Esquire mag puts Cobo chippy fifth in country

COBO chips come with salt, vinegar and now, national acclaim.

Keenan Manning, 18, tucks into a bag of chips at Cobo Fish Bar, which has been named the fifth-best traditional chip shop in the country by men’s lifestyle magazine Esquire. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1328288)
Keenan Manning, 18, tucks into a bag of chips at Cobo Fish Bar, which has been named the fifth-best traditional chip shop in the country by men’s lifestyle magazine Esquire. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1328288)

COBO chips come with salt, vinegar and now, national acclaim.

The west-coast chippy has been listed as the fifth best traditional chip shop in the country by ‘smart men’s guide’ magazine Esquire.

Cobo Fish Bar co-owner Darren White said he had no idea it was even in the running but was honoured to receive the accolade.

‘It is fantastic news, we will certainly be buying a copy of the magazine. We are very pleased – it is something we were not even aware of being entered into.’

He put the success of the shop down to its location and the quality of the food.

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Lindsay Mitchell

I always go to the Cobo chip shop at least once each time I visit Guernsey! It's the only plaice (sic) I know where they do that fantastic battered rack of ribs thing - can't find that anywhere else! Congratulations on coming 5th - very well deserved!


Things must have improved, last time I went there I ended up feeding the seagulls with my fish supper. Greasy chips and soggy batter. Ugh

Matt Ingrouille

As a former Guern I always make sure I make at least one visit whenever I'm back on the island.

Great food and wonderful location!

Something fishy

Firstly, is this not just a re-run of a story a couple of years ago, I remember something almost identical being written then?

Also, fresh fish? Are you sure? Could somebody from Cobo chippy maybe comment on whether their fish is frozen?

Cod whopper

Yeah, sounds suspiciously similar.

As I recall, some hack thought "wow, what an amazing view, sunset and that. Must be the best chips.." without having the time to actually try them.

I go there occasionally; it's generally alright but I'd never enthuse about it.


My friends and I had takeaway from there which ended in the bin it was rubbish, Kingfisher is the best.

States House

You have to be joking!

We went to Kingfisher thinking we would try it out and the service was unbelievably slow! At least 6 couples left the queue and drove up to Cobo in a convoy because it was taking well over 5 minutes to serve each person and with about 12 people in front of us we didnt fancy waiting another hour!

The chips I saw someone eating in there looked very over cooked and not crisp but soggy. Fair play for trying it there but get experienced staff and have food ready to go. You expect to wait a while in a restaurant or even a cafe but not a chippy thats supposed to be fast food...

Grajam G

I would have rated Beeton's Fish & Chips far higher than Cobo. The last time I ate at Cobo the fish wasn't cooked (frozen not "fresh" ?). Perhaps it's because the clientele of Beeton's do not read Esquire magazine. Now, if The Sun conducted a similar competition........


I'm definitely a Beetons fan...and I don't read either The Sun or Esquire!

Sarnia expat

Portion sizes at Beetons are a little on the "economic" size.....

Chippie in the Bordage is the Best.

Island Wide Voting

North Side chippy has to be the best because you can park within twelve feet of the door and not a cycle rack within sight :)


I think Cobo is the only chippy in the world that serves seaspray with its Chips.


Obviously everyone to their own opinion, still think Kingfisher is best, would love to see good food guide take on this one, by the way Esquire Mag do you nominate yourself, I think yes???????

Cousin Vinny

I wonder if whoever judged this has even eaten there rather based this on location etc?

The biggest problem with Cobo for me is inconsistency - sometimes you get decent fish and chips but on too many occasions it's soggy, greasy and the batter is falling off.

Beetons are by far the most consistent - I've never had bad fish and chips there, the batter on their fish is delicious.

I found kingfisher's chips incredibly dry and the batter on their fish quite bland personally.


yes I tend to agree with you there..but Kingfisher chips have the better flavour and they seem to be getting there act together regarding service etc.

I just wish that Guernsey fish & chip shops did more variety in the way of fish,

like they do on the mainland.


Thank you Cousin Vinny, by the way did look into the mag, yes you can nominate yourself for the award, like I said before, good food guide should look at this whole situ. Do agree with the amount of waiting time at Kingfisher, a lot to look at and sort out, but feel they will get there. Cleanliness was 100%, maybe extending service area and more Staff would be advantageous, more important than the tables out for Customers, Beetons is also very good, think they could be entered against each other. Bye Bye Cobo. Lets try and have some kind of competition here, Cobo is popular as a Parish, does not mean to say they have it all.

