Privatise Beau Sejour creche call from parenting group founder

Milly Dudley-Owen, Guernsey Mums, Beau Sejour, creche

Milly Dudley-Owen

GUERNSEY MUMS has called for Culture and Leisure to consider letting private enterprise take over the Beau Sejour creche.

One of the founders of the parenting group, Milly Dudley-Owen (pictured), said members were very concerned at the possibility the creche could close.

She said it could have an impact on the other services that the centre provides and she has asked the department to think in a more ‘radical way’.

‘There could be consequences of closing the creche in terms of membership and use of the centre. While the creche might not be deemed to be vital, the financial effects could be quite serious. Parents who have got one or two children can go along there and use the creche, they use the cafe, they talk to friends. The department could potentially miss out on four streams of income.’

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Is Mrs Dudley-Owen saying that The States should provide the Beau Sejour creche facilities free, but for those that run it be able to charge mothers to place their children there while they have coffee with friends?

Beau Sejour is running at a big loss now so that would be a big help to its finances wouldn't it?

It`s about time that mothers and fathers made the decision to have the children and did not take into account that they would have to pay for all the facilities that children incur during their young lives woke up and accepted that "you don't get owt for nowt" in life.

If you want to run a business from Beau Sejour then Pay rent for the facilities you need.

The public is not responsible for your little angels and if you want these facilities then PAY FOR THEM.


Becks, since when does suggesting 'privatisation' mean 'free'? What an absolutely bizarre conclusion from you. She is obviously saying it is a vital and valuable service that many parents will pay more for rather than to see it close. Milly Dudley-Owen makes a lot of sense when she speaks of the flow on effects which may not otherwise have been thoroughly thought through by Beau Sejour management -good for her for coming up with an excellent idea.


`Suits` making bizarre decisions on a faclity that is community based. Save money? Get rid of the `Suits` !!


How many parents would have children if they had to look after them 24/7 not many I bet. If you can't feed them don't breed them. It's not us the tax payers who should fund somewhere else parents can off load their kids.


You do not go through family planning and expect the island government to help raise your children.

Mothers should stay home and raise and educate them until they reach 5yrs old then into compulsory schooling.

If you want your children off your hands then pay through your own means.

Ask your parents to look after your toddlers if you want all them extra toys for yourself or toddlers like we had to in our days.

Problem this day and age is most people do not think but only of themselves and what they can get for nothing.

true guern


So many things wrong with your post.

1. Who do you think these families are that can raise children on one income for five years? One of the parents would have to make bank. Have you seen the property/rental market lately?

2. Not giving any help to families would mean there would be hardly anyone with kids (or kids living in poverty)...Who's going to fund your retirement? Should they fund your retirement - they could turn around and tell you to pay it yourself. You had plenty of time to plan for retirement they could say..

3. This is 2013 so females have the choice to work. Why on Earth do you assume they should stay at home? Men are equally as capable as raising children. Im pretty sure the couple in question can decide whats best for them.

4. Currently they do pay for creche facilities. Turns out just not enough to cover staff costs. Users themselves suggest they pay more to cover the facility. Hardly sounds like they want something for nothing. Privatisation is also mentioned above - when does that make a service free?!

5. Beau se jour is a public good. It's there and priced in mind to let ALL members of our community use it. Restricting access is not in the spirit of its existence.

6. We have recognised a healthy lifestyle as beneficial and one that reduces long term costs in the health bill. We also recognise the benefits of being in a socially inclusive society and its impact on well being - reduce these factors and there will be financial implications to the wider community elsewhere. With all that in mind why would you not even consider subsidising a creche so it is accessible to families? Beau se jour makes a loss anyway, its all subsidised.


So then, they have a 'crèche users only' meeting. Staff from the crèche were banned as were staff from the centre who USE the crèche too. Not sure how that works. Funny thing is though, one of the crèche staff got in the meeting, AND even asked a question. How ? Because the 'suits' had no idea who she was !! Shows just how incompetent they are that they don't even recognise their own staff. Mainly because you never see the decision makers up there. They are either too busy flapping round their new skatepark or readily admitting that they have no idea how Beau Sejour works.

Its a Joke. Sacking one of the suits would make a better saving.