Glass 'too noisy' for kerbside recycling scheme

DOUBT has been thrown over whether Guernsey’s kerbside recycling scheme will include glass collections.

DOUBT has been thrown over whether Guernsey’s kerbside recycling scheme will include glass collections.

Public Services has admitted it had yet to ascertain whether it was feasible to include glass in the full scheme.

This is despite statistics showing that about 2,500 tonnes a year was recycled by residents or dumped in household waste.

The department’s deputy minister, Scott Ogier, pictured, said that one of the potential problems of glass collection was the noise.

‘It is not feasible to include glass in co-mingled collections, as the glass becomes embedded in the other materials, which causes processing problems and health and safety issues,’ he said.

‘However, given that Guernsey’s waste collections are carried out at night, we need to establish whether glass collections would prove too great a noise nuisance or whether other times of day might be suitable for this one stream. These are factors that can be tested through a pilot scheme.’

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Looks like they're still struggling to fill that blank piece of paper they started with two years ago


It's a little disturbing that whilst the rest of Europe seems to have been doing this for decades Guernsey is still struggling with the concept of how to collect a glass bottle.

The deputy minister needs to fly to Bristol and see how they do it there. I lived in a remote village but Bath & North East Somerset council managed a weekly collection of my mixed box of recycling.

Just quite how retarded do you want the island to appear?


Too noisy?! What the hell! Nimbyism at its worst and shows Guernsey in its true light.


Concerned, that's only expected of a largely parochial set of communities. It is in this situation that I regard provincialism as disadvantageous.


What was that Ed??


What I mean, markB, is that since Guernsey communities are inclined to be somewhat provincial due to being isolated from the full extent of world changes, some of the individual's within them lack the ability to embrace new ventures that the rest of the world has been accustomed to for a while. Therefore, with concern to ecological matters, the inability to have an established Kerbside recycling scheme due to NIMBYISM and pecuniary reasons is unfavourable because it hinders our ability to mitigate climate change.


I'm currently at uni at Southampton, with a weekly collection of recyclables and fortnightly of other rubbish. But glass bottles aren't allowed in the recylables here either.


Two years talking about Kerbside Collections!

Time to recycle Ogier!!



Any number of ways to deal with this.

But instead let's follow our usual style of delay, dither and procrastinate.

Remind me, how much are we paying for these people to be so ineffectual?

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Mrs p

32K each for the four Board members and a bit more for the Minister, plus an army of civil servants,and a few jollies to see how it's done elsewhere

Maybe the worst States ever,certainly the most costly



Is it really that difficult!?


OMG we need to invent silent glass i thought i had heard it all . just a few seconds on a google search reviles that yes it is possible to collect glass ( not even the silent glass )with no ill affects . Like a lot of the rest of them ( States ) getting paid a large wage for doing next to nothing while some of us have to struggle to live ....Oh and be good at what we do. How many years has this been going on still no result. As I.W.V has said still a blank sheet of paper....


The whole premise of this scheme is wrong.

It should be a tagged bags pay as you thrown scheme combined with huge fines for litterers and fly tippers.

Much easier to manage and much fairer all round.

The lazy pigs (no other term for them) who don't bother to recycle and just chuck everything into their black bags get very deservedly hit with a whacking great big weekly dumping charge.

Those like myself who recycle practically everything pay next to nothing.

With a simple pay as you throw plus heavy fines the disincentives for not recycling would very soon get the rates up to the required levels.

This is a very big missed opportunity.

guern abroad

And use clear bags, I read somewhere else this and the comment added that recyclables in clear bags meant the sack was refused forcing the person to find a way to recycle.

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Martino for CM


"Martino for Feuhrer" might be more appropriate.


I'll take either!

Yvonne Burford


Pay as you Throw for residual waste is part of the strategy. As you rightly infer, it gives the individual control of how much they pay in proportion to how much rubbish they produce. The current system is patently unfair as it is proportional to the size of your house and not the amount of rubbish produced and does nothing to encourage people to do the right thing.


Thanks Yvonne. I await the detail with interest!


Yvonne Burford

Recycling is the way foreword.To reducing infill prolonging our refuse site.

One problem occurs and that is people living in highly populated areas[flats] whereby the street is the only source of collection.Littering our streets daily with separate bags of separated recyclables.

We see the problem at present with broken bags of refuse attacked by venom and gulls.

