'Poor work' deputy quits – as plumber

A DEPUTY has quit his plumbing business after a judge questioned his integrity during a Petty Debts Court case.

Arrun Wilkie

A DEPUTY has quit his plumbing business after a judge questioned his integrity during a Petty Debts Court case.

Arrun Wilkie denied any wrongdoing despite Judge Philip Robey describing a counter-claim submitted by the States member as ‘wholly mischievous’.

The remarks came at the end of a case about plumbing work Deputy Wilkie, pictured, had carried out at Nicholas Piper’s Torteval home.

Mr Piper was awarded judgement and costs of £1,652.90, while Deputy Wilkie’s counter-claim for £3,248.10 was dismissed.

Speaking after the verdict, Deputy Wilkie strongly refuted Judge Robey’s comments questioning his motives behind the counter-claim.

He did not believe his actions brought the States into disrepute and considered them in line with the States code of conduct.

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A le Page

No.1 Lesson for potential politicians everywhere: You're in the direct firing line for anyone and everyone to take a pot-shot at your integrity and personality. Keep that Achilles heel well hidden!


Perhaps he should also consider resigning his position as a People's Deputy.


There was a consistent rumour from various sources during Mr Wilkie's election campaign that his business was not sustainable and that he was entering into politics to subsidise his income.

My concerns arose from the fact that his 'day' job is a very busy one, with long hours, and that as an inexperienced newcomer to politics, he would not have the time and energy required to learn the ropes whilst trying to actually do the job - at the same time.

N Carr

Arrun worked as a volunteer in local politics and the community for years before his election as Deputy. Hours and hours, unpaid. It is naive to suggest that someone goes into politics to supplement their income, there are far easier ways.


I disagree entirely, NC.

Perhaps his business was in better shape at that time, but times have changed, small businesses are suffering, and the Guernsey grapevine is alive an' well....

proof of the pudding being right here, with this court case.

There was naivety here, it was his, to go into politics believing he could also hold down a full time job when surely many who knew better would have advised against it.

N Carr

Scarlett, you seem to take a keen interest in local affairs so I find it interesting that you have come to rely on rumour and supposition as your basis for argument. Last time I checked the Guernsey Grapevine it was growing a few lemons. I have discussed the facts of this matter with Deputy Wilkie and am satisfied he has gone into politics with his eyes wide open and the determination to do a good job.


Funny how a politician whose business was to provide 'an environmentally sustainable heating system' didn't know how to run a 'sustainable business model'.

Bodes well for Guernsey ..........


Is anybody really happy that we are paying somebody like this £3,000 for a few days work every month? He might be 'lacking in integrity' but he's not stupid is he? He'd rather jack in the plumbing than jump off the gravy train.


£3,000 for a few days work! thats normal plumbers rates isn't it!


For a good plumber yes, for a lazy plumber? Overpaid.

Perhaps now he`s been discredited in one occupation people should beware of his capabilities as a Deputy.


He looks like he has aged about 10 years since he got elected. Sorry just saying. Sort yourself out and step up! Good move to focus on just one job, being a deputy is a full time job if you are doing it properly.


Strange! A puir wee plumber!!

That he is a deputy too raises questions

Just goes to show whatever work one wants you need quotes from more than 1 company


heating engineer quits and leaves existing customers out in the cold?

to the vale

if he carnt run his own business and is in petty debts he shouldnt be having a say on how this island is run and be kicked out he carnt be trusted shame he was voted in to start with

Island Wide Voting

This reminds me of the time I saw Deputy Laurie Queripel on the Bridge about a week after he took the Queen's shilling

In his paint spattered overalls he looked the exact antithesis of a smart suited and booted Deputy

I asked him how it was going and he explained that he was working 12 hours a day finishing off all his painting and decorating contracts and another 13 hours a day reading the mountains of paperwork he had been given when he joined.In the remaining time he tried to snatch 2 or 3 hours sleep

He seemed to be finding his new life somewhat confusing a year ago but it looks like he is well on the way to be a goodun


Judging by his mathematical skills, Laurie Queripel has a 27 or 28 hour day at his disposal.

Worrying that he should be a States Member with addition like that. Lets hope Laurie never gets to be Treasury Minister, eh!


@ IWV - I think he will be a goodun too, he has had experience of a 24/7 job and some Deputies, past and in situ have not experienced the graft of a day's work before.


haveing had mr wilkie. re plumb a house. for me. january this year he is good at his job.and a good deputy.that can do a good days work.unlike most of the lazy duputys.

N Carr

When Deputy Wilkie broke ranks regarding the AFR disclosure last week, he must have really upset someone for this story to hit the headlines. From the unflattering photo to the inaccurate headline this is the stuff conspiracy theories are made of. Nothing to do with ‘poor work’ and everything to do with supply issues with the UK firm beyond Deputy Wilkie’s control. So was it really that 'mischievious' to hope that the judge would rule that Mr Piper had been impatient – he certainly has previous form. But at the end of the day it was a business matter, a dispute over a pittance considering the overall budget tied up in this build.

