'I fear for my safety'

A ST SAVIOUR’S resident is worried that a protected pine tree could crash through the roof of her bungalow.

St Saviour’s resident Hermione Black has applied for permission to cut down a protected Monterey pine because she fears it could fall on her house. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1308252)
St Saviour’s resident Hermione Black has applied for permission to cut down a protected Monterey pine because she fears it could fall on her house. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1308252)

A ST SAVIOUR’S resident is worried that a protected pine tree could crash through the roof of her bungalow.

Hermione Black, 62, has applied to the Environment Department for planning permission to remove the Monterey pine, which is leaning towards her Les Buttes home.

‘I love trees, but this one is just in the wrong place,’ she said.

The pine is about 70 years old and stands about 18 metres high.

It leans over Mrs Black’s garage and is just 10 metres from her lounge.

The Environment Department said it could not comment on individual cases, but stated that 41 Monterey pines have been protected so far, at 14 locations. Seven of these have been removed after becoming hazardous.

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Then the Environment should do a full survey to make sure the tree is safe. And make sure insurance is in place if it should come down on this ladies house.

If they want to protect it then they should pay if anything happens.

Chris 1

What came first the Pine or the Bungalow..Its a Question. look in the foreground is that yet another tree leaning over, presumably its on the border of her property as well. But then does not St Saviours get a buffeting from the winds anyway and it has not fallen over in 70 years


And what makes you sure that the next gale won't knock it down? Gales are like a roulette wheel in this island, every time we get a gale a random tree comes down.



If it survives the storm force 10 winds expected today then it is likely to survive a few more years.


How reassuring!


Not true, we had a very dodgy leaning tree near to where i lived back in 1987 that survived Hurricane Michael. We were very surprised when this tree survived the storm and stopped worrying about it. The next time we had a gale it fell down, thankfully not on top of anyone's house but did total someone's car.

So if it survives this gale that I can only suggest that it may have weakened it and could fall at some point in the future.


At the rate trees are getting chopped down in this island, we wont have any left soon, these trees are getting protected for a reason, I suggest that the tree was there before Mrs Black and that if she is worried, she should sell up and move out.


Why not grant permission on the condition that she plants another tree out of range of her house...or perhaps even two?


Good idea ... or even 4


Sell up? To whom?


People should always consider before planting trees in gardens.Height and span. Underground roots spread equals height of tree.

Looking at photo of tree its needs to be taken down soon or lopped to prevent claiming off insurance for damage

Sarnia cherie, my heart longs for thee

It's not that easy, When I bought my house it had a tree preservation order TPO on a copper beech and it's in the deeds of the house that I cant touch it, so I thought ok. I wanted to get some tree surgeons in to fell some over tree's and it turned out there was a blanket TPO order in place on every tree in my property, so you might think you can cut these tree's down and you cant, and they might just be scabby old ferns! so lesson learned always check with the environment department when your thinking of buying a property.


I can't see any reason why it can't be reduced to take some height out of it.

Pines are a menace, shallow rooted and propenisity for limbs to drop off for no apparent reason. Get a survey, stating thus and let Environment know that they will be liable in the event of it falling through her house.

Be gone in a week.


From what I read in the Press, she has only just applied to remove the tree, the application hasn't even been processed yet, so isn't this article just a tad presumptious.

The TPO is in place to protect the island's trees, but where there is a proven danger, then remedial action can, and is taken.

To assume the Environment is liable for damage caused by the tree is odd to say the least, as if it can be proven that the tree is diseased etc, then the TPO would be lifted to allow it's removal or remedial action to be taken.

Just a storm in a tea cup by someone who is 'shouting before they are hurt'... fairly common these days.


As long as the tree is healthy it should be fine. Lets face it has survived a hurricane. and a lot of strong wind an rain last year. If it was going to fall it probably already would have. The tree does not look like its leaning much in the photo and trees do lean. If they are worried take some branches of the danger side it will take a lot of weight off that side of the tree.


re: MarkB - how about eight?


