Police target Facebook taxis

POLICE have issued a final warning to illegal taxi services offering lifts over the internet.

Police sergeant John Tostevin

POLICE have issued a final warning to illegal taxi services offering lifts over the internet.

Officers stopped and warned a series of illegal taxi drivers promoting their services through a particular Facebook page at the weekend.

Traffic Sergeant John Tostevin said they would now continue to monitor the site and had the power to carry out covert operations in the future.

Sergeant Tostevin, pictured, said the perpetrators could face a hefty fine and a year off the roads for providing the illegal service without the relevant insurance.

He also warned potential customers against getting into the car of a complete stranger, particularly young women.

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How are they going to distinguish between "illegal taxis" and people giving their friends a lift?


I suppose they would have to prove the driver was charging for the service and didn't have the relevant insurance.

The article says the police are monitoring Facebook and have the power to carry out covert action in the future, which presumably means sting operations of some kind.

I wonder though, if someone was insured for business purposes (not sure how much this would cost) would there be any law stopping them giving lifts for cash? I suppose the income tax authority might take an interest....

Neil Forman


If they are carrying passengers for reward they would need a PSV license. What insurance they have is irrelevant.

Whatever happened to mates giving each other a lift for free or the designated driver idea? If it stops drink driving I'm all for it.

I have a PSV license and when you add the cost of your driving license and PSV it gets expensive.

Recent family issues have caused me to do a lot of driving for family members and friends, my fuel bill has rocketed, I don't charge them. I like to think and know that they would do the same if needed

Good cop bad cop

I'm sure that our highly trained boys in blue will be able to make the distinction, this is a matter of utmost importance after all. We simply cannot allow people to give their friends a lift and then take a couple of quid for petrol, it goes against the whole fabric of our society. The days of friends doing each other a good turn are long gone, these days we must do everything possible to protect the interests of cartels who are completely incapable of delivering the service that the public wants.


surely a friend doesnt advertise their service on facebook before picking them up?

Alex Cross

One minute we're questioning if it should be part of our transport strategy, next minute we're arresting people.

As long as they're not strangers i REALLY don't see the issue.


Carry on Cabby

There needs to be more competition in Guernsey with regards to taxi plates - they charge too much and there are too few of them. The traffic committee should ease plates into circulation so to increase the numbers of taxis out there and this "illegal" taxi situation would dwindle.

On another note, it's similar to the Advocates situation - it's a cartel (i.e. why can't an English solicitor represent you in the lower courts or with litigation - the Normandy law element is neither here or there in that respect). The access to legal services in Guernsey is a joke, the prices they charge are hardly value for money and the arrogance (considerably holier, cleverer and richer than thou) they walk around with is completely undeserved.

I know several companies who use UK solicitors for the bulk of the work before running past the Guernsey lawyers since the value and service is miles ahead. Unless you are a rich bank/fund, the Guernsey lawyers don't want to know you.


There would be no demand for 'Facebook taxis' if the taxi service was working. Instead of the police wasting time on this, why don't we try and fix the root cause of the problem, the current taxi service being unsuitable?


How about issuing a large number of cheap taxi licences that are only valid 9pm - 5am.

Won't impact on the airport gravy train Taxi's that don't work nights and then you can actually get a taxi at night.

You never know with some competition the prices might not be comparable with a lear jet per mile!


We're hardly London where there is a real issue with unlicensed taxis and the associated attacks on young women that happens there. There seems to be a mentality in the police now that they see crime everywhere they look and simply over react


I don't agree with unlicensed taxis but in London the business is there for the taking. In London its possible for a black cab to earn 50-60k in a year. Its not the same here. Times are tough, the recession is biting and protecting livelihoods is better than pushing more people onto benefits.

More Local Than You

Fully agree with what you say re the mentality of Guernsey Police seeing crime in everything.

Example - need to purchase a parking clock so go into the Police station to purchase one.

Forget the hideous wait stood at the counter whilst the police officer there completely ignores you and shuffles paper for 5 minutes, you then get treated with contempt and suspicion.

