Nurses feel like they are having to beg for pay

NURSES feel like they have had to ‘beg for money’ after not receiving all they were due for December, a union representative has said.

NURSES feel like they have had to ‘beg for money’ after not receiving all they were due for December, a union representative has said.

Royal College of Nursing representative Bev Clark, pictured, said members had been given two options to get the enhanced payments they were owed – either to wait until next month’s salary or to write ‘hardship letters’ to human resources.

‘It’s almost like having to beg for money that we have already made,’ she said.

‘You have to fill out details such as how much your mortgage is. The hardship letters are the key issue for me. They did get their basic pay, but people rely on their extra pay.’

Mrs Clark has been in contact with HSSD about her members’ issues and believed it was caused by the States’ new updated computer system, SAP.

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Mini moo

What is this woman talking about. I work in an HSSD desk job and became sick of reminders being circulated telling staff what they had to do to ensure their details got entered on SAP. Smacks of 'not liking change' to me.


Mini moo

You have obviously not used the system in anger, sat in your nice little desk job, if you had then I can assure you your comments would be completely different.

I'm all for change but this SAP system is going to cost the States far more than any saving they think they have made.

I guess there are plenty of consultants at custard castle that have gained a pretty penny for this system. Bring in some true Guernsey people to bring some common sense back into this island!

It is the worst system I have ever seen and used; user friendly it is not, its a monster that will require feeding with labour and financial resources far beyond anything the states has implemented before and all this for apparently 6 million pounds. Wonderful!


Mini Moo

Did you sign your secretive form or are you not a civil servant?


If SAP worked, perhaps you'd have a point (except for all those HSSD staff who work on their feet and don't sit in front of a PC all day).

But SAP doesn't work properly.

The problem is caused by bringing in a system that isn't properly functioning, without adequate backup support staff to make it work, and at the same time expecting non-finance staff to learn how to do all their own admin.

SAP even has a hilarious "Help" link on it, which when clicked takes you to a page that just says "The website declined to show this webpage".


Working at a desk job probably means you don't need to input unsocial hours claims! The trouble with the system is that it seems to be built around office workers not shift workers who regularly claim unsocial hours and it is a large proportion of their monthly salary.

Even though nurses completed the e-learning programme on how to input data the actual system was not working properly when it went 'live'. Staff needed new passwords and access user names (the ones they chose were apparently only relevant for the e-learning site) and when they finally got them a lot of them couldn't gain access to the SAP as there were problems with portals. The SAP staff were not answering phones and the e-mail system was slow so difficulty asking for help.

The data had to be input during first 2 weeks of January in order for payroll to process and some staff were on holiday/away - and there was no remote access as promised (there still isn't). Managers can no longer input on our behalf as they did previously with the old SAP system.

First we were told that the old paper claims forms could be completed and sent to the hub for their staff to input but then, a week later, they were returned NOT having been input. This left ward managers running around with time running out trying to contact everyone and try and sort out the access problems. They have wards to run and spent a lot of their days off trying to get their staff paid.

Other staff that had managed to input their claims found their managers couldn't authorise for various reasons and couldn't check whether it had gone through or not..... another fault that is apparently 'being sorted'.

We have been told that the system doesn't work if staff input daily (which was the idea) so now we have to put hours worked at the end of the month as a grand total - this means managers cannot check the claims (as different pay rates for nights/weekends/bank holidays) and so we still have to do paper copies to enable an audit trail - i.e. twice as much work.

If we make a mistake with the totals managers cannot change it like they used to - they have to reject it and it comes back to us and we have to fill it in again - but we don't know what particular day/shift was claimed incorrectly! Sisters are spending a lot of time writing staff notes explaining what has gone wrong.

Having to write letters explaining why we need our money is humiliating - with no guarantee we will get it as it is apparently dependent on whether HR believe our sob story is sad enough! A lot of staff are demoralised already - and this is just the last straw.

mini moo

A desk job does not mean sociable hours! Just means i am not a medic but still have to claim for shifts, overtime, and other things that used to go on multiple bits of paper. My manager has been great, she did the training, sought help when it was needed, and passed on all the information to let her teams input what was needed. Give it time, in a couple of months everyone will find something else as an excuse for a good moan.


I do not understand your gripe, the poster above has outlined the issues clearly, it's not just one more thing for us to moan about as you so put. We rely on unsocial hours payments, and having worked Christmas Day and over the festive period unsocial hours payments make up the shortfall in our salary. The point is that having to write a letter of hardship is not acceptable when there have been access issues with SAP for frontline staff and blunders with communication. We all submitted paper copies on time as requested, and input onto SAP by the deadline, at this point the system did not work claiming duplicate entries. Back office staff may well have had the issues dealt with but unfortunately for some work areas this is not the case. How demoralising having to ask for what is rightly yours for an obvious mistake!


My daughter had two lots of income tax taken off her pay and she had to physically go down to the tax office to sort it out, and it "may" be reimbursed to her next month if she is lucky. Another person we know of personally had over £700 tax deducted. This is not computer error is it?

Minimoo, you are talking rubbish. Typical pen pusher. Unless of course you are the one pushing the button.....

Island Wide Voting

£700 monthly tax deduction!

Must have been mistaken for one of the deputy under-manager's assistants




Never happened I think lots of coffee and lots of self patting on the back.


a joke on the day it went live it was dead in the water as someone forgot to fill the fuel tanks.


Disastrous. staff not able to do there jobs because they are too busy filling the tanks with fuel. we haven't even got to the "will it work" as we can't even use it yet.

It's a big tip above but This is a big iceberg

Help someone step in and help titanic approaching


What is really frustrating is that no one is listening. There are fundamental problems with this new system. It may well be that when it is working properly it will be an asset but currently there are severe problems (not just teething problems). If senior staff would just admit this we might trust them a bit more.

Watching the HUB senior staff on tv news last night made me so cross. The many teaching sessions they were congratulating themselves on were online tutorials, most of which have little relation to how the system is currently working in practice. The monitors in the HUB are large and the training sessions did not translate well to smaller monitors - cutting off a lot of the information making it difficult to follow the instructions.

The staff that ran the drop in sessions pre- launch didn't know how the system worked and couldn't answer our questions either. The trainers are still undergoing training 6 weeks after the system went 'live'. We highlighted issues a long time ago and no one listened.

Come on - be honest and admit the problems. We all need to work together to get this system working but first we need to work out how staff are going to work around the 'teething problems' - and ensure staff get the pay they have earned.

grumpy teacher

It isn't working in schools. We can't order anything because our admin person can't access the system and is becoming increasingly stressed by the whole thing.

Too much too soon. I am sure it is a good system and I am all for anything which reduces the need for admin personnel but it is a shame that no-one is listning.

The number one priority is to ensure people get paid and the situation with the nurses is totally unacceptable.

Hacked off

Completely agree........don't know what they are talking about, there are defiantly no quick fixes with this new's going to take months to sort out problems that are being caused by implementing these changes. I think senior management need to open there eyes to this and stop pretending all is hunky dorey (apart from a few teething problems) if that's what they want to call it.


Teething problems between Senior officers is just laughable at the expense of the work force trying to make ends meet with their pay budgets.

If all members have to input all there own information into SAP will that mean some senior managers will be surplus to requirements?

Nurses and teachers are the core to high working standards so please do not upset them.authorise immediate payments for calming teething problems.