Yes like that idea too!!...or how about planting a whole Forest, then she could introduce bears, deer and wild boar.

Then again!!!..... its only one tree that someone probably planted years ago , the Montery Pine is not even a native tree, it originates from California USA.

So why not just let her cut it down, plant a few native trees further away from the house and be done with it.....No one will be any the wiser apart from a few tree huggers.

Charlie G

...bungalow does not look very very old,so one would guess that the lovely pine was in

situe when the place was built,maybe not so

large as it is now.However,the pine has stood up well to our Islands rotten weather patterns,and one would hope that common sense

(whats that?) will prevail,to at least just trim the pine to make it less wind resistant and heavy, especialy on the side of the bungalow.

This is like buying a property next to an airport runway,then sometime later,complaining about the noise.Vivre l'arbre!


Well I was lucky! After 20 years of a planted tree that blocked my sunlight owners cut down

Glad it was not protected

Trees maybe need to be approved where planted!


There are people who plant trees in strange places with little thought as to the Hight that they can grow.I have noticed at least two Bungalows, which have a 'Monkey- Puzzle' tree planted in their front garden,less than 12ft from the front window.

Do the owners realise that,

the roots could eventually undermine the house and may cause subsidence, or affect the drainage system?

The tree will grow to a hight in excess of 60ft.?

And when the time comes to sell,who would be willing to buy this property?

As for the Pine tree in question. How was a preservation order suddenly placed on this tree,just after the owner was informed that at that time there wasn't one?

Finally, the fact that it has withstood galeforce winds for 70 years has little bearing on it's future prospect of surviving the next.


But when they were planted there were no laws saying you can’t cut it down when it gets too big.


Mark B

I think A.J.'s point was that when the owner first applied, a TPO wasn't already in place, it was only subsequently applied. This is not unusual and can be used as a method to ensure that a tree is not removed until complete agreement is reached on any remedial works needing to be undertaken.

As I understand it, the application is still in process, so may well yet have a good outcome for the owner.


Cut it down, admit doing so and accept the fine and slap on the wrist. If you`re that worried, what`s a couple of thousand to get rid of it.

Better still, get in touch with the tree fellers who removed the trees blocking the Lower Lines householder`s views and get them to remove your tree and deny that anyone paid them to do it.

They got away with it so you have a president set for when you go to court.

Of course you should have just ring barked it left it to rot. That also seems to have worked at Havelet.

I`m told that to bore a hole into a tree trunk and fill it with Creosote will also do the trick, not that I advocate such actions.


Excelent tips of killing trees... Tree Lover


Oh my goodness markB I didn't realise what I was writing out there.

Do you REALLY think anyone will follow my instructions?

What a silly Billy I am?


I think the tree will miss your house with a little TLC. Prune back a few branches,clear ivy off trunk and then you have a beautiful shaded spot for the long summer.

Nice to see a natural environment surrounding your bungalow.

What are the plans if Environment give you permission to fell it?

Oh Dear

Tie it to a position behind or beside it. That way when it finally gives in it will only fall one way...hopefully.


Tie it to what and with what? These trees can weigh upto 30 or 40 tons. You wouldn't want this one to land on your big toe let alone ontop of your house.

Let's all hope that Envirement will see sense and allow the felling to go ahead, perhaps with the proviso that the lady in question is prepared to plant one or two 'smaller'types of tree to replace this one.

I believe that trees look best from a distance,especially when they are in someone else's garden or field.


So the question is, is the tree still standing after todays weather?


Hello 'Watcher', if you are so unconcerned about the safety of this 'large' tree, perhaps you should regularly sit under it in the next severe gale. ?


Is the tree still standing after the storms ?? I'f so I'm guessing its sound after the pounding


Er, think ma nature may have come an solved the problem, already.

if the tree survives this, it's bombproof.