Cars left in snowstorm are attacked by vandals

POLICE are trying to find the ‘mindless individual’ who damaged two vehicles that were abandoned in the upper parishes because of the snow.

One of the cars abandoned by its owner which had its windows smashed. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1310041)
One of the cars abandoned by its owner which had its windows smashed. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1310041)

POLICE are trying to find the ‘mindless individual’ who damaged two vehicles that were abandoned in the upper parishes because of the snow.

Chief Inspector Nigel Taylor said it was thought the same person attacked the vehicles because they were in the same area. The windows of the cars had been smashed.

‘I think we are looking at one mindless individual who has been going around causing this damage,’ he said.

‘It is very disappointing that somebody would take advantage of the bad weather and the situation to do something like this, which is already a difficult time for the owners who had to abandon their vehicles.

‘We are looking for support from islanders to try and gather information regarding these incidents.’

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I saw the Smart car with smashed windows yesterday morning at around 7 o'clock as well and assumed it was an accident till a friend told me about the Lexus pictured above.

In short, and with restraint, i hope whoever is responsible for this suffers! I wish nothing but bad things on anybody this mindless.

We have all been young and reckless at times, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for this.

pb falla

Modern day guernsey


I don't condone these cowardly acts for a second and I genuinely feel sorry for the owners whose property's been attacked.

But I just hope the owner buys something more sensible with their insurance money than a ridiculously oversized 4x4 that clogs up our tiny island roads.


Being fair, those with (decent) 4x4's were the only ones laughing for the last couple of days!

I think we need vehicles on this island, but those with 4x4's have done some good work in the last few days.

Something we can all agree on though - whomever did this deserves to be flogged!!

vic gamble

...what a pathetic post really are from the tribe that kicks a man when he is down..bringing in a bit of "holier than thou" whenever the convenient situation arises....


Until we become a dictatorship again, and are told what we can and cannot buy, I suggest you jog on - what a stupid statement to make in the aftermath of what up until this vandalism had been a bit of a community get together.


There are much bigger & wider cars in use on the Island that are not four wheel drive, sorry what was your point again? I didn't get it.


Sense is something you obvious lack.


Pathetic green eyed monster methinks.


What a stupid comment to make.

I think that the vehicle shown is an early Lexus RX300. According to it is 180" (4572mm) long and 71.5" (1816mm) wide.

I'm sure that you wouldn't refer to an average family estate such as a Skoda Octavia as "ridiculously oversized" but according to the Octavia is 4569mm long and 1769mm wide.

This makes the "ridiculously oversized" Lexus a massive 3mm (under 2/10ths of an inch) longer and 47mm (under 2") wider than the family estate.

Not all that "ridiculously oversized" really is it?


Kick the culprit(s) off the island!

Oh Dear

It's all well and good saying that but the likely hood is that the perpetrator is local.

In fact let me re-phrase that. Your comment isn't all well and good at all. Instantly assuming it's someone foreign.

I say we put it to the vote. Kick all bigots off the island.


I agree wholeheartedly with Jon...

Even if the culprits are local !

And preferably off the cliffs at Pleinmont !


Your justification being... ?

It will create little other than temporary satisfaction. If I was in the damaged car owners' shoes, I wouldn't want the perpetrators to be sent away. A key part of the deputies' agenda ought to be related to criminal justice, fitting penalties and ensuring that effective measures are taken in attempt to address the core of such issues.


If i had my way i'd have them eat the glass shards. That'd learn 'em!!




I think that was a bit unnecessary.Yes, what they did was morally reprehensible, but I think your choice of word was highly inappropriate and extremely inaccurate. Identifying the core of the issue and rectifying the problem- not getting bitter about it- will, theoretically, have the most fundamental (positive) impact upon this state of affairs.

I fully acknowledge that the owners of the damaged car will experience unfavourable feelings- I would if I was in their situation- yet life WILL continue. To a degree, spiritual values are of greater intrinsic value than material possessions. I say 'To a degree' because a moderate amount of material possessions are necessary for comfortable prosperity.