Those black shirts aren't particularly friendly. Policing in Guernsey needs to be community based opposed to the a load of trigger happy black shirted police squadrons patrolling in cars/armored vans etc

I pray the next Police chief or head of Law Enforcement whatever they want to call it, has roots and experience about life in Guernsey opposed to try and superimpose big city police tactics to a small island.

Sarah Lowe

Parking clocks are sold at garages as well so no need to go to station, although if they're behind the counter good luck asking for one as unfortunately we seem to have an increasing need to point these days due to language barrier with so many Shop assistants


Tuk Tuk Anyone ?


Great idea PB! Also how about some Mutatus as seen in Africa? Would be a good alternative to those giant buses.


Taxi drivers have had it tough the last few years and this can't be helping. They are just trying to make a living like everyone else. I'm not a taxi driver and I resent how much things like this cost. But this island is one of the most expensive places to live. Its not just taxis that are expensive, its everything.

I can't help thinking this whole facebook taxi thing could be a can of worms when it comes to insurance. If there was an accident, are they covered? If the passenger decides to sue, who gets sued? And presumbably none of you would be saying "where's the harm" if you had an accident with a "facebook taxi", and their insurance tells you they are not covered, so you will have to claim on your own insurance or pay for the damage yourselves.

Dave Haslam

I'm genuinely saddened that the police are spending time on this..

On a Saturday night you can kick someone senseless in the lower pollet, put other peoples lives in danger driving like lewis hamilton in your kevved up civic, but if you arrange your transport on Facebook.... here comes the bizzies!!

Gsy Gal

Here we go again, another chance to slag off Taxi Drivers!! Who may I remind you have been Police Checked, have Medicals and are driving vehicles that have been Police checked and are correctly insured. Apart from the tests they have to take! and are out working when You are all being social!

It seems to me that all of the above, who have commented find it more important to take the chance to moan about fares, waiting etc, in other words saying it is perfectly acceptable to have a lift (and pay for the privilege!) with someone who has none of the above, who nine times out of ten has little driving experience and you won't know?

Well I would rather ring a reputable company where my request was logged ( in case I had a problem after) and that the person who turns up for me, that I am going to hand cash over too has had all of the above checks! Good on the Police for actually being able to do something about this now!!!


Or you could just not drink?

Gsy Gal

Sorry, but where in my post did alchohol get mentioned?


It didn't but its clear from your rant that you have overdid the sauce again!

captain oveur

Gsy Gal, you cant just make up facts like "who nine times out of ten has little driving experience".

If you want to make a point on here that people will take seriously you shouldn't pluck facts out of thin air to try and add meat to your argument.

Gsy Gal

Captain oveur.

"Def of phrase"

•nine times out of ten

nearly always

Nine times out of ten your first choice turns out to be the right one.

Thesaurus entry for this meaning of "nine times out of ten"

Please note, facts were not "plucked out of the air" as there is no need to add meat to this bone, it has enough on it for the Police to do something, as they are breaking the law.


Normal taxi's are extortionate, may the renegade illegal taxi drivers continue! It is probably more dangerous to be walking home, drunk, without appropriate high-vis clothing because the taxi queue is 50m long than getting a lift off someone off facebook!

New way around

Looks as though these people have found a new way around by offering 'collection/delivery pickup services'.

At the end of the day the point here is if you charge for transportation you require a licence and specific vehicle insurance. If someone gives you cash as a thank you then as long as you haven't demanded money either upfront or at the end of your journey then police can't touch you.

@Carry on Cabby - we would be naive to forget this island is run by advocates in every sphere of business. I have to be honest, I've not come across a local lawyer that wasn't itching to take my money! Don't know where you went for your legal representation!!


I'd like to think some common sense being used here. Nothing surely wrong with friends offering lifts to others on a Saturday night if they are out and about not drinking. If they want to contribute a couple of quid to their mate to get home safely then fine! This surely must be encouraged and assist with reducing drink driving.

