Drug Concern sees 14% more addicts

CHARITIES are helping an increasing number of drug and alcohol addicts.

Drug Concern Manager Tracey Rear

CHARITIES are helping an increasing number of drug and alcohol addicts.

About 330 islanders are currently seeking help, latest figures have revealed.

But Drug Concern manager Tracey Rear (pictured) said the stats, while representing a 14% increase for her organisation over the previous year, did not necessarily mean more people were becoming addicted to substances.

‘We don’t link the increase to one thing in particular,’ she said while speaking about the charity’s annual report. ‘It simply could be that people are more confident in coming forward or that referrals are becoming more efficient and assertive.’

Head of the Guernsey Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council Dave Newman said last year it helped roughly the same number of addicts as in 2011. ‘It’s about 80-100 people,’ he said.

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More Local Than You

Sad but not surprising.

How many years did those local shops operate that sold all those legal highs? My understanding was that they sold synthetic cannabis, ecstacy, cocaine etc

I hear the man who ran them made over a million pounds in profit.

I think they were up and running for at least 2 years before it became illegal, shameful that it took the responsible authorities so long to shut them down.

Am sure some of these drug problems are the result of such freely available replacements during those years.


1 Million and then some and he was supplying Jersey too.


War on drugs = pointless, expensive, waste of time and resources.

Oh Dear

That's a very worrying percentage.

More local than you, I think you may be right. They had the main illegal highs covered in a legal format. Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamines and Ecstacy.

Dave Haslam

Nothing to see here, its all working fine.