Fort Road repairs have created a 'rat-run', say residents

DRIVERS dodging road works have turned some St Peter Port lanes into a ‘rat-run’ nightmare.

Havilland Road resident Pat Baker, who has lived there for 53 years, said the traffic was particularly bad during rush hour. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 1305136)

DRIVERS dodging road works have turned some St Peter Port lanes into a ‘rat-run’ nightmare.

Residents were yesterday having difficulty getting out of their drives, mothers with children feared they could be hit and walkers dipped in and out of driveways as vehicles tried to avoid the emergency closure of Fort Road.

It shut on Saturday after a cable fault and is expected to reopen this morning after engineers worked through the night to complete the work.

But many motorists have been using Havilland Road and Croutes Havilland as a way to get between St Martin’s and Town.

Pat Baker, 83, pictured,  has lived along Havilland Road for the past 53 years.

‘People are using this as a rat-run and I haven’t seen anything like it,’ the great-grandmother said. ‘Road works in Guernsey are a pain.’

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News flash the roads are known as "public roads" which grants rights of access to the general public!!! seriously why do people have to complain about everything that effects their daily lives. I'm sure these people use alternative routes when they have to avoid road works.

Motorists have every right to drive past your house!!!


Giveitarest - Being a resident in the area, and from my perspective, it's not so much the use of the public roads that is causing an issue but the speed (and impatience) of some motorists as many vehicles are driving through these narrow lanes in excess of the speed limit. I understand that diversions are an inconvenience (we all get caught up in them on this Island) but consideration should perhaps be given to residents who are simply trying to leave their home to walk to their car, bearing in mind that these lanes do not have public footpaths for pedestrians (pedestrians including parents with push chairs, dog walkers, etc) and there is very poor lighting after dark. I don't feel it fair that all motorists using the diversions are tarred with the same brush as not all flout the speed limit and as usual it is perhaps the minority causing the issue, rather than the majority. P.S. Just for info, you have a right of way (not a right of access) over a public road.


If you don't like it, then get a house in a close!


Walrus, I cannot see where I state that I "don't like it". We are not all of means where we can live in a Clos and have parking outside of our properties. I am more than happy living in the area I have chosen which is St Peter Port - many of you seem to be under the impression that the area/s concerned in this report are in St Martin. There are small lanes throughout the Island whereby (as I stated above the "minority" of) drivers just need to take a little more care and consideration to other public road users - pedestrian and vehicular.

on the Beach


Road works may be a pain, but more of a pain is having no electricity, due to a faulty cable.

I'll let you decide which one is the worst.

I'm sure you'd be first to complain if you didn't have access to electricity or another utilities supplies that are, wait for it... under the road.


It never ceases to amaze me that people get all up in arms about people driving through "their" road, as if they have no right to be there!

It is a public "thoroughfare" not just a private road for you to get to and from your house!

These lanes are narrow, yes, and that probably makes vehicles appear to be travelling faster than they really are, but at the end of the day, it is a public road and the public have every right to drive through and avoid the roadworks!


I just take a shortcut through that empty estate at the top of the Terres - clearly nobody lives there.


Its a bloody joke. I do have sympathy for the residents but what do they expect? People have to get to work so that people like this lady get paid their pension, and the mums mentioned above get schooling for their children, and not to mention to pay for these roadworks.


OMG its St Martins again .....Its not ideal but as has been said above its not your road , People do need to give and take when this happens .


Residents in the Oberlands last year asked HSSD managers to tell HSSD staff not to use the road and not to use the Oberlands entrance of the hospital as it caused too much traffic!!

It must be a St Martins thing.


It is a St Martins thing! This parish must have the worst road network ever. One main road through the Village and narrow lanes everywhere else.


I'm a little confused about this "St Martin's" thing - the area concerned in this report is St Peter Port so where does St Martin's come into it?


The lady's right - road works are a pain, but that's hardly news. Tell us something we don't know!

Tomorrows sensational headlines - power cut annoys residents and fog annoys air travellers.


Has Public Services got a couple of buckets of tar for outside St Martins Co Op please.Its more than 1 1/2 inches deep.


Perhaps a Lagan lorry could dump a couple of buckets of concrete in the hole in t he early hours so it would be dry by the morning being the public spirited company that they are.



If they fill it tues or wed they can do there double divi shopping at same time