Ormerers nearly as rare as the delicacy they seek

A SMALL number of hardy people braved yesterday’s downpour in search of ormers.

Raffale Lanzolla and partner Waree Richards were among those to brave the elements yesterday in the search for ormers. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1303843)
Raffale Lanzolla and partner Waree Richards were among those to brave the elements yesterday in the search for ormers. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1303843)

A SMALL number of hardy people braved yesterday’s downpour in search of ormers.

A depleted contingent of dedicated shoregatherers headed to Guernsey’s coastline and returned with some reasonable catches for their efforts.

Despite their finds, some of those out yesterday reported a high number of smaller ormers and backed calls made earlier this year for a temporary ban to help maintain a healthy stock.

More people are expected out today and tomorrow to search for Guernsey’s popular delicacy on what will be the lowest tides of the season at 0.5m.

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local len

The ormer stocks have been hammered,as i have been ormering since i was a child this year has been the worst i have known and many people are saying the same.It does not help the amount of people going to get a catch, years ago you would see half a douzen people on the beach now you see 30 to 40 people due to the islands population at bursting point.The ormer dont stand a chance.

Just Sayin

Did you actually read the story? or the headline even?

Haliotis tuberculata

@ Local Len

Ahh I remember those good old days to eh, when you could go down the beach any day you wanted and take ormes of any size, I used to love them small ones cor they were good eh.

Ever since them blooney idiot with that silly idea, of only letting people go to gather on a handful of tides a year, and they all have to be of a certain size...the catches will never be the same again. cor hec eh

Bring back the good ol days eh Len before all these catch restrictions i say.


I'm sorry, but it's those "blooney idiots" that are ensuring that human greed doesn't cause an ecological calamity and the extinction of a species- injudicious human behaviour, such as that you appear to advocate, has already driven many valuable species to the brink of extinction.


Sense of humor failure, lol.


I can't help it if it is an innate trait of mine to regard things seriously. I do have a sense of humour and, believe it or not, I do see the comic aspects of the content of individual's speech, but it's best to discuss the heavy, serious aspects of such speech first and attempt to solve possible issues surrounding such phenomena, the frequent failures notwithstanding, then create time for light entertainment/humour.


You can't have a sense of humour failure if there's not one there to begin with.



Did you read what I said ?


Look at the timings of our night time posts Ed. I didn't read yours until after I'd posted mine. Anyway, just a flippant remark so don't take it too seriously!


local len. I agree. Just as well that the weather was horrid yesterday as hopefully that will have put some people off. I just wish they would stop advertising that it is an ormering tide in the paper and on the radio- if they just shut up about it, I'm sure most people would forget about it and would be quite happy in their forgetfulness!


You hear stories of people who've found 30 or 40 in once session.

Maybe it's time to start limiting catches. Does anyone need more that a dozen, or even half a dozen.

How about an ormering license. Limit the number of people who can go and how many time.

The revenue could go to buying/breeding larve and releasing into the bays. Wasn't there a company selling this a few years ago.

Or, take a year off. Ban it next year and see how the stocks are the year after,


Or ban it completely for two years.

Gone are the days when back in the 50's one could come back with more than 20 dozen or so,that was before the Divers cleared our coast.



I concur strongly- we need to allow sufficient time for the ormer population to regenerate. Once this has been achieved, a policy of sustainable exploitation ought to be implemented.


Gone are the days because you came back with 20 dozen ormers.

Rosie will tell you should have had foresight all those years ago


Quite so markB. You are getting the hang of it! ;-)


I have been going for over 20 years. The stocks are way healthier than they were in the late 80's early 90's, when 3 or 4 was an 'ok' amount.

I have had similar catches for around the last 15 years and its always 12 - 18.

Strikes me that there are an awful lot of people commenting on this thread that don't even go ormering !!!


Where ignorance is bliss, damo, tis folly to introduce facts or evidence. These anti ormering people don't want knowledge they just want to have a fashionable opinion.


Your correct Damo

Donkey's Wotsits

Banning the sale of ormers would help. At the moment, the 'better' gatherers can earn more than spending a day at work. I appreciate that a few people would then miss out but there would be nothing to stop friends and family giving away their surplus catch.

Donkey's Wotsits

Of course, Sea Fisheries will once again say 'All is fine' - just like they said about the Boue Blondel Bass spawning ground, which is now virtually wiped out.

I thought an important part of the job was fishery protection, not just fishermen protection.

Need a feed

Why not ban ormering altogether on odd years and allow it on even years (or vice versa) that would allow the population to increase steadily.

Plus it's always possible to buy some off divers if anyone's that desperate for a feed.


Isn't it illegal to dive for Ormas?

Island Wide voting

Not quite sure what an Orma is but don't tell Indie or he'll try to either smoke it or inject it


Thanks for the tip Ray, I can highly recommend a vial of ormer stock injected straight into the main vain, whilst smoking a spliff made of dried out ormers in powder form. Shame you can only get them every now and again, I might have to start diving for them.

Island Wide Voting



Nice to see a couple of hardy locals keeping up the tradition in the picture.


If people actually respected the beaches when they were ormering the stocks would be much healthier.

Every year I go down the beach and rocks have been turned over and left the wrong way up by bone idle ormerers who can't be bothered to turn the rocks over again, this means ormers can no longer use them.

Also on very low tides (none this year really!) you see more ormers than usual which you can not normally reach on a normal tides.

I think the stocks have remained the same over the last 15 years from what I have seen and experienced for myself because yes I do go ormering.

Best advice is to stop the advertising for each tide and let the hardened ormers figure out for themselves when the tides are as we will know.


My Grandfather was shot at during the occupation by the Germans while trying to get a feed of ormers for the family, I'm pleased to say they missed him and his mate. Perhaps General Rice could station some of his sharp shooters on the cliffs on ormering tides and knock off a few of us guerns; good training for the troops, reduce the indigenous population and increase the ormer stocks for the new invaders: win win win.