Chief minister urges States to 'stay on course' with FTP

GETTING the job done is all that matters for the Financial Transformation Programme, the chief minister has said.

GETTING the job done is all that matters for the Financial Transformation Programme, the chief minister has said.

Deputy Peter Harwood, pictured, yesterday opened the debate on the States savings initiative by urging deputies to stay on course with the project aimed at stripping out a recurring £31m. in States expenditure.

He said the FTP was born out of the need for government to adapt to a changing environment and the promise that the States would do its part to cut its budget following the introduction of the zero-10 tax regime.

‘Regardless of what previous States may or may not have intended, it is my firm belief we need to focus on its eventual output, reducing the deficit by reducing States expenditure by £30m.,’ he said.

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Did i hear this right.HSSD needing more Managers?.This will mean raising taxes or cost to an already over budgeting department.


The State of Guernsey is down to the States of Guernsey

So the good times are officially over are they?

The States ( yawn ) of Guernsey have finally woken up to the state that Guernsey now finds itself in and have decided that the much discussed FTP ( that stands for Financial Transformation Programme) is what is needed to steady the wobbling if not somewhat sinking ship that is Guernsey.

What the states have identified ( FTP) is that they need to stop spending so much money ( expenditure) by stripping out a recurring £31m. in States expenditure.

How about starting with some of the “wasteful “ benefits that we give to locals in terms of “ jobseekers allowance “ – or – “unemployed looking for work. Ha ha ha I have never heard so much rubbish in my life.

Why don’t these politicians walk down the high street and look at some of the feral unwashed ( locals ) that loiter outside the likes of Boots the chemist. Today at lunch I noticed 3 particularly uneasy on the eye 20 something year Old’s . Looking as chavish as you can imagine( tracksuit bottoms hanging around their knees, one with red hair and a nail through his eyebrow ( sadly missed his pea sized brain).

So these “mutants” claim benefits as hardworking foreigners work in the restaurants and cafes and live in unpleasant housing for 9 months until our States ( housing dept.) tell them to go home for 3 months so as not to get too fond of our “ beautiful” island!

What a joke – States of Guernsey Hang your heads in shame.

Would the last person to leave please turn off the lights – as we have no cash to pay the electricity bill.

Island Wide Voting

I realise there is a great danger of sparking off GM and Spartacus yet again but the UK appear to be taking the need for savings quite seriously


As well at looking at cutting government spending, why have the States not looked at changing the personal income tax rate to swell the coffers?

Rates here are much lower than the UK particularly for high earners.