I believe its trying to find a solution for this area before going foreward.


You are a good boy Martino!!.... But I foresee that if we go down the "pay as you throw" route will see a lot more bonfires around the island, "stubborn Guerns will burn...mark my words!


Then we burn their pockets. The only material that should be allowed to be burned in the open air is totally organic and dry garden material. Massive fines under upgraded public health laws for burning anything else.

Oh Dear

What about the elederly who may not be able to recycle at the bring banks. The same applies for those in wheelchairs. Most recycling banks are on rough ground.


These are little obstacles that can be overcome. You'd make a good States member Oh Dear. Great at finding reasons NOT to do something.


unfortunately what you get is a lot of fly tipping


All very well in practice, but It won’t happen mate!!...Guern’s are a thrifty bunch

And if it can be burnt to save some cash then it will be burnt .

Stan Brourd will have to bringing in lorry loads of garden incinerator bins.

Oh Dear

I'm not just trying to find reasons not to do something.

I was simply pointing out that recycling is difficult for some residents. How is a wheel chair user expected to reach the opening on some of the containers?

Overall I think your idea is better than anything the States have come up with.

Maybe an organised collection scheme for those with disabled badges?


Oh Dear .... No i don't think we should burn the elderly, not why they are alive anyway!

Oh Dear

When I posted your posts were not there yet. (probably being checked by the administrator).

Happy chick

As a wheelchair user, I much welcome kerbside cycling, I can only use salarie and longfrie sites, and massively struggle to put plastics in, generally aim and fire is the way I try to do this bit!!. Also the clothes recycling, just have to leave bag on the handle and hope someone pops it in for me!


Martino. For my money, your suggestion would work for me. Pay for how much residual waste you generate, free recycling at the bring banks and the heavy hand of the law to swoop down on anyone who doesn't play ball. That attitude tho' is considered 'draconian' in Guernsey... I have been told so many times and clearly 'Eh' would agree with that. It's why there has to be so much pussy-footing about in order to try to keep people sweet! ( I would extend the 'draconian' ideas to the front end of the waste stream too.... make retailers responsible for waste that they import. Charge for all single-use plastic carrier bags etc)

In other jurisdictions, kerbside collections have shown to increase levels of recycling, so that's what we need to do here, to make it easy to do and to get everyone on board. The different situations that occur in the different parishes probably need different solutions and I suspect that that is what is causing the problem. The States are so risk averse, that I think they have almost become paralysed in their attempts to find a solution that will please everyone. Of course they never will! It's bound not to be perfect- we just need to get on with something and modify it if need be.


We are singing from the same hymn sheet here Rosie. I entirely and absolutely agree with you. Without an economic stick to back up the carrot of recycling for free we are never going to get anywhere with this.

I'd agree with you too about stopping waste coming in at the front end. All the supermarket chains here are terrible when it comes to this and we should start to think about taxing/penalising them for their overpackaged products.

guern abroad

I think this whole thread about noise is just plain daft.

So what if it makes a slightly bigger noise just sometimes (well actually often) people have just got it too easy and complain way way too much about trivial things. Stop even suggesting that there will be a problem. Just get on with saying this is the scheme we will be using. Do not invite people to even have a chance to moan, do you think I get any say where I am for my waste, nope I am told this will be collection day and this is what you can put out and how.


Kerbside recycling is a waste of time anyway. Who wants 5 different bins in every drive? That's visual pollution on our lovely island.

We're all 10 minutes or less from the coast and there's plenty of re-cycling depots.

We don't need this!


Couldn't agree more I'm not sure we do want kerbside recycling - and lets face it there are a lot of us that don't have a "drive" to put all these bins on - pavement it is then -oh yeh and we live on a route used by people leaving a public house late at night - who is gonna be the first up for compensation for trippin over my bins!!! Let alone the trail of destruction left behind....

Terry Langlois

You don't need 5 different bins. There are plenty of schemes in the UK which use clear plastic bags into which all recycling can be placed. The bag will only be there for the same amount of time as the current black bags.

You may recycle, and I recycle, but there are a shocking number of people on this island who really do not bother. The only way to really increase recycling rates is to make it easier for those people.


Trouble is with clear bags or even black bags is the old seagulls have a field day, so bags will need to go in bins, from my experience that’s 3 bins.

