'No long-term damage from sewage spill'

There is no current indication that sewage pumped into a Bordeaux road has caused any long-term damage, according to Environmental Health.

There is no current indication that sewage pumped into a Bordeaux road has caused any long-term damage, according to Environmental Health.

The authority revealed that it and police were investigating the Rocques Barrees Road incident after a cesspit was emptied into the Vale road.

It said the investigation was ongoing and a decision on whether the resident would be prosecuted would be taken in due course.

‘An officer has visited the area and there is ongoing communication with the person responsible,’ said an Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation spokesman.

‘There is no current indication that this incident has had any long-term detrimental impact on the surrounding environment, including the local beaches.'

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Oh Dear

I'm glad that people have this sort of respect for the island. Makes me glad to be a Guern.

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Anything further to add to your earlier post ? viz .....

Maybe you need to know the true facts before anyone can comment

It was WATER being pumped out from a flooded garden, not Sewage!

If the witness who reported this had just asked the owner he would have told her this in the first place!

There was no smell, no sewage, just water!

Look forward to next weeks sensational headlines….local puts 3 bin sacks out on bin night!!


On the earlier thread, someone purporting to be the property owner, came on here to state that it was only flood water that was pumped into the road

The article today refers to the contents of a cesspit

Which side is correct?

Oh Dear

I was unaware of an earlier thread. I hope it was JUST flood water and not a flooded cesspit.

Herbert Roth

I fail to understand the confusion. The Gsy Press has an obligation to report accurately. The Water company (presumably) has a duty to check on these matters and would be able to confirm the contents of the leakage. So why the lack of facts?

And if it was sewage, the property owner should have been dragged into court pronto. If you relieve yourself in the street it's a £150 fine, so how much for half a cesspit full?

The Body

From memory, the original article stated that a pump was being used to clear a cesspit and pumping the contents into the road. If this is the situation and Enviromental Health did requesi that the Police attend, then I would imagine that a court date is in the pipeline. The "defence" that the the pit was being filled with run-off from fields or garden, is pretty useless. Assuming that the property is lived in, it's fairly obvious that any groundwater going into the pit is only going to dilute the effluent from the property.

Knowing the true facts? Yes, someone was too tight to pay the £6.50 for a load to be taken, thought they'd get away with it, and irrespective of there being "no smell" the property owner deserves to be put before the court.

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The original article .....



"Much ado about a bit of poo"!