Also it is nonsense to suggest that Arrun only ran for Deputy to supplement his income, he has worked tirelessly and voluntarily for his community for years. Anyone who knows Arrun will know that he is fully committed to his work as a deputy. If you think he is pocketing three grand a week for doing a few hours work you are seriously wrong, in fact you are so wrong you should ask to ‘shadow’ him for a week to get your facts straight. When the Press went on sale this morning, he was out working on a community project. He could have been sat at home with his feet up. He is also an approachable, friendly and easy-going guy whose integrity and business acumen have been sadly misrepresented here. Despite the usual kneejerk bitchiness on this site, no-one has actually contacted him directly and asked him to resign, he has however received many phone calls of support especially from fellow tradesmen.

Guernsey People, your deputies are there to serve you. Yet last week, there was only one who actually listened and gave you the answer you were looking for. That was the Arrun Wilkie that I know, so don’t be so fickle as to assume everything you read in the Press is gospel.


Are you suggesting that Judge Philip Robey is part of the conspiracy in saying Deputy Wilkie's counter-claim was ‘wholly mischievous’?

Keith Brookfield

I might be wrong but i would think the only reason Deputy Wilkie broke ranks last week with the a.f.r.affair was because he knew the court case was going to be published and he would have to resign in the end.Watch this space!

States House

We need more "working man" deputies. Deputies who know the more mundaine struggles that the local working cogs of Guernsey face and not just those who worry about finance.

I like Mr Wilkie and reading the whole piece on this its just unfortunate his position getting this more exposure as by the looks of it he was mucked about by the client.

Keith Brookfield

If Deputy Wilkie can treat a member of the public like he did it just shows what sort of a person he really is,resign now Mr.Wilkie as I will never trust you in politics.Well done Mr. Piper for taking him to court and congratulations for winning your case,I would like to shake your hand.


Why didnt Nicholas Pipet do his own plumbing?

you say Pipet i say Piper

ha ha Mr Piper, do his own plumbing! good one. is this a wind up.


I think you will find that his name is Piper not Pipet. (Mr N Carr" "pocketing around 3 Grand a week," I think should have read 3 Grand a month. Otherwise, a well written article, you obviously know this man well.

J Farley

Arrun released info on AFR honestly believing that it was the RIGHT thing to do for the people of Guernsey. At the time this case occured Deputy Wilkie was getting married and had a lot of family over from the UK including his 2 older daughters. He asked Mr Piper to be patient, but Mr Piper has no understanding of being patient!

I can tell you for a fact that Arrun earnt less being a part time Deputy and part time plumber than when he was a full time plumber, but politics is his passion. THE only mistake Deputy Wilkie has made is trying to support his family!

I personally know Arrun, and can tell u that he is an honest and decent person who has been misrepresented. He loves his family and and only wants to do best by them whilst doing best for our island. He deserves the support if Guernsey not the critisism I have seen on here!

Chris G

I quite agree with what you have said on this comment!!!

Why do these small minority of idiotic people stoop so low to adding these comments!!

Arrun is a family loving guy who worked tirelessly for his parish before he even got elected as a deputy without being paid!!!

Arrun strongly believes in what he does for Guernsey and is a true islander and stands for the strong beliefs of what this island is about.

It is a pity these same said people who are hell bent on writing pathetic comments have not got anything better to do with their time than write things on these pages and channel their energy in other directions!!!

So well done J Farley in writing your comment at least somebody has constructive comments for once.


At least he has a well-paid job to fall back on. Like some of the other deputies he can take it easy for the next few years.

Keith Brookfield

Well said mark B maybe all these wilkie supporters should have helped him out with advice before it went to court,if it was just a matter of not having time to do the job any decent person would have paid another plumber to finish it off.He obviously does things his own way and not for the taxpayers of this island and reading the press today his time as a deputy is numbered so he should think about getting the blowlamp out again,oh no sorry, no one will give him a job!!


Being in the public eye this deputy should have settled this matter out of court.

Its easy to make wrong judgements toward him for his failure in this case but lets see if his heart is to help this government to go foreward for the better of our economy.

Yes he is on a committee which is questionable of its bad doings.Time will tell if he will become a stronger deputy.


Hope that the Income Tax dept have taken an interest in this matter.


J Farley

If he was a part time plumber then he would have plenty of time to fix the job, where was the problem.

J Farley

The problem was he asked Mr Piper to be patient as he was getting married and had family over from the UK, so was unable to find time to do the work straight away. I do understand Mr Pipers frustrations but anyone in the same situation would put their wedding and family first.


I've known Arrun for quite a few years and throughout that time his main ambition has been to become a Deputy.

The income had nothing to do with it, he has had a massive interest in how Guernsey is run for a long time. I've had many discussions with him on the subject, and he has always displayed a desire to improve the lot of Guernsey people.

There are many posters on this site who jump on every band wagon on the basis of a few lines summarising a story on this site. They often have little or no knowlege of the true facts, but still choose to comment negatively every time. A new low has been reached here...Pathetic.