The problem is when you are getting into a vehicle with a stranger, who is expecting to be paid to take you home. This then becomes a safety issue which does require monitoring.

pb falla

guernsey police youve just gotta laugh


Too many police and not enough crime means the police have to generate 'business'. What a waste of time and money. If somebody wants to attack a woman they will do it regardless. If a young women gets a friend of theirs to pick them up through facebook why is that more dangerous than a taxi driver they have never met?

The police service needs to be scaled back massively with more emphasis on part time special constables and just keep a core of specialists, not the 180 full time staff they currently employ. This would be the first place I would look for savings if I was in the States.

Oh Dear

I've had lifts to and from town before where I have given the person some money towards the fuel to show appreciation. This friend of mine also spent the night with me, not drinking, of course. Is thise considered illegal? It really is a non-crime that will be very difficult to prove.

Looking over social networking sites will be pointless as they have now announced what they're doing. Are they going to tap into people's phones as well?

Also looking over social networking sites to me is an infringement of privacy.

Big Brother is Watching You!

Charlie G

Sorry folks,but in all honesty have the police nothing better to do,than sit infront of that ridiculous face book page monitoring whether someone may or may not be playing at a so called taxi service,get out on the beat and do some proper police work for heavens sake!


Saying to your mates you're going to be out this evening and driving if they want a lift and to chuck in for the petrol is one thing (and perfectly legal).

I assume the police are after those offering their 'services' to anyone and for a specific fare (or reward in other words) that are probably uninsured and illegal. Fair enough, I wouldn't want to have to deal with an incident involving someone driving illegally.

As to comment 16 above, facebook is not private. Especially if you're posting on open groups so I have no grief with the police using these to identify illegal activities. If you're stupid enough to say you're doing something illegal in a public place expect to get found out!

Oh Dear

Cheers for clearing a couple of things up Mark. So it's just the pre-arranged journeys that count.

Surely if the police wanted to put a stop to this it would have been better not to be so public about it. People will find ways of being more discreet.

I don't actually drive and will normally use a taxi or walk home. I know of a lot of people who offer lifts. I still don't see the harm in FB taxis. It's better than drink driving or getting attacked/mugged when you're walking.


I will be the first to report people offering lifts on Social Media! I kmnow of one on Twitter and I don't know any of the drivers! I think they hang round near the tram sheds! Go Go GO GYPD!


Thanks Jo and Mark (comments 13 and 18) - some commons sense finally instead of ranting about the police.


It appears we have consensus then Police do you get the message?

I think the youngsters are acting sensibly.

A nominated driver who doesn't drink getting his soft drinks for free from the drinkers and then they are taken home, rather than picked up and interrogated by the police for walking home in the early hours or causing a nuisance acting the goat.

where as the police will decive, lie and abuse the friend system on social media.

Perhaps that’s it the police are getting bored in the early mornings and want some action.

Or is this what happens when you have a non local police chief not in tune with island life.


I simply don't know how people on low to middle incomes can afford taxis on a regular basis. I've flown from Stansted to Sardinia for about the same as a taxi from my place to Guernsey airport.

Town Boy


Rather than leave a comment like that which is i am sure certainly not true, why don't you post roughly the area where you live and what time you went to the airport.

I am sure a bonafide taxi driver would enlighten us all with the approximate cost of the journey from your neck of the woods to the airport.

Constructive criticism i can understand, stupid comments get you nowhere.


I assure you it is true. Stansted to Alghero for roughly 20 quid with Ryanair a few years ago. Bordeaux to the Airport with a local taxi firm for not much less. Also, a couple of years ago a group of us in a big taxi from St Margaret's Lodge to the Vale with a couple of stops one Saturday night for £26. I distinctly remember that one. I don't take taxis now unless I'm sharing with more than one other person or I'm desperate and I can't remember the last time I was desperate. Instead of accusing people of lying face the facts Town Boy. The cost of taxis here is prohibitively high and my example was a good little illustration.


Is it a stupid comment though? didn`t they used to do flights from the UK to NY for a pound many years ago?


