Praise for airport contractor

AIRPORT contractor Lagan Construction has been praised by deputies following news that the £80.4m. project will finish on time and on budget.

AIRPORT contractor Lagan Construction has been praised by deputies following news that the £80.4m. project will finish on time and on budget.

Public Services minister Paul Luxon said he was delighted with the progress that had been made as he updated members at the mid-point of the project.

‘We must acknowledge the contractor that has shown itself to be an excellent company,’ he said.

Deputy Lester Queripel asked if the Lagan tractors were connected to the number of potholes appearing around the island.

‘I can’t give absolute assurance but the States road project team, who are very experienced, have given no evidence that Lagan vehicles have had any impact,’ said Deputy Luxon. ‘If you look at the routing agreed, you’ll see that the impact of the vehicles is not as significant as imagined – the use of broader tyres has helped to spread the impact.’

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I think I could move a lot of rubble around for £80 million quid.


I guess Mr and Mrs Birnie arent in agreement though!


Didnt it go over by 2.6 million !!!!!!!!!!


I see the tractor in the picture is on UK plates. When I purchased a tractor in the UK and shipped it over, I was informed by the helpful person at Motor tax that I was not allowed to drive it from the docks until I had registered it with them. If that tractor in the picture is working here surely it too should be registered here.


Most of the trailers have not even got number plates on, try that in your car and see how far you get before being stopped by the police.


All the trailers used by Lagans have got registration plates in place, I see them every day so can vouch for that. They also have a unique number on each of them for futher identification and tracking purposes.


Many times I have followed these vehicles and they have had no registration plates on the trailers.....


West, is the photograph of a vehicle currently displaying UK plates or one of a vehicle pictured a week after it came to the island? Judging by the sunshine evident, I'd say the latter!

I don't think that the licensing authority would have prevented you from driving the vehicle you imported as it would have had to have been measured at the Bulwer Avenue site to be registered, so you could have driven it on the 'Harbours Route' without any problem.

I think perhaps you are just taking a bit of a swipe at LAGAN without any sound basis of fact.


CSR - wrong on all accounts. I was having a swipe at Motor tax not Lagan. Tractor was not required to be measured at Bulwer Avenue. And yes I was told I could not drive it, even off the docks, without having registered it. Perhaps stop trying to second guess posters.


West, I wasn't trying to second guess you. Any vehicle (excluding cars) coming into the island and requiring registration will need to be measured (width and length) prior to registration, The only approved facility for that is at Bulwer Avenue.

If you were told not to move it off the docks, what width measurement did you provide at the time of registration and how was that authenticated?


Different rules for locals i'm afraid. They'll bend over backwards for the outsiders!


You haven't got the skill's on the island to carry such a large construction project,that counts for plant as well. Therefore if you want the job done you have to let them do it.

Terry Langlois

I believe that there is a two week grace period in which you must re-registered any car.

As for the Lagan tractors, they were granted a special dispensation and so do not need to re-register. It would have been pointless anyway - the cost of the re-registration would have been charged back to the States by Lagan and it would have been a waste of everyone's time.


Terry - The 2 week grace period is what I thought. But I was told I was wrong. It is possible that the person I was speaking to was not aware of the rules themselves but by the stern response I got one did not get that impression. Needless to say my tractor found its way home before being registered under its nice Gsy plates.


The two week period of grace is correct. Terry's point about dispensation is also correct as the vehicles are due to be shipped out at the end of the contract.


There actually Irish Plates and 2.6m was lost by the States


@ Dave..2.6m was not "lost" by the states, it was given away to some scamming crook by way of unbelievable incompetance and lax procedure within whichever department pays out money.

Dave Haslam

What is the world coming to when a company merits praise for doing nothing more than fulfil their contractural obligations.


'cos when it's States commissioned and over here it's nothing short of a miracle, Dave....

still fear this is a precursor to sharing the 'bad news' about some horrific unforeseen overspend - remember, it ain't over yet, and half the contingency fund that Lagan's well aware of is still left....



If the specialist plant you are referring to is a tractor and trailer I presume your knowledge of construction is limited to watching repeats of Tommy Walsh laying decking.

The expression don't speak unless you can improve on silence comes to mind when reading your posts.


No that's not the specialist plant I'm referring to and even if it was how are Guernsey going to supply that kind of transportation anyway, I don't think a few old farming tractors will be up to the task somehow.

The plant I speak of are graders, large excavators, asphalt plant, dump trucks etc all of which Guernsey possibly have but none to spare and certainly none of the large sizes needed.

I don't think you really improved on the silence anyhow Bob.


I will save my praise for Lagan if they finish under budget. Even if only by a quid !

It will be the first time projected costs may actually be on target. But we'll see !