It's interesting how many people know the thoughts and motivations of our Deputies.

With so many psychics around it's a wonder we have any unsolved crime over here.


PS for clarity Snoopy, my post was in support of what you said.



He may have had an ambition to be a plumber, but he failed there, so what's different as a States member.


So JohnT, you obviously know exactly why he decided to give up plumbing, perhaps you'd care to share your wisdom?

Could it be that he wanted to focus on his role as a Deputy? Just because he decided to stop doesn't mean he failed.

He lost a court case. Is every person or company that lost a court case a failure? In that case there are a lot of very successful failures in the world.

You also obviously know something about his tax affairs, you obviously aren't a malicious troll!


Actually, he didn't just lose the court case - the judge questioned Wilkie's integrity in making a trumped-up or 'mischievous' counter claim. If a deputy is basically dishonest that is obviously a matter of public concern, or are all you Wilkie supporters suggesting the Judge was biased or incompetent?

Island Wide Voting

Good point Beanjar

Not a brilliant start to his new career .. a member of the Health and Social Services Board who resigned en bloc to avoid a vote of no confidence and now this error of judgement

However things get forgotten over time.I cannot for the life of me recall the name of the disgraced Deputy who took up a disabled parking space about three months ago

Probably best for Mr Wilkie to keep his head well below the parapet for a few months like the grieving former CS bowls player Garry Collins seems to have done


The suggestion that his claim was mischievous or whether his integrity is in question is all subjective. A different judge may have held a different view.

Yes this is a matter of public interest, but some will feel it is of concern some will not. He has not breached the States code of conduct as far as I'm aware.

When you think of the scale of something like the MPS expenses scandal in the UK and various other errors of judgement by people in high places this is pip squeek.


No Spartacus, its not subjective at all. The judge's verdict and comments are a matter of record. If Deputy Wilkie wants to try his luck with a different Judge I suppose he can try to appeal. Unless and until then it is definitely the case that his integrity has been put to the test and found lacking. That is not a desirable character trait for a Deputy in my opinion.



You are right all I'm saying is this should be kept in perspective and we are all human.

Keith Brookfield

Well said Beanjar,you have said everything I wanted to.

sarnia expat

Maybe if we knew what sort of a person this guy was BEFORE voting started, he may not have been elected. Of course peoples' characters matter, especially in an Island this small, where everyone knows everyone elses business. The fact is, he was elected in, he has had a bit of a problem with his own business - chances are he has now lost out on two counts.



You, your family and friends know the real you..unlike most of the people posting on here, i know you and believe that you have our islands interests close to your heart,

keep smiling and carry on!

oh.,and b**ger the rest of them!!


Its all very well supporting your friend but have you no sympathy for the victim of this who has had to go to court to get redress and been bullied by Wilkie's bogus counter claim? Apparently not, perhaps you should choose your friends more carefully.

Chris G

Beanjar get a life, and try and write some constructive criticism instead of the rubbish you write and also get your facts right first.

You were not looking at the technical facts of this as it was a failure on the part of the mechanism that was installed and not a failure on the plumber!!!!!


It is not the nature of the problems we encounter but how we deal with them that is a true test of our nature, Chris.

Tradesmen encounter problems all the time for various reasons, the failings often not being a direct consequence of their actions, but regardless, they can and indeed, must, take responsibility for these, as the professionals they deem themselves to be, or we would see court cases such as this in the papers all the time.

Fact is, we do not, and fact is, as a tradesman with a reputation to uphold and a politician with some understanding of the importance of an impeccable public image, Mr Wilkie not only failed to settle this out of court, but also brought what the judge, who did have all the facts of the case before him, decided was a distinctly dodgy counter action for way more than he was actually being sued for.

I know plenty tradesmen who are thoroughly nice chaps as individuals, indeed, have had experience of some, but who, when it comes down to it, are pretty damn useless at their jobs....you are confusing the person with the professional.

Mr Piper dealt with Wilkie the plumber, not Arrun the really nice chap, and the work he was paying him for wasn't good enough, and it was dealt with so poorly by Mr Wilkie, the customer decided to take it to court.

What does all this and Mr Wilkie's sudden decision to throw in the towel because of it say about Mr Wilkie's personality/negotiating/reasoning abilities generally, and of his ability to be the strong and capable type we need to run this island in particular?

To me, it speaks volumes, and as part of the electorate who now feels somewhat foolish for deciding to give this 'new face' a go in office, I for one am entirely disillusioned with this gentleman who, within his short time in office, has been part of the disastrous H an' SS Board, been sued in his professional capacity and has now given up his day job.


Quote:"When Deputy Wilkie broke ranks regarding the AFR disclosure last week, he must have really upset someone for this story to hit the headlines. From the unflattering photo to the inaccurate headline this is the stuff conspiracy theories are made of" Unquote.

I'm looking forward to the "truth" coming out about the AFR case. I find it a tad difficult to believe a law firm with the stature of AFR would settle such a matter for such a paltry sum. I wouldn't!