States House

Cobo isnt a parish...

Surprised to hear that Kingfisher are still slow! How long have they been up and running now?

Beetons are tripe!

We went there last week and the batter on the fish is weird, very dark and tasted and smelt burnt but wasnt. I think they havent changed their oil!

Also, their attitude stinks. Going on the news and crying that the housing licencing is changing. Well whoop dee doo. Pay a bit more and get some locals in there. Why should locals support a business that relies on none locals to the point they shamelessly complain in the media! This when everyone else is moaning about none locals getting states funded work...


Tried to see for myself if a chippy could nominate itself on the esquire website and couldn't see any evidence that that was the case, could someone tell me where they saw it? I'd get my cousin in the uk to enter...

Anyone here have an interest or work at the kingfisher? Seems to be a bit of a kingfisher love in....


But above all.... well done to Cobo fish and chip shop for putting Guernsey on the fish & Chip map!!


Is this some kind of joke? YUKK! Last time we went there (and I do mean 'the LAST') they managed to make the chips both partly raw yet squished into one congealed mass, measly skinny bits of fish had so much batter some of it wasn't cooked. Disgusting rubbish and a waste of money. Esquire should stick to reviewing the things they know best.

Island Wide Voting

Can someone help out an old codger who doesn't get out much ... where is the Kingfisher?


L'Eree. Next door to Taste of India

Island Wide Voting

Thanks Glanzstar & bcb ... I thought it must be somewhere 'out foreign' :)


I belive they are open sundays too! you can pop in on your drive around the island!!

Island Wide Voting


Can't this Sunday I'm afraid.My flat cap is in for a service


L'eree by the sablons,turn right at the bottom of L'eree hill opposite car park.

Peta Miller

Personally, I find the chips from Cobo Chippy to be a bit on the greasy, soggy side. Two thumbs up for the chippy in Fountain Street - they do a mean savoury sausage!!


Arent half the islands foreign workers employed in there?

Support local businesses that employ locals.

It would be interesting to see which chippy employs the most locals. Id bet that cobo would be highest. Theyve had some of the same staff for over 20 years, not chopping and changing with licences.

Devil's Advocate

I reckon Northside Plaice employs most locals now.

Peta Miller

As much as I agree with supporting local businesses, when I hand over £15 for a meal for my family, I want decent quality food that tastes good - sadly, I don't get either from Cobo. Local or not, the staff at the Chip Inn have always been efficient and polite. Not going to stop going there just because the staff happen to be non-local!!


I am under the impression that cobo chip shop cooks all the food in meat fat, thereby excluding me and the rest of the population who don't eat meat.


Well a vegy wouldnt step foot in a chippy at all then because the battered sausages, ribs, burgers etc are cooked in the same fat as the chips anyway!


Exactly - but it would be nice if chip shops became a bit more up todate like all the other cages and restaurants and provided for veggies etc - all it would take is one separate fryer

Devil's Advocate

The only reason Cobo does well is because it's right next to a nice beach - same as the Rockmount. In reality, the Chip Inn, L'Islet, Northside and Beetons are a lot more reliable than Cobo. Since Northside became 'Northside Plaice' and L'Islet was taken over by the people that own the Chip Inn both have improved and are my Chippies of Choice.

Para Ranger

What about the Rohais or the ribshack, they both amazing. Beetons chips are gross, really dry. Cobo chippy is rubbish and it smells like fishy seaweed. Kingfisher chips are always cold. Northside tastes like the power station.

Give me a smiley face if you agree.



5th , or in other words lost !!


Cobo Chippie, and their so called fresh fish is horrible, stale and tasteless.

I occasionally have to go there, we have relatives visiting and they were determined to have fish and chips, sitting on the sea wall - none of our guests finished their supper, the chips were apparently 'old'.

The whole thing about that chippie is that people enjoy the sunset over the West coast, shame we can't capitalise on that and bring in a decent chippie, no one would mind paying for quality fried food in these surroundings.


I have not been back since the time I was just about to be served when a grockle came back in with a fish and chips surplus to requirements as his family had too many when they sat down for lunch on the beach.

I was flabbergasted to watch the server proceed to re-wrap the returned fish and chips (my order was 2 fish and chips)with the intention of making that part of my order!!! Health and safety hello?

I voiced my disgust very loudly, insisted on two very fresh fish and chips, which I got, and then left. Haven't been back since and that was 9 years ago.


@ Stiletto

You would be much better off getting your chips at L'Islet chippy and they would still be hot enough to eat at Cobo or another west facing seafront loction.

Far, far superior quality.