Freight lorry hits mail plane

INVESTIGATIONS are under way after a freight lorry collided with the wing of the mail plane yesterday.

An Airport Services freight lorry became wedged underneath an Atlantic Airlines aircraft after colliding with it yesterday morning.
An Airport Services freight lorry became wedged underneath an Atlantic Airlines aircraft after colliding with it yesterday morning.

INVESTIGATIONS are under way after a freight lorry collided with the wing of the mail plane yesterday.

The Airport Services vehicle became wedged underneath the Atlantic Airlines aircraft at 7.25am.

It meant the aircraft, which was parked on its stand at the time of the incident, was unable to travel back to the UK.

Airport director Colin Le Ray said the matter had been reported and was being looked into.

‘Engineers are looking at the best way to remove the vehicle,’ he said.

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Was the plane in the air at the time of the collision.


What a pointless post Johnl..did you even read the article?


@DA I think johnl meant his post as a joke. At least I hope he did?


Well if he did my advice would be not to give up his day job to be a comedian

Island Wide Voting

He's probably good enough to get through the first round of that cerebral TV offering 'Britain's Got Talent'

Island Wide Voting

Apparently the regular driver had pulled a sickie so the office junior was called in to wing it

Charlie G

....quick, shut the airport down, corden off the whole area,divert flights to Jersey,delay flights, diploy the armoured car and dog patrols,call in the environmental and health and safety executive,bring in the Sark constables,and the list goes on!

Engineers to look at best way to remove the vehicle?,deary me, just let the vans tyres down and tow it out!....Mon dieu,another mountain out of a mole hill,springs to mind.


Charlie, how foolish of you to think of such an obvious and simply answer. You know it will require a subcommittee, a consultant from the UK and at least a month’s work. Than another 6 months preparing a document ensuring it can never happen again!

Oh Dear

Peter, don't forget to accidentally give £250,000 to a group of fraudsters.


Yes and just stick a couple of fat blokes in the front to help :)

John W

Best way to remove the vehicle? - how about engage reverse gear after getting a few baggage handlers to stand on the other wing. Guess they're probably going to commission a consultant to come up with a report and recommendations in due course.

Guernsey Fudge

Never found out who left the plane door open that caused the shutdown at the airport also.

Also the mystery of the crashed Fire tender was never solved.

I blame Slygo the dog, who was seen driving a fork lift truck close to the airport recently.


Ha ha boys. Don't think with common sence please! We need to drag this out to let the CS justify their positions. Don't you know that? "Let the tyres down" Charlie G. Come on now, that's too simple and of little cost. We seem to have money to burn on nothing issues, let's not ruin the trend now! ;-) Wait for the good goods to jump on us for being so disrespectful to our under-paid, over-worked, non-gold plated positioned Civil Service.

Charlie G

...yer suppose we shouldn't mock.After all,suppose the local "ARMY" of bureaucratic gold cappers, and white collars,need something to justifie the over zealous positions.( sure i spotted some allien poppies growing around the perimiter fence!).

Sadly, we don't live in a world of common sense anymore,where you would of just let the vans tyres down,or simply stick it in reverse and gently ease it back, and got on with the rest of the day,OH NO, far to simple!....Le Monde des fou!

Bobby G

I think the story got reported wrong... i was there! the landing gear wouldn't come down on the LH side so the van sped down th runway and positioned itself under the wing so the plane could land on it. A great piece of driving skill Well done!


Who was driving the lorry - Bruce Willis!


Is there any truth to the rumour the truck caused £1000's worth of improvements to the aircraft?

Gsy Girl

I blame the plane, mind of its own

dave r

I think Lorry Queripel was driving. It had a load of Chickens in the back and you can see the Buzzard just in front of the tail of the plane about to try and attack the chickens. Nah ! only kidding.


I knew it, all the cash used to extend the airport, wasnt enough, the parking area is just not big enough for the aircraft, back to the drawing board.


Ive just worked it out, the aircraft's engines wouldnt start due to faulty starter motor, so it was getting a push start, simples really.


You can joke, but when I was in the RAF as an aircraft refueller one of our guys was instantly dismissed from the service for doing exactly the same thing.

The airframe has to be checked to see if the aircraft is still fit to fly and it's a major undertaking and at no small cost.



and so he should have, there is absolutely no excuse for hitting the wing whatsoever, drivers allowed on the parking area to service or load aircraft have to be trained for that work.

Straightforward lack of care. Dismissed.


You have never made a mistake then Sam?

It must be so good to be perfect.


I reckon the driver of the lorry pressed the accelerator instead of the brake..

Either that or flaky firmware in the controller, resulting in "unintended acceleration"..


Part time bus driver?

sarnia expat

Should've gone to SpecSavers.... at least it can't be blamed on a woman driver!