Terry Langlois

If you want to find obstacles, Mark, you'll find them.

But given that items for recycling should be clean, there is no reason why a seagull should show any interest in them at all.


markB. Once food is collected as a separate waste stream, there will be nothing in the bags for the seagulls to go after.


If the collection is at night then that would minimise the gull problem.


Terry… I’m not finding obstacle’s… we need to get this right and I personally don’t think clear bags are the right solution.. They may well work in London but not here. whether a seagull can see in to a bag or not they will still rip it open, So we need to put them in bins.

Rosie …. There is no evidence that’s birds can smell, so it doesn’t matter how clean the waste is they’ll still go for it, they are curious and will ripe a bag open to see if there’s anything to eat in it, for hygiene, food waste will have to go in to plastic boxs not bags


markB. A lot of the shops in town already put out flattened cardboard boxes, paper and plastic for recycling collection. I don't think the seagulls attack those bags.

I thought that I heard Scott saying that compostable food waste might be collected in cardboard boxes in order to prevent seagulls opening them up. Did anyone else here that?


Rossi ...compostable boxes? Rats will eat through them is 2 minutes!!

No it will have to be the same food waste boxes they use in the UK.


Terry. The problem with this type of collection (all recyclates together in one bag) is that they have to be sorted mechanically and there is always a lot of contamination. It only takes one clown to put in a tin still half filled with baked beans and everything gets covered. Also the machines themselves aren't fool proof- they frequently let the wrong things through and then the whole container risks being rejected from the market and you don't get paid for it. There has to be some separation at the doorstep to maintain the quality of materials.

W H Bonney

It works perfectly here in New Zealand... Just don't do it at night?!

We have like a milk crate sized bin that is for recycling & that gets picked up on certain days & instead if paying refuse rates we buy a per paid bag from the supermarket. Different computed bags get picked up on different days by different companies... Bags cost about £1 each so you try to recycle as much as poss as recycling collections are free!

Collections start at 6am therefore no one is kept awake by it.

& I can tell you that this system works PERFECTLY!!


Same in Scotland. They use a plastic crate with a waterproof flexible elasticated cover. As for the mechanical sorting not being able to differentiate between the various items the bin collectors sort the items into big bins on the lorry. All paper is put in an old carrier bag inside the same crate and the bin men empty the paper and recycle the plastic bags. Guernesy seems to concentrate on reasons for NOT doing instead of adopting a can do or must do attitude.


When I lived in Jersey they dealt with this by collecting during the day...

Perhaps a step too far for our deputies.

Yvonne Burford

The full article does say that daytime collections will be considered.


Thanks. I'm too cheap to buy a copy (plus I'd then have to take it to the recycling bank!)


So bins out all day!

What a lovely sight for our visitors to behold of our beautiful Island.

Kerbside recycling isn't the prettiest of things.


Bins out one day a week is hardly the end of the world! Also, I would imagine any visitor has to cope with the same terrible eyesore at home so probably wouldn't even notice.


so are you saying they do whole islands bins in a day


No, but any particular part of the Island would only be affected on one day of the week.


Just build the Incinerator and be done with this nonsense.



Strategies aimed at dealing with waste issues must mitigate climate change.


Surely a once a fortnight collection would not cause too much distress or do daytime collections of glass only.


When I was living in Utah our town handled kerbside recycling by having one extra bin that was collected revery other Tuesday at around 7 AM. We didn't always have the recycling scheme.

It took a group of us to petition the local government to get the ball rolling. The whole process, from original petitioning to the first pickup, took just over 6 months to organise and get off the ground.

It just seems incredible that here we are, 2 years on and absolutely no action has been taken. This situation is a prime example of the ineffective way in which this island is being governed. You will never please everyone. By trying too do just that, you will never get anything done and no project will move forward. All you end up with is a never ending stream of wasted money and failing infrastructure.


Jim the Guern, you are so, so right ! But the problem has been recognised and worked on since the mid nineties with no decernable results, other than a few recycling bins. As soon as a States Department go out to consultation a few gobby know-it-alls get on their soapboxes/readers letters/TIG and the next minute the States Members involved are shaking their heads, chucking the idea on the back-burner and returning to the drawing board. We have 60,000 people on this rock yet our States always appear to listen to the vocal minority, usually just a few hundred. For heavens sake Deputies, just bite the bullet, grow a pair and get on with it !

