'We would have to close hotel without sufficient car parking'

COBO Bay Hotel would be unviable without adequate parking, its owner has insisted.

Dave Nussbaumer

COBO Bay Hotel would be unviable without adequate parking, its owner has insisted.

David Nussbaumer issued the warning yesterday as he further explained why he could be forced to pull the hotel from the tourism sector.

Mr Nussbaumer (pictured) is set to lose his lease on neighbouring pub and restaurant The Rockmount at the end of the year, but the shared car park is owned by Randall’s Brewery.

Mr Nussbaumer is now applying for permission to convert a nearby field he owns into a car park, but has warned that without adequate spaces he may be forced to close down and redevelop the hotel as an absolute ‘last resort’.

‘I just cannot operate without a car park,’ he said.

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Bit of a knee jerk from Mr N - if people want to use his hotel they will find a place to park, just like they always do when a function is being held and the parking area is full.

Dee Sharisse

Good luck, Dave. I'm sure that there are lots of islanders (and visitors) supporting you.


It'd be a lot easier if we paved the whole island and had to ask Planing for permission to open up a green spaces :-)


As much as I feel for the Gentleman, a lot of people are going out of business, is this a parking issue or what, seems to be according to the letter page.


David you and your family must be one of the most successful hoteliers this island has had in the last fifty years and I have enjoyed the VERY warm welcome and service that you and your staff have offered me and my family every time I visit your establishments.


I assume the owners have an ulterior motive for this stupid decision and will rue the day for making such a decision.

I guess the "Shiny arses" and "Bean counters" are letting their wallets rule their brains again.



Who cares, Rockmounts food was rubbish, beer was rubbish and the sunset was better anywhere else in the island without a main road in front of it.

He has basically made loads of money from other peoples land, about time he paid up to keep his fortune rolling in :-)


Well said notsostoopid 100% agree!!


As much as Mr Nussbaumer has made himself successful that should not be go against him in this decision. I dont know the gentleman and we should be more concerned the "Question at hand".

Are we being muscled out by more powerful entities and if so, Why? We need to protect the general public from just being puppets on a string ,something that is happening more and more in Guernsey.

This island use to encourage entrepreuners (as seen in Mr Nussbaumers case ) and now we slave to the rthym to big conglomrates. I question the matter wether there is an alterior motive being implimented and should using lawful blackmail as a way of getting it be allowed.


A pathetic comment,probably from Lord Lucan using a nom de plume. Obviously not a friend of yours Dave.How sad that there are people out there, without a kind word for anyone.


AJ, was that aimed at me, my reply to that is ....

Dont know the man, wasn't personal was just a comment on the way it actually is. How sad that people like you AJ dont see the bigger picture.A very successful man, agreed, but doesnt own half of it, just takes the profit, time he made an empire rather than renting it .

Royston Gauno

Why was the Hotel given permission to extend if car parking was not secured nor sufficient?


Withdraw the hotel then Mr Nussbaumer. There are plenty more on the island. I think your comments are designed to get your way to tarmac over a field.

public bar

well if i owned the Rockmount i would not be leasing it off.....!!


Huge amount of Tit & Tat going on here!

If the owners do a big makeover of the Rockmount without destroying its character so be it.

The gales & seas have & will forever batter this popular pub or whatever its replaced by!!!

Mr Nussbaumer, stop putting rockets up

What the hang about a few tinned canned spaces

Plenty of so called "hotels" are there for you to take on


Stupid Mr N going public, that really will force Randalls into a rethink, not.

Can't understand why Mr N didn't plough profits into purchasing the Rockmount years ago rather than opening other establishments.

Mr N you are in business, and must understand how things work. Randalls own the Rockmount and can do what they like with it, you are just a tenant making big bucks, simples really.

Just accept you were too busy extending your empire that you took your eye off the ball.

Stop whinging man, you've made a fortune so far, whilst others are struggling.

Finally, you knew about the car park problem years ago, why or why did you not sort it earlier.

Stop trying to get the public pity you, and move on.

Danny H


How has Mr N taken his eye off the ball?

I believe the Rockmount was purchased as part of the entire Randalls Brewery sale and has never been up for sale since they have run the pub. I'm sure if it had been for sale he would of purchased it years ago.

On another point you make, please can you tell us what other establishments he's opened recently?

sarnia expat

Foolish Mr N if he believes that the pub is only there because of him. What an ego.

People will go there whether it is his face at the helm or not, and despite all the whinges by the "locals", they will still go, if they want to - or not, the choice is theirs.

I was just thinking about a similar reaction by Mr N's son (Cobo Bay) when someone had the temerity to say that the hotel wasn't quite as nice as they had hoped for. OK not everyone likes criticism, but that's the business you are in. Bit of sour grapes there methinks.

At least he has the Farmhouse to fall back on. Good little earner, for now.


A lot of people piping up on here who don't actually have a clue about what's going on with the Rockmount or Cobo. If you knew the Nussbaumer's personally & were a rocky regular then slag them off all you want but the matter of fact is you are not. Too many clueless individuals who have too much to say just because they read a story in the press and all of a sudden are experts on local tourism and publicans! Do me a favour and wind your necks in. Should be supporting the people behind a venue which has served the community for decades and help stick up against a bunch of people (assumed not to be local) on the Randall's board sat in their suits thinking they know best when they've probably never even had a pint in the pub themselves let alone speak with regular users because I can guarentee if they had then they wouldn't have heard one person recommend a change at all whether it's 'for the best' or not. It's not just business it's trying to throw weight around in order to gain the contract of other establishments. Absolutely disgusting. @savetherocky on twitter people.


Amen GLT hit the nail on the head!