Ed, you lose me at the best of times, but I have absolutely no idea who's you're going on about this time ...

local len

These idiots if caught need proper punishment, criminals these days get off to light thats why the world is what it is today.The courts need to set bigger fines or prison, punish them hard


OMG I think the vandalism is sick, but why is there so many 4 x 4''s on the Island, it is an "Island". Years ago we had little cars adhering to the speed limit etc., again why take your car out in the weather which was forecasted. How do you think people in the UK manage, they have it a lot more than a 30 year limit, it is every year, the still get to work albeit difficult. Does anybody walk anymore. This was a great excuse for everyone to stay home and shut down, oh please get a life, you would not exist outside the Island.


No we did not we had dangerous old bangers being driven erratically and i should know i was one of them :).

Didn`t your trains get stuck because of leaves and the wrong kind of snow? oh yeah you manage very well tut tut.

Another Rambo.

Terry Langlois

whereas in UK, with the same storm, people "managed" by sleeping in their cars as a whole line of cars was snowed in on the A23, schools in Sussex and other areas were closed, and all Eurostar services were cancelled...

perhaps it is you who needs to get their head out of the their xxxx.

Neil Forman

Hit them where it hurts. Make them pay for the damage caused.

It will not be cheap.



As an individual wishing to stand for deputy or who is deputy ( sorry, I am not quite sure which one) I think you should know better than to say about hitting them where it hurts. Surely there must be a more favourable option...

Read above about what I said about addressing the core of the issue as it may be worth considering this as a States' agenda item.


ED ...Go and have a cold bath.

I think you'll find that what Neil means is "Hurt them in the wallet"

I.e. “make them pay for the damage”.

Your rants are getting worse, do you have any medication you can take?


"Do you have any medication you can take ?"

What kind of person are you-are you totally ignorant or something ?

What I said was reasonable, maybe beyond your capacity to reason though. I am sorry I had to say that, but it is completely and utterly ridiculous to dismiss someone as mentally unsound because their ideas seem alien.

Would you have said anything like that to R.W Emerson, Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung ( revolutionary philosophers/thinkers) ?

Island Wide Voting


Foot in mouth yet again?

I read into Neil's comment about hitting them where it hurts to mean hitting them in the pocket,or more likely the parent's pocket

I'm not sure what interpretation you put on it but you're obviously a young man very much in touch with himself if you get my drift

If you are interested in local politics go to

and click on the Department headers to find out the make up of each department and an outline of what they are supposed to do

There is no Department of Black-Ops on this list ... yet


Ed, Considering you elect to comment on just about everything on these forums, firstly you should do your 'homework' and find out whether Neil is standing for deputy or is already one.

His comment about 'hitting' someone refers to their pocket ie making it a 'painful' experience in monetary terms.

As yet, I haven't seen anything in any of your posts that comes up with answers, just more questions to which you aren't able to offer solutions.



Believe you me I do have some solutions, but I dare not express them on here as I will be ridiculed even further...

I am thinking about putting all the theories I have created so far down on paper. Some, however, are a product of both independent thought and already established concepts. It's like having a traditional theory, a revisionist one and then a post revisionist one.


Sorry Ed but I think you have tried to neatly side step the matter on which I commented on.

If you have solutions to the numerous issues you comment on, let's hear them, if you have the courage of your convictions, then you should be able to rise above any scorn levelled at you here.

Oh Dear

Ed, I don't think he means literally.

It's a metaphor, the place where it hurts is their pockets (money).


Ed are you lonely? do you come on here spouting garbage because nobody your own age can stand to listen to you? or do you just like confrontation? are you just trying to fit in somewhere?.

Do yourself a favour and lighten up man.


That's right avoid the real issue - the lack of discipline. Mustn't smack, mustn't cane, mustn't punish,must have complete freedom to do exactly whatever amuses them from the time they can walk and destroy and answer back.

Reap what you continue to sow!

PB Falla

The culprits should be sentenced to do study with Ed at home.

sarnia expat

These morons might learn something then.

Oh Dear

That's a nice idea PB. I'm sure Ed is more than capable of teaching people morals and respect.


It is a sad thing that a few people can act so badly when most people were happy to help each other out on friday when they got stuck and needed a push etc.

I think we should set up some stocks in the market square and then when we catch these people first they would go to court to be sentencend and then we give them a pelting with rotten veg, we could charge 50p a throw to go to charity.


Baby thugs (and parents)

Should be caught and punished with a community order (like cleaning pavements/roads by hand for a whole year!)