Yes Castiel, that is why we don't have an incinerator up and running today and that is why we are still fiddling around at the edges of the problem.

I make a prophecy - We will still be looking for a solution to our waste problem when the next election comes around in 2016 and, probably worse, we will re-elect the same bunch of inactive, ineffective do-gooders (with a few exceptions) who populate our States today. I so, so hope I am wrong.


I fear you are spot on with the prophecy. Enough with the lip service, let's see some action for a change.

Car driver

Ha ha this is a joke right? Has any one listened to the noise coming from the daily traffic on the Guernsey roads ....


2013 year of the guernsey shambles


This truly does beggar belief.

PSD has had 2 years to put a system in place, consulted the local population, travel to other parts of the world, talk to knowledgable people and governments that have been doing this for years, find out where there are problems and how others have overcome them thus learning from others mistakes and if that wasn't enough pretty much the entire island has been doing its upmost to recycle as much as they can with increases year on year.

And now despite all of that you,re trying to tell us that "ooh it might be a bit difficult to recycle glass cos it's a bit noisy".

What is wrong with you people! I was mad yesterday about the police damages cover up but this really does take the biscuit.


- So Scott, recycling glass, lots of other places do it successfully and have for years without much ado, so, what's your plan?

"Durrrr, *head scratch* we can't errrr, work out how to get rid of the glass without annoying people, we'll procrastinate a few more years, and as I haven't seen as much of the world as I'd have liked to at the tax payer's expense yet, we'll have a few more 'fact finding' jollies around the world, errrrr......import some more experts and ask them what they think and have lots of costly meetings and reports which will make us all look like we're actually doing something and make us all here feel terribly important, errrr...... then a couple of years will have gone by, so, we'll have to have another consultation with the locals which should waste another 6 months minimum, errrrrrrrr......then it'll be election time again, so we'll be far too busy campaigning and telling everyone what a great job we've done and how they should vote us back in to deal with it then, errrrr......and then we can either start the whole process again next term, errrrr...or someone else will *cough, embarrassed grin*"

- just like the bunch of useless, overpaid, incompetent numpties you truly are, then.

This could be St Kev talking about his plan b, i.e.. a lot of talk, no substance and above all, no bl88dy solution to the problem you're being paid incredibly well to sort out!!

Vote again? NEVER.


I was wondering what would happen as regards the bins next to the Hotel De Carteret site, bearing in mind luxury apartments are being built.

We are now being told that glass is too noisy.

It it just coincidence.


The benefit clearly outweighs the inconvenience. Do it.

Town dweller

I'm not sure that kerbside recycling can work for everyone.

I live in town in a terraced building that was converted into three flats. There are several similar buildings in my road, in fact I would say most buildings in my road are flats.

It's a one bedroom flat with limited storage space, a small back yard, no space for bins at the front and a gate that leads onto a narrow pavement and then a main road.

There is no way that I can put several recycling bins at the front of my building, let alone having three lots of bins (3 flats in the builing).

I do not want to have to drag several bins through my flat every week to put out my recycling and drag then back through once it has been collected..lazy, I know.

If every flat in my road had to put out recycling bins for collection, the pavement would be blocked and people forced to walk in a busy main road (yes even at nightime).

I do recycle as much as I can, perhaps more effort should be made to encourage more people to visit the recycling areas across the island rather than kerbside collections?

Just a thought...

Just saying

Is Guernsey the only place in the world with flats? How do other places like Bristol, London in fact everywhere else that has kerbside recycling manage? Oh, they just get on with it and stop moaning. If you live in a block with 3 other flats, organise it so that you all use the same bin that goes out to be emptied therefore, only 1 per block on the pavement. How much recycling do you have a week? Surely not a vast amount, if there is, think about what food you buy so that there is less packaging.

Too many people moaning about how hard it will be.

Town Dweller

To be fair, it's not that hard at the moment. Keep your recycling stored until you can take it to one of the recycling sites. This can be done whenever you want to, but not enough people are doing it.

Would it be just one bin per block? Just going on stories and word of mouth from the UK, they currently have several bins to put various sorts of refuse in.

I'm lucky enough to have a space at the back of my house to be able to store bins if necessary (I do not relish the thought of dragging wheelie bins through my lounge, but would have to if necessary). However, the person in the flat below me, as well as several others in my road, do not have an outside space apart from a small 'pathway' to their front doors. Where do they store their recyling until collection?