I'm not him, but I imagine it probably is true. A taxi from the Vale to the airport (three years ago - has probably gone up a lot since then!) cost me nearly £25. Easyjet/ryanair flights are roughly that price, and that is why people are bunging their mates a couple of quid to cover petrol. The police here need to actually do something instead of monitoring pathetic non-crimes like these!


How can people afford to go out drinking but not afford the taxi ? When I was early 20's I would spend 90-150 on a Friday or Saturday in pubs then leave at 2 sharp knowing the rank would get busy quick it's basic common sence Leave £20 in your wallet for the taxi , the cost of taxi's is relevant just like we pay £1.90 for a loaf but uk shops sell it for £0.80.

The police do need to inform the people involved what the law is tho not just say its illegal many of these people may not know its illegal also as some other people pointed out income tax would also be interested in knowing there earnings!

Island Wide Voting


I know it's a bit difficult at the moment what with road closures and all that,but next time you're passing the PEH take a couple of minutes to nip in and have your liver checked out


90 - 150 £ !!!! That is a ludicrous amount to spend on a night's boozing. You say you were early 20s so presumable a good few years ago. Say then £3 a drink on average so you're telling us you bought between 30 and 50 alcoholic drinks in one night? Did you drink that many yourself or were you the rich boy subsidising all your mates?

Oh Dear

£90-£150 is quite normal for youths to spend on drink in a night. I personally always stuck to a budget of £50 (which I think is still a lot of money). I know someone who spent £200 in town a few years back then walked home, if I did that I'd be in hospital.

Perhaps this is the issue that should be tackled. How much would someone have to drink to build up a tolerance for £90-£150 worth of booze?

JJ Lehto

£3 a drink on average???? You've obviously never been to Laska!


I thought about going but I didn't own any property to secure the loan I needed to afford it!


Isn't that where all the taxi drivers drink?

(Just kidding, Gsy Gal and Karen!)


I agree fully that a taxi driver should be tested and insured and prove he is a good driver but after that I don't see why the number of drivers should be limited. Why should people make money out of a license that they are holding and preventing others from choosing a job or career if they so wish!?

I mean if I want to be a hairdresser or open a shoe shop or a sandwich bar I don't see anyone saying that we have enough of those already so why protect taxi drivers more than anyone else?

Having more drivers could make fares more competitive and at least I wouldn't have to wait in the freezing cold, wind and rain up at the airport. I bet you'd never see another line of people doing the same in town at the weekend either. Less frustration = less fights too!

Where do I collect my medal from please?

Gsy Gal


It is the number of Taxi plates that are limited, not the number of drivers, feel free please to pick up an application form from the Environment dept, Bulwer Avenue and follow the process to getting your's, More drivers are always welcome as people who do it for a living now can not be expected to drive 24/7 and operate safely, they are entitled to days off and holidays too, just like every one else.

As Like any other business on the island there is always going to be a period of time where you may not be served instantly,whether it be waiting for your baggage at the airport, after being delayed... Queueing with your shopping trolley to pay for your shopping... DR running late. but again as with all businesses there are times when there is not enough room on the ranks for all of them

Fares will not be more competitive with more drivers, all fares are set by the governing body, to make it fair for all. So when are you going to get yours?


I have a job already and I am pleased for now thanks, but one day maybe - I work in a job where we are constantly in competition with others and I get no "States" protection whatsoever. I call it the real world!

Sure I can get a license but then can I get a Taxi Plate of my own - no unless I buy one and for a lot of money. That's my point, why limit taxi plate numbers and please dont say its for the good of anyone except to protect the trade itself. I do not know of any such protection for shoe shop owners or hairdressers etc.

Of course I understand that people can't work 247 - that's not my argument!

As in the article I think people are avoiding taxi's because of the high cost - I have paid £12 for a 12 min. journey and that isn't what I would call reasonable. Fuel may cost 50p for my trip and insurance cant be more than a few hundred pound a year - on that basis I'd have thought the returns were rather excellent and we all have mobile phones these days so taxi's don't even need an office. The car might cost say £2,000 a year to maintain and to allow for depreciation but I bet they use the same car on their days off too - mine cost me almost as much to run too!

