Danger at the hospital as drivers dodge diversions

CLOSURE of the King’s Road/Mount Row crossroads caused long tailbacks for commuters yesterday morning – and problems at the PEH.

The busy junction of Mount Row, Ville au Roi and Kings Road is largely impassable while the electricity supply to St Martin’s is upgraded. (Pictures by Juliet Pouteaux, 1302269)
The busy junction of Mount Row, Ville au Roi and Kings Road is largely impassable while the electricity supply to St Martin’s is upgraded. (Pictures by Juliet Pouteaux, 1302269)

CLOSURE of the King’s Road/Mount Row crossroads caused long tailbacks for commuters yesterday morning – and problems at the PEH.

Concerns have been raised about drivers trying to find their own way around the closure.

The junction of King’s Road, Ville au Roi and Mount Row closed yesterday for 11 days. Only traffic turning left out of King’s Road was still able to use the crossroads as Guernsey Electricity got to work.

Guernsey Police Traffic Sergeant John Tostevin has warned the public to use the official diversions. ‘We have been contacted and have carried out some checks – and the amount of people using the hospital as a shortcut is becoming dangerous and is causing problems in the hospital grounds concerning volume of cars and speed of vehicles,’ he said.

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I stand to be corrected, but I thought the road through the hospital was just the same as any other road, and that means that any driver who obeys the speed limit may use that road without incurring the wrath of Chief Rice and the threat of a fixed penalty fine.


And what else do we expect exactly? Mount Row is closed for 3 months, for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th time in a matter of years, so the Environment Department need to think about what impact this will have. As for the Gibauderie... 2nd time in 3 months, as JT and GE couldn't talk to each other about digging the road once and doing all the work together. Environment's left hand and right hand weren't talking obviously.


A monkey could do better than those who mismanage road closures

Charlie G

Quite correct Pyer, the hospital through road

is just like the rest of the Islands highways,except so far its escaped being dug up !and as far as my memory goes ,our island

roads have allways been under attack,being dug up time and time again,by organisations who seem incapable of getting together to harmonize their projects.

Of course motorists are going to find ways around the mess of the road works,its human nature,and one can imagine that most of the

islands motorists are more than fed up of seeing a never ending explosion of yellow signs warning of the next dated attack to the tarmac!.Continued developement on the Island will also mean a never ending swing of the pick axe(sorry mechanical digger)on the tarmac, to update and connect into the services.Its getting the relevant dept's to swing the axe in harmony,which is a big problem on our Island,and sadly allways will be.


I've always been a bit careful about following diversion signs due to an incident back in the 70's. Slash and his brother were returning from The Longfrie on their motorbikes when confronted with a road closed sign. Bro said 'Sod that, we can get through on bikes, easy.' The next half hour was spent extricating a wet BSA from a ditch next to a large yellow pump...


Is this not a public road, and if not do the HASSC maintain it, if not how can it be closed to public access, also why do Police attend accidents in the grounds if they are private, I think this is an over reaction as the main road through the Hospital is well away from any wards these days so noise element will be minimal now.

Sounds to me yet again civil servants in ivory castles lets make it as difficult as possible for the Guern to get about in their chosen mode of transport.

Digger Way

If you want water on tap, drains, electricity, telephones and internet you have to endure road closures.


Digger Way

True we have to accept but can utilities work together instead of road works being dug up to suit each ones purpose.Surely each utility company know in advance of major or minor works need doing[program of work].Road Contractors working program availability for utility services.


Islander, the utilities do work together but there are occasions where for very good reasons they can't. They also attend a monthly co-ordination meeting where they can discuss the long term projects that are in the planning stages.

In answer to a previous post, the Environment Department does not at present have the authority to force contractors to 'share' a trench; however the public does not see the numerous occasions where sharing does take place and the enormous amount of co-ordination that does take place.

As Digger Way has rightly highlighted, the roadworks are essential to the continuing improvements to our services infrastructure.


If road through PEH is used ALL should abide by the 15mph limit!!

Oh yes, pedestrian crossings and yellow filters galore

Foot off the gas needed


I will use this road if I want to. As long as I'm driving considerately its nobody elses business but mine.


It may interest you to know that the road through the hospital grounds is classed as a 'Private Commercial Access' so you don't have a 'right' to use it other than for access to the facilities.

As Soph says, its all about being considerate and not driving like a loony.


Rubbish. My taxes pay for the hospital and the upkeep of the hospital grounds/roads etc.

I said I drive considerately didn't I? Who said anything about driving like a loony?

I have a right to use that road so mind your own business.



If you read my post again, you will see I never said anything about your standard of driving.

I repeat, you do not have a 'right' to use the road unless you are accessing the facilities there irrespective of whether you are driving at 2mph or 15mph.

Perhaps take a couple more of those pink tablets before sounding off!