Bus and hire car collide in La Grande Rue, St Martin's

BUS operator CT Plus was yesterday investigating the second recent collision involving one of its vehicles.

Police officers attending an accident at La Grande Rue, St Martin's, yesterday which saw a CT Plus bus and a Ford hire car collide at around 4.15pm. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1327870)
Police officers attending an accident at La Grande Rue, St Martin's, yesterday which saw a CT Plus bus and a Ford hire car collide at around 4.15pm. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1327870)

BUS operator CT Plus was yesterday investigating the second recent collision involving one of its vehicles.

The latest incident, between a bus and a hire car, caused temporary delays in La Grande Rue, St Martin's, at around 4.15pm.

It follows an accident between another CT Plus bus and a taxi at the junction of Doyle Road and the Grange, St Peter Port, on Sunday 26 May.

CT Plus was unable to confirm whether the collision would affect its services, having already announced cancellations and changes to its timetable this week.

Both the police and ambulance service attended the St Martin's collision between the bus and a white Ford hire car. No serious injuries were sustained.

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Maybe they are too big for our tiny roads

its not rocket science lets face it !!!!!!


It may also be a case of whether the drivers are taking care whilst driving.


Some drivers do not focus.their full attention on driving the bus. I have been appalled by drivers chatting to their friends and one, on one occasion, even stopping to rifle through some discarded goods left by the roadside and taking away a picture!

Island Wide Voting

.... and not a Kev car in sight


Buses sometimes hit cars

Cars quite often hit other cars

Cars sometimes even drive into buildings

Seems to me the common factor here is cars - perhaps we should get rid of them ?


Maybe buses (when they run) are safer than hire cars


We have had far too many accidents involving buses lately, the roads are far too congested for these large buses to run safely.It seems to me the new routes are taking motorists by suprise. You go round a bend and come face to face with a large bus hurtling towards you quite unexpectedly.


Or could it be that the GP are just reporting more accidents invloving buses?

Bends are just somewhere else that you are expected to take care, no surprise really... or is it?

Could just as easily have been a large delivery vehicle, but there again, that doesn't make as good reading does it!


If drivers took more care they wouldn't hit buses... the reporting of these incidents is a little over the top.

Would Guernsey be better off without the buses? No.


It could easily be a child. Not hurtling of course but as a driver you should not be surprised. Anyone piloting a vehicle on public roads should be able to stop within their vision.


Making the assumption that the hire car was driven by a tourist.

Small Roads + Oversized Buses + Drivers used to larger roads = higher probability of accident


Or how about, the hire car pulled out of the lane coming up from St Martins Church lane and didn't stop at the yellow line...!!!


How does the size of a vehicle have any relevance if , as appears, it has been side swiped by a car failing to give way exiting a minor road ?

It could just as easily have hit a tiny Fiat 500

In fact surely it would be more likely not to have seen a car rather than an "oversized" bus ?


Given the near misses I've experienced recently with both buses taking up the entire road on a blind bend and hire cars driving in the middle of the road, it's hard to tell who could be at fault here!

As PLP said, likely a combination of both.


They may indeed be hurtling toward you as Valeite says as I understand the 25mph limiters have been disabled. Not of course to allow speeding, for 'other reasons', LOL


My first comment is what a load of tosh the press reporters write sometimes. And I have said this before.

The police were attending an accident and they saw the bus and car collide ? So there must have been two accidents !

Next... Someone mentions that drivers are not paying attention and are always chatting ? That was the beauty of the bus service in years gone by... Everyone knew the drivers and we could often have a good chin-wag with them whilst they were driving. And there were accidents back in those days.

The funny thing is that people automatically now blame the bus driver... Yet in years gone by it would have been the H car driver that got blamed first ! Oh those grockels !!

On my visits in recent years I find that some of the bus routes now go down very small roads which in years gone by was not the case - yes the buses are big but you are stuck with them so the thing to do is to only use the larger roads. I know the Grande Rue is not big but it is big enough for two buses to pass slowly and safely past each other. What appalls me is the ginormous size of some of the private cars on the roads - and the way they are driven !

If the island has to have large vehicles then roads that are not wide enough to allow two vehicles to pass need to be made one way only.

Just out of interest... I was looking at the no entry sign in the photo... Can someone please tell me which road is no entry as it looks as if it indicating up the Grande Rue ?

Mum of 3

The no entry is for the one way road that enters grande rue next to the chemist, opposite Route des Coutures. Sorry I don't know the name of it.



It is the small road (La Bellieuse) that comes up from St Martin's church that is a No Entry from Grande Rue; the chances are that the sign has been twisted slightly and that, in combination with the camera angle, does make the sign appear to refer to Grande Rue.


I have to say that in the last week or two I have noticed bus drivers indicating and literally pulling out of their stop without making sure cars have either let them go or nobody is coming.

I do feel sorry for the good bus drivers over here but lets face it, there are some pretty shocking standards of driving here as it is, throwing badly driven buses into the mix... surprised there aren't more accidents.

Maybe when Lagan have finished moving all that dirt the tractor drivers would like a new job? :)


We've all been saying it for years, will anybody ever actually listen??

What we NEED are smaller buses which are able to zip round our narrow roads with ease, and a more regular (and reliable) service. If buses were cheaper (or free?) and you never had to wait more than 10 minutes for the next bus, SO many more people would use them and much fewer accidents would be caused - both because the vehicles would be significantly smaller and also because there might just be fewer cars on the roads!


Also if the buses were smaller local people would apply to drive them.

Sarnia Scot

I worked part time for ICW when they did the bus services. I was travelling along passed La Rochelle one Saturday several years ago when (I was inbound to St Sampsons) Beaucette Marina on my left, I slowed and took the corner with my wheels as close as rubbing on the kerb. When a white car came hurtling around the corner hit the bus mid way along the right hand side and took no more than paint off. I stopped radioed into let traffic office know my position. Checked all passengers were safe, which thankfully they were, by which time white car driver had stopped a good fifty to sixty feet down the road. I went to speak to him, " what were you doing he says you should have been on the pavement incase something came rounfd the corner." I said perhaps if you had been driving slower incase something came around the corner you could have stopped I could have mounted the kerb if needed. He was completely stumped. I see this frequently people obviously driving without any thought of what could be coming around the corner, I`m no saint. I drive to fast I fiddle with the cd player I fiddle with windows as we all do, perhaps if we concentrated upon the road, thought where would I go if a bus Skip truck or Ambulance came round that next bend if we all drove with more caution and more thought for others unfortunate enough to be coming toward us we would not become a statistic nor a headline.

Sarnia Scot

Who are going to pay for these smaller buses the problem at the moment is not enough drivers. so getting smaller buses just makes that problem worse. If as you suggest more people then used the buses then more would complain about being left at the roadside, because of the buses being to small then you would all want larger buses. It is CT that's the problem here not the size of the vehicles.


There wouldn't be a problem with space on the buses if there was a more frequent service.

sarnia scot

As the present difficulties with the drivers at CT Plus is to few drivers, when we get these magical mystical smaller buses are we getting them free from somewhere with enough fully trained and adequately qualified bus drivers To operate the timetables!


i take it the bus driver has already been given the blame,although it looks to me the hire car overshot the yellow line, just a thought.