Jet service to Gatwick returns, but flight time stays the same

FLYBE has confirmed that jets will start operating on the Guernsey to Gatwick route from 31 March.

FLYBE has confirmed that jets will start operating on the Guernsey to Gatwick route from 31 March.

But it will not result in faster journey times and concerns have been raised about the impact it could have on competitor Aurigny.

It had been planned that the 88-seat Embraers would start flying the route last year, but concerns over the strength of Guernsey’s runway delayed the introduction of the jets.

Flybe UK managing director Andrew Strong said the strengthening work was now complete.

But while the jet is larger – with 88 seat, compared to the 78 on the Dash-8 Q400 – it will not speed up journeys. The flight time will remain at 55 minutes.

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Think I will be sticking with Aurigny anyway.


Ok, which one will be serving breakfast on board for red eye flights?


Aurigny is owned by the states of guernsey so if they are worried about the impact that the flybe jet will have they should upgrade there fleet to jets!


As the jet appears to be no quicker than the turbo props, what's the advantage of it? Why should Aurigny be worried?


Exactly Andy, why should they be worried?

If the jets were to go faster, then they would have a higher fuel burn, and the ticket prices would have to increase.

To me, it looks like FlyBE are trying to keep costs low so they are able to compete on ticket prices with Aurigny.

Business travellers may want to fly by jet, as to them it probably seems as the 'better' aircraft. In reality, there is very little difference.

Barry - Aurigny operated a jet aircraft, I believe to Manchester a few years back. If I am not mistaken it was a BAe 146 Whisper Jet (which FlyBE operated to Gatwick), and was leased from Titan.


It`s obvious Andy, You can crash at a faster speed, that`s why they need the extra run off space.


I'm all for jets, but I believe these jets output greater noise levels, i'll have to research this more to comment further.


The jet climbs to a higher cruising altitude than the turbo-props which would contribute marginally to the same time being used. However, more likely is that flybe is attempting to massage their punctuality statistics.

10 more seats to fill each rotation and higher running costs. Where is the commercial case for this, other than blowing Aurigny out of the sky only to then bump up fares. I hope everyone enjoys their flight with rushed service and no reclining seats.

On balance, I think Aurigny do a great job and I would trust them to try harder to get me home than flymaybe.


Over the length of leg between Guernsey and Gatwick, the Q400 is faster than the E145 (effectively the E175's little brother). So chances are the change in speed with the 175 are negligible, it's purely for Flybe to offer more seats per landing slot and thus make more money. If the jet is indeed quicker, it's in FLybe's interests to keep the same published flight time as it gives them more leeway with late departures etc.


Andy - only reason they maybe worried is that it's well publicised punters prefer jet travel over turboprops. Percieved to be safer / quieter etc... Whether its that much of a big deal who knows.

Barry - do you think the states can afford to be splashing out on jets or rather can aurigny afford it?


Flybe a much better airline than aurigny


............unless trust, flexibility, transparency of fees or customer service are important to you?


With comments like that you ought to go on the stage..............


Last time I was fogged in at Stansted I couldn’t fault Aurigny’s service to get me a hotel and look after me etc……also as a states run airline we should be using it …we’re paying for it.

More Local Than You

I agree. I also very much dislike the ATR aircraft, particularly those dodgy old bangers that have been brought back into service since G-COBO and G-VZON have had problems.

The air hostesses on Aurigny are notably less professional that those of Flybe. Last Aurigny flight I few the air hostesses were joking about being drunk and taking the mick out of the pilot to passengers calling him ginger and a bad pilot etc

Not the type of behaviour I'd expect from people who state they are "primarily there for my safety".


Professionalism often involves having a sense of humour. I have never been able to fault Aurigny's cabin crew on so many flights in and out of Guernsey and Alderney.

If you're talking about the recent spate of tech problems, the leased aircraft have come from Flybe to replace G-VZON and G-COBO!


The whisper jet managed to do take off from Gatwick to Guernsey in 35 minutes is it that much slower?


Just a shame that they are making local pilots redundant, in order to bring in uk based pilots to fly the jet.