I'm not saying that we should not have kerbside recylcing, I'm just asking the 'powers that be' to consider all living situations and practicalities.

Terry Langlois

Simple, recycling bags not bins.

I lived in a flat in London for a while and it was no problem.


Rwanda managed to ban the plastic bag way back in, ooh '04 I think it was (I lived for a time in E. Africa). We can't even keep up with Rwanda on waste issues. You know it's springtime soon;

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria...



I fear sometimes in this island we want to have a perfect "please everyone" solution before doing anything. Problem is we end up doing precisely nothing except talk.

Why don't we just bring in a basic system, assess it and then carry out a process of continual improvement?

Didn't a wise person once say it's easier to steer a moving ship?

Charlie G

Year 2013 and most of the years before are a Guernsey amature shambles.So some noise will be generated by the bottle collecting,what are we an Island of pansies? Will the new jet service mean that incoming jets will turn off their engines and glide into Guernsey,and be towed out on departure?

The problem with our Island and always has been ,is that Guernsey is like a ship on the high seas Without a crew and Captain directing it in a strong and professional way,instead we have nearly always ended up with a states etc,that find it impossible to stand up and have the courage of their convictions and Get on with it,for fear of treading on a few hundred toes.Compared with other places,our whole waste disposal management has turned into a Farce,is it pride or what,that stops our government from looking at how others do things?,northern Europe ,France and Scandinavia, being prime examples of how the whole subject of recycling is done properly and professionaly,making us look like something of a joke.Sorry to say,but there are far more beautiful and enviromentaly sensitive areas of the world than Guernsey that Carry out bottle collecting (with its noise),and on a far larger scale,with waste collecting points cleverly disguised to have minimal impact on the enviroment.

Like most needed projects to Secure the well being of Guernsey's future ,the incinerator project fell by the wayside due to ill thought out plans,and upsetting a few hundred people (believe me the whole subject of the deepwater berth will end up the same way),and it always ends up by costing the Island a fortune of precious funds.

The reality is,us the the consumer are responsibile for the mountains of waste created on our Island and the rest of the world,so like it or not we have to deal with our actions in a responsibile and professional manner,and not fall at the first hurdle with wimpy excuses,we shall never please everyone,so have courage, go forward and do it!


Well put. At the end of the day a crazy amount of money gets wasted purely due to nimbyism. The whole island is a farce, not just the waste strategy. Its about time people were TOLD what there will be kerbside recycling and if they don't like it move somewhere else.


I think Mr. Ogier has bitten off more than he can chew. He has not come up with the goods, wasting at least 5 yrs of our time. Will somebody please go and ask Rodney Brouard, is he still interested to solve this problem at no cost to the taxpayer! Too many career politicians collecting wages and digging us into an even bigger black hole. That's a thought Why doesn't anyone remember The Black Hole?

L`Ane de Guernsey

Glass collection will too noisy will it?

Let`s make a similar list shall we

Aircraft - motorbikes - Condor - church bells - fog horns - cars - drunks shouting - seagulls - kangoes - hill climb - Vazon sprints and sand racing - auto cross - discos - etc etc etc . Shambles city. Get on with it, road side recyling collection should have been in place years ago.



Would that it was just five years. Dep.Scott Ogier was the Deputy who scuppered the original incinerator in 2004. His record on waste disposal is not impressive yet his colleagues still put him in charge of the current scheme. He is a man who talks the talk, very eloquently, but when it comes to the walk - he takes the bus !


These are a few of my suggestions:

Do it at night to minimise inconvenience to roads like the current garbage collection. If it is kept to one night per week then the inconvenience is kept to a minimum. Glass might be noisy but so are trucks. If the truck doesn't wake you then glass won't either and as always with all inconveniences we must think of the benefit to society and the greater good- it really is a no-brainer.

Do it all at the same time - decreased costs for collection, decreased inconvenience in putting them all out together (in separate or mixed whatever they decide is best given the available technology and cost).

Give people a choice - people can make the choice themselves out of bins and bags to suit their own personal situation.

Limit refuse sack use by the number of persons per household - half a sack max per person (people can collect stickers to simply apply to sacks to manage this). If they go over then they can get a warning (for example- red sticker on bag and bag not taken away)

Leave one or two of the larger bring banks in place- this will give people even more choice.... in addition perhaps a refuse bin bank could be added to the these sites where persons can drop of their own refuse sacks of non-recyclables here as well when and if required.


