Guernsey's chief will attend pre-G8 meeting

CHIEF Minister Peter Harwood has confirmed that he will attend a meeting called by UK Prime Minister David Cameron ahead of the crucial G8 summit.  

CHIEF Minister Peter Harwood, pictured, has confirmed that he will attend a meeting called by UK Prime Minister David Cameron ahead of the crucial G8 summit.

Mr Cameron has invited Crown dependencies, overseas territories and some non-governmental organisations to London for a pre-summit event called Open for Growth: Trade, Tax and Transparency.

The UK currently holds the president of the G8 and is putting tax transparency centre stage.

Guernsey had been waiting to find out more detail on what the meeting would be about before making its decision to attend.

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Tell David we are a bit busy at the moment but will see if we can fit him in at some point.


I sincerely hope that our Chief Minister will make Mr Cameron aware of the dispair that the loss of LVCR has created in the Channel Islands. All it has achieved is a massive loss of jobs within the islands. Most of the big companies has just moved to other juristrications to continue as they were. It's about time the law was changed so that any goods supplied to CI must have the V.A.T removed, currently it is at the suppliers discretion as the ruling states that V.A.T 'may' be deducted to goods exported to Channel Islands. (9.2)

It needs say 'must' be deducted, as we are in a lose/lose situation where we pay V.A.T on goods we buy and are unable to reclaim, then any goods we export to the UK we have to add V.A.T.

So unfair Mr Cameron, make me wonder if it's really worth continuing our relationship with the UK at all?


He`s going to need an hair transplant pretty damn quick, or a toupee, to be able to touch his forelock as a sign of humble servitude.

Perhaps he`s taking a flat cap to touch the peak of.

I know, take Mr Cameron a Guernsey jumper and some Gauche Mes La.

Oh, maybe not, or he`ll stop us making and selling them as well.

I wonder which B&B the Chief Minister will be staying at to save us money.

Oh happy days.


i hope he is going to tell cameron to put his own house in order first,and close the loopholes in their tax laws,and stop picking on guernsey.



behave, when have any of our politicians had the guts to stand up against the British Government? The school bully rules the financial playground.

Our boyos will be too busy bowing and scraping, enjoying a night out in London and getting their duty frees on the way back because that`s all they`ll be allowed to do except say, "Yes sir, Thank you sir, can me and the wife go shopping now please?"

They are ORDERED to go to London to be TOLD what to do, not ask for favours.

The Chief Minister will come back claiming it was a very successful meeting and a great deal will come out of it.

There will be more restrictions following these meetings. Cameron in his own turn has to have something in his basket when, he too, goes cap in hand to the G8 summit.

He`ll be surrendering the rights of the tiny offshore islands to get a pat on the back from G8 members.


cameron can also explain to harwood what transparency means.


Simple, tell Cameron that as soon as Bermuda, BVI and the Caymen Islands sign up and comply then we will too!


and deleware usa.


oops sorry i meant delaware usa

Terry Langlois

Actually, it is even more simple than that - just remind him that we have already signed up to everything going, and that we are more transparent than the UK, where trust companies are unregulated.

Island Wide Voting

Just tell him that Guernsey is not a tax haven .. it is a SAFE haven


Maybe he could ask Mr Cameron how many wealthy French people the UK has welcomed to its shores since the introduction of the French wealth tax - after all it was Cameron that said the UK would "roll out the red carpet" to French citizens wishing to avoid wealth taxes.

Michael R

David Cameron is a beneficiary of offshore investments due to inheriting a significant sum from his father; at least that is what is claimed in this article:-

If this is true, then it is a case of pots calling kettles black.