Sorry but if others can do the same job for a lot less (including pizza delivery) then I say let the floodgates open and let the market be what it is...

Devils Advocate

For all of those knocking the Police on this one...

It's their responsibility to ensure road safety and that people using the roads are insured. This isn't a campaign about 'stopping people making money off their mates'. It's about people using Facebook to arrange below-taxi-cost lifts to complete strangers.

The issue here, as has already been pointed out, is that these unlicensed 'taxi's' are operating without motor insurance. God forbid, lets hope those having a moan aren't involved in a collision with one of these 'Facebook taxi's'; or worse they or a loved one are seriously injured.

Somehow I am certain you'd be the first ones moaning that the Police didn't do anything about it.

Oh Dear

I think the car is insured in most cases, they just don't have a licence to use the car as a taxi.

I don't think road safety comes into it. They're just worried that taxi drivers will lose a bit of money. Frankly I know two taxi drivers, they're better off than they'll ever tell anyone.

£200-£300 a night. If they work solidly for a full seven days that's £1750 a week approx.

That's just 10-11 journeys a night let alone what they'd earn during the day and doing the airport run. I think their fuel costs are covered quite adequately.

Terry Langlois

The car will be insured for private, non-commercial use. It almost a certainty that the insurance company will say that the driver was breaching the terms of the policy if it is shown that they were taking paying passengers - so no, the insurance would not be valid in those circumstances.

Gsy Gal

It is not a cse of drivers worrying they will lose money!. Terry Langlois has answered the insurance issue adequately, but Drivers income, ok, lets llok at this properly. If and I say if as it is not always each night a driver earns those sort of figures (especially this time of the year) Most drivers will work an evening from, let's say, 18:30ish till 02:30ish = 8hrs at the end of the night we will say has £250 on the meter. Which equates to £1500 per week (allowing them 1 day off) If that person is an owner driver, he then has out of that take, cost of petrol, wear and tear on the car, cost of servicing, Insurances, cost of yearly Taxi licence, medicals, 2 police checks for the car per year, Police check and renewal of PSV every 4 years, Income tax and States Insurance. Having already paid for the car, has to make provision from earnings to replace it, which i think and I know someone will correct me if I am wrong roughly equates to 40 % of their income Leaves them with approx £900 for a 48 hour week, to live on.

If they have a part time driver, the owner still has the same overheads but gives the driver normally a 50% cut. Therefore earning about 10% ( about £150 based on the figures we are working with here) of what that driver generates and leaving the spare driver with about £750 for his 48 hour week. This is of course based on all 6 shifts that they do being busy. If it is a quiet night (like this time of the year) these figures can be dramatically cut!


Oh Dear,

I know a taxi driver too - I happen to be married to him and can assure you that he does not make £200-£300 a night (or even a day) seven days a week.

If your acquaintances own their own plate and they work for themselves (or have other mugs out there earning the money for them)then perhaps they can make a good wage by putting in the hours.

If you don't have that luxury and (as my husband does because we don't happen to have a spare £30k or so hanging around to buy his own) you drive under somebody elses plate then suddenly (using your example)that £200 to £300 a night is reduced by 50%. Then deduct the tax, and the insurance as well. Suddenly that figure doesn't look quite so appealing does it?

Factor in the absence of sick pay and holiday pay, the insecurity of knowing what your monthly wage is going to be, a seven hour day where 2 or 3 of those hours may be useless as the ranks are empty and there are no bookings, people who are booked are late or don't turn up, unsociable hours if you do want to get the busy, more lucrative times (so forget spending weekend evenings, bank holidays, Christmas & New Years Eve/Day with your families) and you may start to get an idea as to why they're not all queuing up to take 'the knowledge'.

Mug's game


You paint a very bleak picture, one has to wonder why anyone with half a brain would want to do the job?


Mugs Game,

A bleak picture maybe, but a true one.

I do completely agree with you though, which is probably why there are pretty much always vacancies for full and part-time drivers on a throughout the taxi companies.

