Oatlands owner is told to remove Spiegel tent

A CONTROVERSIAL attraction at Oatlands will be going to Jersey after the owner lost a planning appeal to keep it.

The Spiegel tent at Oatlands which is due to be taken down and relocated to Jersey after the site owner Peter Kaufman-Kent lost his appeal to keep the attraction. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1304278)
The Spiegel tent at Oatlands which is due to be taken down and relocated to Jersey after the site owner Peter Kaufman-Kent lost his appeal to keep the attraction. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1304278)

A CONTROVERSIAL attraction at Oatlands will be going to Jersey after the owner lost a planning appeal to keep it.

The appeals panel said despite a new planning application being submitted for the Spiegel tent, it still had to be removed within four weeks.

The tent has been the subject of a protracted battle that came to a head in October, when the Environment Department issued a compliance notice to have it removed by December.

A planning appeals panel has now officially dismissed the challenge to that notice, much to the delight of many residents.

Oatlands owner Peter Kaufman-Kent said work was now underway to bring it down.

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Finally ! I hope that they replace that once ghastly spectacle with a tea garden as the latter has greater amenity value. This is arguably one of the wisest moves this year thus far.

But now some area of Jersey will have its aesthetic appeal impoverished... I hope Kaufman Kent will read some of the comments on this forum as he will realise that the development was futile in the first place as it acted as little more than a source of visual pollution. I if a was a tourist, a high quality tea garden would be one of the first things that I would attempt to seek out.

Oh Dear

I knew you'd be first Ed!

You are definitely old before your time. A high quality tea garden is what you look for in a holiday?

Fair enough.


Yes, Oh Dear, I have always considered myself to be rather precocious. I wouldn't necessarily seek out a tea garden, but a hot beverage establishment higher in visual and atmospheric quality than the standard cafe. But I think the majority of locals and tourists would agree that this good use of unoccupied land.


Now for Longport and the kings Club proposal fingers crossed


Ed was quick of the mark, I had wished to make a similar comment.

I do not think Ed is advocating that a 'high tea affair' is huge on his list of holiday high appeal events, give the young man a chance.

If in an area of general tourist appeal, such as Candie Gardens, Jersey Pottery, a quality afternoon tea area is a very attractive ideal, for all ages.

We are however discussing Oatlands, which when it was first opened, had a big tea garden, at the back of the main building; everyone used to go there, because it was such a lovely setting and the teas were delicious.

I just hope that there will be a look back at Oatlands by the owners, see how it worked so well in its infancy and learn.


Yes, Stiletto, I too consider such establishments to be a draw for tourists- teas and other beverages that can accommodate a broad variety of palates as well as a splendid ambience. It's also a relatively convenient location for afternoon tea; it is ideal for those who do not wish to venture out to the Friquet, or believe that Earl's Wood is a long distance to walk.

But the issue is whether or not the establishment ought to provide just beverages and light snacks, e.g. cakes or biscuits, or expand its menu so that it encompasses meals such as scampi and chips...


Ed - I'm not sure scampi and chips is the type of food to serve at "a hot beverage establishment higher in visual and atmospheric quality than the standard cafe."

Something a little more upmarket perhaps, to cater for the more refined palate?


What about moules mariniere, fresh lobster and bouillabaise (a tradtional Provencal fish stew)as well, PLP ? Devonshire cream tea should also be considered...

Island Wide voting


It would make a big difference to the ambience if they were to put it in a basket and call it Langoustines Frites

(Probably a big difference to the price too)


I'm probably not the best person to ask Ed, I don't think my palate has ever been called refined!

IWV has got the gist though, a rebrand and change in presentation can work wonders.....particularly with the naive. You could do chaud chiens (hot dogs) and cheval saucissons (beef sausages)


But, PLP and IWV, until the customers have received their meals, calling bog standard food it's beautiful French name is merely a deceptive front.


Sorry, I meant 'their' names.


There's no fooling you Ed!

Oh Dear

Stiletto, I wasn't knocking him for that at all. I've always enjoyed the eccentricity of others. He's better than most people his age who just want to go and get as drunk as possible.


@ Oh Dear

Didn't take your post as 'knocking' Ed. I agree with you. Sometimes Ed is slapped down due his way of putting over his points, they do seem to irk some posters.

There are not enough youngsters on these threads, in fact, are there any, other than Ed? I would love to see his generation get involved, the only other young man I know of on the site is Alastair Cross, who posts eloquently ref the skate park.

Get to it Ed, bring your friends in who have something to add.



I doubt many Sixth Formers would even entertain posting on This is Guernsey- they probably regard the subjects as political, and therefore boring in their view. Some, however, would find such online debate stimulating.


Turn the area into a pig farm and then see what the neighbours have to say.


Plenty market for pork these days Guern, very good in meatballs I'm told.


Is Jersey taking Guernsey's rubbish already? We haven't been told.