I am a frequent visitor, but I live in Paris, and there is always a bin somewhere on the pavement, as collections occur only during the day, but at different times according to the neighbourhoods.

We just do not pay attention to them any more.... even if they are not a pretty sight.

As for glass collecting: yes, it is awfully noisy.

We have both street banks, bigger than your big banks, and smaller banks in buildings where flat occupants throw their bottles.

When all these glass banks are collected and pour their contents in the lorries, if you stand by this lorry, you cannot hear yourself speak.

It would really be disturbing to collect them at night.

As for different dustbins, we have them in the basement of buildings: one with a green cover for any rubbish that cannot be recycled including food but food must be put in bags, one with a yellow cover for all cardboard, papers, plastic bottles and tins (all at once), and the white one for glass bottles. The concierge of the building put them out when collection is due.

I suppose that if you organised a collection of different items each day, you would not need so many dustbins: at the moment, I understand that people manage to store their rubbish until they go to a bank, so would it make that much difference? You would still store your rubbish and put the adequate kind in the bin on the day designed for that type of rubbish? And it would mean less people driving around ans less petrol consumption.

I am more concerned about food rubbish: would it still have to be put in bags and in a bin, or just put straight in bulk in a bin?

My mother lived in a village where bags were not allowed for food rubbish: it meant that she had to wash her bin thoroughly with a hose pipe for hygien... Not practical in town, nor for elderly.

Island Wide Voting


Thanks for that.Sounds like a jolly to Paris may be on the cards for Scott Ogier and a few senior civil servants to check it out?


Glass Recycling

Do you remember the days when glass jars,beer and pop bottles were re-usable and money given to us on returning them.

Going around the housing estates looking for the bottles and taking to the shops for our sweet money.I imagine ED would have a yarn or two on this

pb falla

I refuse to recycle my refuse

Not my job


pb falla

guernsey will go to shambles if your not on board.


It's thanks to people like you that our waste strategy will cost more than it need do.

Dot Comma

What waste strategy??


Yes Islander, I remember those days. This system worked well.

In Basingstoke ( one of the sites visited by our previous States) two bins are collected on a weekly basis, but all Glass has to be taken to the recycling depot, or the supermarket such as Sainsburys as we do here. This system has been working successfully for years now.If we were to use bins, then the charge should be free,and those who are obliged to use special disposable bags, will pay say, a pound each for them at source. Just use some common sense.


I think both you and islander are onto something there A.J.

Bill Bryson the travel writer came up with a similar idea a couple of years ago.

As for poor little pb falla. He clearly yearning for the not so good old days when absolutely everything apart from bottles was chucked into land fill. Diddums.

les pets

Please explain how kerbside collections will organised. Have you seen the filth left around town on bin nights. Looking forward to states being sued over glass over the roads etc causing punctures , personal injuries. This is Guernsey there is no way in a sane persons world that kerbside recycling will work. Ogier change your one tracked mind..

pb falla

Les Pets

Spot On

The great re cycling myth is one of the biggest modern day cons which people have fallen for,there is one reason for recycling and thats because companies are making big money out of it.

I dont mind this as long as they dont expect me to sort out my rubbish for them



pb falla.

you have plenty storage at your abode to hide amongst your refuse of discontent.

Stubborn Guern pays his taxes and all sounds well? It cost money to you for someone to pickup behind you.Show willingness and exercise your body by running down the road to the nearest recycling bin with a guernsey smile on your or lead the way to a friendly caring environment


pb Falla. The previous mindless jettisoning of waste materials simply won't work with the worlds growing population who are all increasingly copying out consumer lifestyles. Linear economies + finite resources= eventual shortages and price rises. Time to stop being so selfish with those finite resources.

Glad that you at least admit that it is YOUR refuse. Sadly tho', despite acknowledging that it IS your rubbish, you don't think it should be you that deals with it in a manner that will minimise costs to the community you live in.

Not the actions of someone who is aware of their civic responsibility..... in my opinion. As I said before, it is people like you that will cause our waste costs to be considerably higher than they need be.

vic ramble


vic gamble

Vic Ramble ??.....I see our short ars*d unimaginative friend has been let out again.