HSSD’s Vision 'is too woolly'

AN UPDATE on the island’s 2020 Vision for health has been branded as ‘woolly’, ‘waffle’ and inadequate by two deputies.

AN UPDATE on the island’s 2020 Vision for health has been branded as ‘woolly’, ‘waffle’ and inadequate by two deputies.

The States is set to discuss the Health and Social Services Department’s 2020 Vision today – a strategy aimed at delivering sustainable and affordable health care, which was released in 2009.

But concerns have been raised about the latest update, which lacks costings or a detailed progress report.

Deputy Matt Fallaize, pictured, said politicians had been given no clear information about how the strategy would be delivered.

‘It is fine having very woolly and aspirational strategies, but the department has to formulate action plans for exactly how they are going to do it, how they are going to pay for it and how much it is going to cost,’ he said.

Former HSSD board member Mike Hadley said he was also concerned about the progress report.

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"Woolly and Waffle" - appropriate comments from those two gentlemen....


I hope that they are able to "formulate action plans" with concern to renewable energy as I don't want short-sightedness hindering our ability to flourish in the coming years. It is in the environmental sector that I believe radicalism ought exist.


HSSD needs to démonstrate that it spends taxpayer money prudently and responsably in fiscally restriced circumstances.

The new £24m building project does little to calm taxpayer fears.

Vision 2020 provides no reassuring detail concerning future plans and intentions.


The new building has been planned for years, and promised for many years before that. Mental health service users and staff were continually told "yes, the windows are falling apart, there's damp everywhere, and the place is tatty and not well suited for treatment, but don't worry - we're going to move to a new building".

The timing of the announcement is unfortunate politically, but it's not in any way some new decision to spend money.


Again more deputies jumping on the Health bandwagon with further criticism. Mary Lowe was at it the other week and Hadley has an axe to grind because of previous dealings with HSSD now Matt Fallaize joins in the happy slap party.

Here's a thought how about shutting up and helping out in getting this important strategic piece right. Or is that not political enough?!

Afterall you have been elected to serve the Island as a whole not just the small part covered by whatever committee you sit on or which things are in your own interest.

This 2020 stuff is about shaping Health and Social care on the Island for the next 20 years and so is a monster of a piece of work. You are talking about £2billion of tax payer money over that period.

So Matt, and all the others that don't think what so far has been done is right, how about stopping the criticism and political oneupmanship and starting rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in?

I am sure some extra help would be welcome!