Really upset this is going, me and my children loved it. I took lots of pictures as I heard it might be going. There we go Jersey has enough thing we dont, Guernsey could be great and pulling in lots of money for people visiting only if wouldnt be a bunch of out of date oldies. So Ed your happy its going I guess you go to Oatlands a lot then like me and my children because it would be wrong for you to comment on something you dont even visit



I never visited the Spiegel Tent, but I traveled past it twice a day five times a week and came to the conclusion that it impoverishes the beauty of the area and that Oatlands would probably have higher profit margins if it possessed something that had greater amenity value, something that would benefit everybody. You and your children can still have a pleasant afternoon at a tea garden- I, at a young age, spent quite a lot of time at cafes and eateries.


Ed...what a classic answer. In your first post you describe this tent as a "ghastly spectacle", in this reply suprise suprise you state that you never visited the Spiegel Tent.

I'm sorry but you are typical of the short sightedness that blights this Island (and yes I'm local and have been for my 52 years).

How can you be so judgemental on the Spiegel Tent if you never went near it apart from driving by and making an uninformed decision on whether it was good for the Oatlands Attraction or the Island in general.

It is quite obvious that many people enjoyed the tent and I doubt you are qualified to judge what may or may not add to the profit margins of Oatlands.


I am sorry DA, but this is a classic response from someone who uses terms that are expressive, but poorly chosen, in order to make the other individual appear like an uninformed ignoramus. Shortsighted is probably not the best way to describe me as this term refers to not taking into consideration future implications of a present day action, it's not suggestive of someone who makes judgements without knowing fully about the state of affairs as, although that links to shortsightedness, it's more related to narrow-mindedness.

I have never visited the Spiegel Tent, but I have visited the neighbouring cafe multiple times and, when I have a few minutes to spare, I always look towards the tent's area. After indulging in some food and after having experienced the ambience of the eatery many times, I came to the conclusion that it would be better to extend the cafe so that it encompasses a tea garden and to demolish and remove every remaining piece of that tent for its that abomination that makes the ambience good, rather than great.

Pb Falla

A sad loss

I am Deer

PB, you're hilarious...

Another Guernsey Shambles I expect. Do you think maybe the finance sector is what caused it to leave?

pb falla

Its just a very sad loss,i doubt the finance ever visited such a class establishment,to busy drinking Pimms in a town bistro with no atmosphere,full of glass,chrome with men and women in suits


Whilst I agree with the general consensus that proper permission should have been sought for the construction of the Spiegeltent (no-one should be allowed to bend rules) I do think that it is a shame that is being taken down, it was lovely and added character to Oatlands.


Tea gardens add character too... They create a better ambience.


In your opinion Ed


It sucks, that would have made a great venue for "BattleBots" etc. Or small flying aircraft


Something needs to be done about a planing process that permits you putting up what you want then apply retospectively then appeal dragging it all out whilst you still get to use your illegal development, when you get turned down you can then apply over and over with minor changes dragging the whole thing out again and wasting taxpayer money.

If you put somethin up without permission you should be made to remove it and then apply. Not leave it in place whilst you apply.

Oh Dear

Personally I think the Spiegel Tent is, gorgeous, light and fluffy. I want to love and cherish it until we both perish.

Just joking, I'm glad it's gone, hideous monstrosity.


Probably a bit late in the day to be asking, since it's going, but what is it? What's inside?

Oh Dear

Seven pixies and a dead gnome. There is also the added feature of the worlds largest marshmallow, well a photo of the worlds largest marshmallow.

In other words I 'unno.


So I probably don't need to live the rest of my life regretting the fact that I never went, good to know.

I am Deer

So I was pretty much spot on Scarlett. That's pretty good considering I never actually went in. From what you said my idea sounds better than the real thing.


It was a big, soulless wooden tent structure, all bling on the outside but b*gger all on the inside, with no relevance to Guernsey or Oatlands, and should never have been put there....

rather reminds me of the gentleman himself.

Like all things to do with planning, Mr KK undoubtedly enjoyed putting it there just to test the waters and see how far he can push the envelope.

I can only hope that he accompanies it back to Jersey from whence he came- on a one way ticket - and that may just be the case, from what I've heard.......


Whilst no fan of this monstrosity, and I did go in it once, under duress but happy to oblige some of my smallies. I have no doubt that it proved to be a attraction for some and they will miss it.

The sad thing is that it was entirely in keeping with the way Oatlands is and has become; a far cry from the original concept of a complex restored and built around wonderful ancient brick kilns, an old Guernsey home, two barns and areas which I believe were at one time designated for growing lavender. An opportunity to observe skilled potters hand throwing and then purchase their wares was not a novelty since there were at the time several small outlets on the island.

However Oatlands coupled this with areas where it was possible to see the product from infancy, decorators applying their skills and, a showroom where finished items could be purchased. No out of keeping 'restaurant', a simple cafe with the aforementioned tea garden.

I very much doubt that the owners have the inititive or conviction to bring Oatlands back to it's former popular days, so we could be stuck with another first class opportunity gone to waste.


I will beleive it when I see it.. Mr KK will no doubt push it to/past its deadline... I hope he goes with it back to Jersey or wherever it is he hails from !