From our point of view, it suits for the time being as we cannot afford the extortionate costs of childcare and pay rent (never mind a mortgage)so my husband doing this work helps with that while I go out to work full-time in a more stable job. Nice for the kids to see him...but I barely do, so not great for overall family life at the moment.

Anyway - suffice to say once the kids are older then that 'half a brain' will be being put to much better use!

Mug's game

So it's got its pros as well as its cons then?

We pay nearly £2,500 a month for childcare so we're also mugs, maybe I should send the missus on a taxi driving course?


£2,500 on childcare ?? We dont even earn that much

Jean Pierre

£2,500 on childcare!?! My wife and I don't even earn that each month! That is seriously crazy money when you add on mortagage/rent and other bills. You work in finance, right?

Mug's game

John / Jean Pierre

I know, it's crazy, but if my wife wants to keep her job for when the kids go to school we haven't got much choice, especially as well paid jobs will be hard to come by in a few years time.

Nick Le P

£2500 on childcare? You ought to consider looking after them yourself, surely that would better all round.

Oh Dear

One of my friends has his own plates. The other works damn hard for his pay. It is a hard working job, but the pay isn't as inadequate as a lot of people think.

Mug's game

Nick Le P

Thanks for those words of wisdom, we completely forgot to consider that option when deciding what to do as regards childcare.

Financially we would roughly be in the same position if my wife stayed at home to look after the kids, however in a few years time when they're at school I doubt whether she'd be able to easily find a job that is as good as the one she has now. That's the main reason behind our decision, a bit of short term pain for long term gain.


Funny that, i know a taxi driver who was out for 8 hours one day last week, he made £70.

£200 can be made if you work all night on a Saturday and are lucky with your fares.

£200-300 a night for 7 days, thats working everyday with saturday night conditions for over 10 hours a day.

I think you are a bit of a liar don't you?

My source; i am an accountant doing the books of a cabbie, and I can tell you now, its not as much as you all pretend it is.

Oh Dear

How can you call me a liar?

Why would I lie?

My figures are based on what friends have told me. One of them works very long shifts. Airport run and late night shifts. My other friend has his own plates and people driving for him and giving him a cut.

So this cabbie of yours is struggling so much for money he's hired an accountant? Okay...

Oh Dear

So in an 8 hour shift he earnt £70, I don't think he's working very hard. That's the equivalent of four fares. That's nonsense.

People don't JUST use taxis because they're too drunk to drive. My family and I have always used them to take us to the airport/harbour rather than drive. I know of elderly people who take taxis everywhere. This notion that the weekend is the only time people use the service is ridiculous. You can bet that the majority of people will give tips as well. I know I always have.

It's also quite well known that a lot of drivers don't write down their entire earnings. I would bet £50 that tips wouldn't be mentioned on tax forms for the majority of drivers.


So true Sanguine,

My husband does Sundays (day time cover from 10a.m. onwards) and quite often, especially in winter, doesn't even make the minimum wage for the hours that he has put in that day.


Is He declaring it all along with tips? just asking.


The point here is that what they are doing is illegal!

The notion that some drivers are giving 'lifts' to their mates for free, to avoid any of them driving under the influence would hold water if they communicated directly by phone (not whilst they are driving of course)and not via the internet,which of course is open to all and a bit of a giveway as to the real reason.


I think taxis are extortionate and their fares needs addressing, however...

I know of one young chap who regularly offered lifts (for cash) via FB, and better than that, I know his driving record and how many cars he's written off as he is an absolute lunatic on the roads, like, out of control lunatic.

Now, if he gives people lifts for cash, and crashes, seriously injuring them, then they have paid their money and take their chance, however, if they do need extensive medical care, would they be covered by his insurance, as they would if he was a licenced taxi driver?

I think the answer may be no.

Illegal taxis are great and save money and are just a bit of cash on the side, right up to the point where someone gets hurt, then it all changes.

Given the choice, I'd rather just stay in.

Taxi GaGa

I am offering a new entrainment business whereby I can pick you up from town on a Saturday night as a favour, however I will charge you for the love music show you will receive, me singing.