You have to remember that the 55 minutes is a time slot and NOT the time the plane will be airborne. In reality the props take circa 40/45 mins. The 146 had a record of 32 minutes I believe, and on a good day I would expect the Embraer to do the same. Unfortunately, it is yet again the Press which is causing the controversy. Effectively, FlyBe are upgrading their plane on this service. What is the harm in that?? I personally have nothing against Aurigny. They have always served me well and I have always chosen them over FlyBe. I do not think FlyBe are doing it for any reason other than an upgrade.


Some believe a jet service is more modern,popular and prestigious especially for an International Finance Centre like Guernsey, Others would say that the new generation of turbo props are quiet,efficient and comfortable and there is little difference in service. Everybody will make their choices according to their own perceptions.

Regardless of all this, it is a fact that the turbo prop is far more fuel efficient than a jet, particularly on shorter journeys. A fuel consumption of half that of a jet on a typical 300 mile route cannot be ignored by any operator. For example, I read in Airinsight that Virgin Australia is trading out relatively new regional jets on shorter routes in favour of turbo props for this very reason. With the high price of oil and the poor economic climate,Turbo Props have to be taken seriously now.

It remains to be seen whether or not jet services on short routes to Guernsey are sustainable. Only time will tell.

Charlie G

Mmmm ,interesting reading the latest plans regarding the start up of a jet service in and out of Guernsey.All i can say is whatever your Choice,whether it be the long Standing services of Aurigny ,or the services of FlyBe,whether props or jets,lets hope and pray that the Farce of the AirPort perimiter gate Being left open never rears it's head again,as Jets and props will both be stuck fast and delayed ,and we will be reading all about it for days and days,good luck FlyBe.


Flybe are proposing to bring their jet in on the 31st of march and to do so they are going to make approximately 10 guernsey based locally qualified pilots redundant and effectively outsource their pilots to the Southampton base.

They are going to pay more in redundancy costs to those pilots than it would cost to re-train them to fly the jet..( approximately 3 months pilots salary)




It is poor that Flybe are looking to oust local pilots but what on earth can the States do about it?

No different to HSBC doing away with 40 staff - there is nothing the States can do about that either!

Non Guernsey companies in particular will always look for cost savings.


Yes, but HSBC didn't bring in english staff to take over the local jobs. Flybe are bringing in english staff to fly the same route and dodging housing licence issues by putting them in hotels. Think of all the tax and social insurance that these local pilots will stop paying and thus revenue lost to Guernsey as they are all having to relocate to the UK or further afield. The UK pilots being brought in will not be paying guernsey tax and insurance but remain paying UK tax. Guernsey, you are being made fools of.


They are not bringing them in to take over local jobs.. They are not local jobs in the first place, and secondly a UK based pilot makes far more sense as they are available to fly far more routes, makes total sense.


10 more seats eh..sounds like a way to cut down on the number of flights per day to Guernsey and utilise the aircraft to fly some other route in-between hops to Guernsey.

Or are Flybe confident they can sell the extra 10 seats for every flight..maybe they'll be 1st class..!


Reliability was always Aurignys strong point but that hasn't been great lately either.

Out of preference I would choose a modern Jet over a turbo prop any day. Would I pay a premium?

Choice would be driven by costs and flight times. If they were both equal then I would choose on the type of plane.


I always try to fly with the airline which has historically shown more commitment to the Bailiwick.

Flybe might have been here since 1979, but their treatment of Guernsey in the last 10 years has been nothing short of shoddy on occasion. Take the GCI-MAN route, where they attempted to cherrypick and (if it hadn't have been for the States licensing board) would have shut off Guernsey's links to the north of England in winter.

That's why I fly Aurigny - because I can trust them.


I'm just going to point out that the timetable they currently run for the dash is pretty much identical to what the 146 timetable was.


I thought Flybe's old jets had the same journey times as the props. I don't see how you can shorten the time as most of the flight to Gatwick is taken up by circling the airport repeatedly and most of the time spent coming back is taken up by an excruciatingly long wait on the taxiway in the takeoff queue.