Population debate delay at odds with desire to press on

DELAYING debate on a new population management regime would be at odds with the States’ desire to ‘get on with the job’, the chief minister has said.

DELAYING debate on a new population management regime would be at odds with the States’ desire to ‘get on with the job’, the chief minister has said.

Peter Harwood was responding to a move by Deputy John Gollop to draft a sursis to stop debate on the report at this week’s States meeting to allow for more public consultation.

‘The States has been trying to develop a mechanism by which we can start to manage the size and make-up of the island’s population for many years,’ said Deputy Harwood, pictured.

‘To sursis this debate, which would bring about further delay, would seem to me to be at odds with the States’ continually stated desire to get on with the job at hand.’

As well as the sursis, the report will face a raft of amendments from deputies.

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Ah, the grey man speaks. Mr Harwood is probably a very nice man but completely out of his depth as CM.


He'd be out of his depth in a bath.


Out of his depth in a saucer of milk ....


At least he is trying to getting something done or so it seems. After all It's only a debate the Chief Minister is asking for but trying to get all his ducks in line in that job must take some doing. it seems to me the qualities a CM must have is the patience of a saint and the diplomatic skills of Kissinger. In the meantime, let's leave the population debate to one side... yawn and let the chaos continue...

Dee Sharisse

"... size and make-up of the island’s population".

Ouch! I wish politicians would take more care with the way they word things. Sounds like something a certain person, about seventy years ago, would have said.


This debate was always going to be the poison chalice, because very few people have exactly the same ideas on how it should be tackled.

It should be debated just to bring out all the different elements and contradictions into the open, but I don't believe this debate should end with a definitive policy,it should lay out the arguments for further changes and debate. I don't believe they will get it right first time.

A sursis is going too far as it will stop the debate dead, if deputies are not happy at the end of the day, they should just vote "Non"

Island Wide Voting

.... or Contre?

guern abroad

There was a lot of effort put into public consultation, there was a document to read and also an online survey to go with it and lots of provided reading matter plus from memory various open meetings for people to attend and ask questions (which were not hugley attended from the Press coverage of them).

How much opportunity should be given?

Is it not enough what had been given?

I am now reading the Billet d'Etat content to see that it aligns to what had been in the population consultation process and there are no nastey surprises as in differences that I have spotted so far...still reading

guern abroad

Perhaps what should be done is rather then vote all the changes through under one vote, but break it into sections so at least the permit idea can get put in place so we know exactly how many people live on the Island. Even if at this time it is either Work Permit or Residency Permit and no further breakdown than that but we would have 100% knowledge of who is on the Island.