Any chance of a lift this weekend ?

Nick Le P

The last time I took a taxi in Guernsey, I had to tell the driver how to get where I was going.

I don't advocate anything illegal but at least my mates know where I live!

The Wag

Re high cost of child care, perhaps you could see if a FaceBook nanny is any cheaper !

Oh Dear

In all honesty the wag, I don't know why some of these people on benefits don't go for a child care course (I mean those who actually want a job, you probably wouldn't want some of them any where near your children).

It could be quite a competetive market especially when people are willing to pay £2500 for it. They can work from home and get rewarded with a comfortable living for what is a reasonably easy job.


Only a birdbrain would order a facebook taxi.


Surely a birdbrain would use Twitter?


Very good :-)


Hey give the Police a break, they are just looking after their retirements jobs on the taxis.


I do not think so, as they seem to retire these days and get the same job back as a civil servant, look at the last two in the paper, both going back to the same job, I am aware of 5 others, who have all gone back as civil servants, being paid their pension and then another salary from the States, none of these jobs have been advertised.

Something wrong somewhere!


I'd like to think that the police are using common sense with regards to the facebook taxis and looking into the fact that some people are getting lifts from strangers, whether they are paying them or not, and not going after friends giving mates a lift home for a couple of quid petrol money.

I do however, undertstand why this happens. I recently got a taxi from the rank in town to Collins Road on a weeknight at about 11pm (not too late). A journey of about 3-4 minutes cost me £9.20 which is extortinate. I didnt mind paying as I needed to get home quickly (Normally I walk), and I'm lucky enough to be able to afford this one off expense.

I understand that taxi drivers can work long and unsociable hours, but I have noticed on most weekday afternoons a queue of about a dozen cabs at the taxi rank in town and hear of people claiming no cabs are at the airport. Instead of waiting for an hour at the rank for nothing, how about getting up to the airport and picking up some passengers. The £1-£2 in petrol it may cost to get up there, may mean a £20-£25 taxi to Bordeaux. Surely any reasonable fare is better than none at all?

For Real Brah?

Most of the time when it comes to "facebook lifts" people will only use them if they know them or are with friends and their friends are coming to pick them up. Hardly any one gets into a car without knowing the person driving.



" And after deduction of tax" Dont make me laugh, its a well known allegation that Taxi drivers love cash in hand, and only declare the bare minimum, that would keep the authorities off their backs.

In fact one driver, I know, had to check with other drivers how much to declare, so he wouldnt rock the boat.


Yes after deduction of tax JohnT. Not everyone is as dishonest as you would have us believe.


Many drivers are part time and only get half the Taxi fare. Also consider this unlike other jobs where people know when they go to work how much they will be paid, they don't, as they don't know in advance of what work they will get.

How many people who are critical of Taxi fares would do night work if they didn't know how much they would earn by the end of the shift.

As for the Police have nothing better to I quite agree, for what is better than the Police upholding the law.

States House

Im all for my mates giving me a lift home, whether they say they are available on facebook or elsewhere, I dont care.

Taxi drivers are complaining that they are stealing business? They need to wise up. I phoned a few taxi firms last night and was told id need to wait till 1am for a lift or that they had nothing available at all. Either they are cherry picking or there is a real need for these extra lifts and luckily my mate gave me a lift and the dopey taxi firms lost out on an easy £20.


I can understand why the taxi drivers would be upset by this howeevr there is one simple answer. Just say there are 120 plates in issue -probably more but say 120,then on Fri and Sat night ( busiest nights of week ) states dept that issues the plates insists that at least 80 are working ensuring we all get home safe.

If the drivers wont work then issue more plates.


If you can't get a taxi on your first call just keep calling. It's not a static situation it's one that can change quickly within five or ten minutes.

boocurr just issue more plates is it. You've obviously not seen the island knowledge test that Taxi drivers had to pass to get their PSV.


ok so sit the test or buy a map - not that difficult is it

if taxi drivers want to make money then work the hours the public wants /needs them

not 9-5 monday to friday