Emergency services to share control room

COMMAND and control functions for the emergency  services are to be overhauled as part of a £1.5m. project.


COMMAND and control functions for the emergency  services are to be overhauled as part of a £1.5m. project.

A tender has been published for a new computer system which will be used in a joint police, fire and ambulance control room. Once awarded, the contract will run for 10 years.

Home Department deputy chief officer Mark Lempriere (pictured), who is leading the project, said the final location for the new single control centre had yet to be decided, but he was 99% sure it would be in the police station.

‘The tenders are out for the IT part. That will be the document management, the database and the command and control system itself. We will slot that into the building for the new control centre.’

Each of the services currently operates from a separate control room, but there are plans for them to move into a single, joint room by the end of next year.

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Not sure a new computer system is the right idea, but sharing a control room should hopefully lead to better communication between the services and quicker responses.

Ex Job

Woody, having worked in the emergency services i can say that the response times, communication and cooperation in the island is very good indeed. I admit there can always be improvement and this looks a useful step forward as long as they don't spend more money than they would save by the amalgamation...


Well done.

The Isle of Man did this in 2004 and it's worked great. It runs using around 4 or 5 civilian staff and usually a Police Sgt at any one time. As soon as an operator takes a 999 call which may need more than one emergency service, then they tap a button and the job is also dispatched to the other services. It's a lot easier to share information between the 3 services as well.

See here for more info:




Well worth all three services spending huge ammounts on updating their control rooms over the last couple of years.

Especially the ambulance services brand new control room that they have only just moved into!!


And the Rice Empire gets bigger via the back door.


If it's run the same as the IOM one, then the ESJCR is managed and run by the Home Dept.

It might just happen to be located at the Police HQ (the same as the IOM one is), but it is important to appear to the Fire and ambulance services as being a "joint/shared" control room, not a Police one which also does Fire/Ambulance calls - sometimes difficult to do when it is accepted that the Police will be the biggest user of the room.

concerned John

Took the words right out off my mouth!!


Be careful what you wish for.

Good luck with the scheme and let's all hope that, this will prove to be a more efficient and cost effective solution.

Shame that the St John's control room has just been updated,and at considerable expense no doubt.