang. Bang and the Dirt is gone.


Is this a lack of security in and around the Airport due to costing cuts.Based at the airport was a special branch officer who did not fullfill his duties during the airport closure.The airport opens at 6am and the incident was not reported until 06.30am by this officer.

I hope the states of guernsey will tell us the cost of this incident and also question the security duties during the closure of the airport.


The video looked like a clip from Camberwick Green ! I was waiting to hear Brian Cant's voice on the PA system.


If a terrorist planned to blow up a plane I'm sure there are easier ways to gain access without using the front door,thereby avoiding the humilation and expense of 'strip searching' that thousands of 'innocent' passengers have to endure.