Maybe its time to put camcorder in car as well as house

Ex Pat

Having returned to Guernsey,a place that will always be my home, for a brief visit at the end of last year I found that it had changed more than I had expected and not for the better! This vandalism is totally in keeping with the "new" island attitude that I encountered! Gone are the days when I would leave the car at the bottom of my drive with the keys in it and feel comfortable knowing that it would still be there the next day! 4 X 4's are a necessary evil not just in Guernsey but all over the world and if the owner feels he or she needs one, then who are the rest of us to say they don't? I am sure that a lot of people would be ready to ask them for help if it was needed and I am also sure that a real "Guern" would give it willingly! So don't knock them!

However the vandalism is only the tip of the ice as far as problems go!

If Guernsey doesn't fix itself then people like me who live abroad will not want to return to the island and will obviously not promote it to others and therefore tourism will fall off and hence a downward trend for what was once the best place to live and bring up a family!

Herman Boring

Why you feel the need to leave your keys in the ignition is beyond me. I don't get old people.

Alex Cross

Being fair, if i'm going into a shop and the car is parked outside i rarely take the keys out, and hell i almost never lock it.

It's how you should be able to be in Guernsey, relaxed.

Herman Boring

I have always locked the car in that situation and i've lived here for nearly 90 years!


Ex Pat, where did you move to - fairyland? Guernsey may have changed for the worse over the years but I bet Its still a much safer place than wherever you went. The fact that a few car windows getting broken makes headline news in Guernsey ought to reassure you that things could be an awful lot worse.

sarnia expat

bcb - It seems to me that Ed is not a sheep, he is not one of the herd, he dances to his own tune - rather like my own son. Please don't "dis" what you clearly don't understand. Remember that free speech and freedom of expression is something that we should all embrace. I would prefer the utterances of our young friend to that of the ramblings of other contributors, who can barely string more than three words together.


However there is a difference between using complex diction to mask a point that's barely worth making, and actually making valid points.

Eds posts have been nothing short of weird recently!


Believe me i understand him very well and hypocrite is one term that springs to mind. He uses the same language (which he seems to have a dislike for) towards some posters who show their disgust to certain crimes.

He doesn`t even feel criminals should be deported for crimes such as rape and murder as he does not consider them as heinous crimes. All very well sitting safe and cosy in your room spouting out philosophical writings form other peoples minds then adding a bit of your own (we can all do that)when you`ve never encountered the impact these scum bags have on innocent people.

If he thinks he has the "solutions" without even ever speaking to such people and gaining some kind of insight into their minds with real life experiences then it just shows how over inflated his ego is. But no little ole Ed can solve it all just sitting at his computer :).


This was probably done but some persons who do not go out to work ,and have not sense of responsibility,

It is disgusting,if caught they should be made to pay all costs .and do a community service ,like cleaning up the island and doing the island a service ,

Why they thought this was a good idea to take advantage on a day like this is as low as you can get .

I feel so sorry for those whose cars were vandalised as they now carry the cost of finding a car to get them around while their is mended .this cost should also be included into and fines .,i hope they get caught and will be named and shamed what ever age they are ,

Dee Sharisse

With reference to 'Beanjar's' reply of March 16th... It's not only this incident of "a few car windows getting broken". If you compare the island news over the last decade with, say, the period 1964 to 1973, I think you'll see a huge increase in crimes ranging through antisocial behavior, vandalism, theft and assaults of varying degree. In reply to Herman Boring, when I first started driving in the 1970s, my uncle once commented, "Why are you locking the car... who's going to take it?" The island should strive to make it a place where this is once again true, rather than have the complacent attitude that "We are still safer than most places".


The point I was making is not that I am in favour of vandalism or of soft sentences in the rare cases when somebody gets caught. I am in favour of retaining a bit of perspective. I suspect you would find examples of relatively minor acts of vandalism, dishonesty or cruelty throughout history. We tend to look at the past through rose tinted spex. What if we do have a bit more vandalism now but less child molestation or domestic violence, would that be a trade off? Whatever some TIG posters and Patrick Rice think, we are still a long, long way from being a high crime area.


If they named the perpratrators of this and other anti social crimes regardless of their age, this would go some way to acting as a deterrent .

Hello Mrs Jones I see your little Scrote of a son has been up to no good again, you really should stay in, and keep an eye on him instead of swanning off down the bingo and the pub.