Crime in the island is down

GUERNSEY POLICE have reported a 14% reduction in criminal damage last year compared to 2011.

Patrick Rice, annual report

GUERNSEY POLICE have reported a 14% reduction in criminal damage last year compared to 2011.

Statistics in the force’s 2012 annual report also revealed that there was an 8% fall in all reported crime – down from 2,094 in 2011 to 1,928 last year.

There was also an improvement in the overall crime detection rate, up from 35% to 50%.

Domestic burglary fell by 22% and reported assault cases by 7%.

‘The improvement is obviously very pleasing, especially as it means that there were approximately 160 fewer victims of crime in 2012 compared to the previous year,’ chief officer of police Patrick Rice, pictured, said.

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hardly believable im afraid.

Is Mr Rice just employing the same UK standard practices for reporting on these know, the ones that have been absolutely trashed by every person that has ever investigated them.

The fall in reported crime could simply be due to the increasing lack of faith in the local force, hence wy bother reporting it.

Statistics are so easily bendable to present the truth in the way the presenter wants that they are hardly worth listening to any more.

Comin At Ya

It's sad to think that most of you people who post on here have an 'increasing lack of faith' in the local force. I actually think they do a pretty good job. I would love to see your house get broken into or you get robbed in the street bob and see who you call. Have you ever had any dealings with the local force or had any insight to what goes on in their world, or are you just getting this from the usual drivel from the Gsy press who never print a full story

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Comin At Ya

Perhaps more of a full story might come to light if the Press were to ask Mr Rice if the 2012 figures were prepared on EXCACTLY the same basis as the 2011 figures

I believe Guernsey has to await each year's counting rules to be announced by the UK Home Office which is why in this computer age the results aren't announced until the end of June

The UK is not shy of changing crime counting rules on a yearly basis depending on what they wish to portray to the gullible public

Let him have it

I returned home one evening to find that someone had smashed one of the glass panes of my front door in an effort to get in (they failed).

Immediately I phoned Plod only to be told that there was virtually no chance of the culprits being caught and it wasn't really worth me reporting it.

So that was one attempted burglary that never hit the stats!


Unless there's something you're not telling us, you found a broken glass panel and PRESUMED that somebody had done it maliciously.

If there's no evidence at the scene and it happened at night, it's a non-starter.

The Police are investigators, not miracle workers and they have to prioritize how they distribute their human resources.

The last intake was 3 Officers and there are 5 shifts. You do the maths.

Oh Dear

That doesn't sound very professional.

I would expect the police to make note of it, just in case there are other attempts in the area.

That could probably be put down to vandalism though. If someone was going to go through the trouble of making that much noise by smashing a window I doubt they would have just given up.


Bob may have a valid point. The guy up the road from me had his house broken into and the police never even turned up after he called them.


The only thing the local force is good at is picking on motorists.

Evars Kerspars

Define 'picking on'.

Mr Lloyd

Dragging in motorists over word of mouth complaints of bad driving from friends of senior officers.

No evidence required for a caution.

Not dragging in motorists when there is a genuine complaint about dangerous driving along with evidence to prove it (i.e. a damaged car).

Evidence available, but ignored.


I had my purse stolen and phoned to report it; I was told not to bother reporting it officially as they had no chance of catching the person who did it. Another one that never made the statistics.


Coincidentally, last night both mine and my husbands vehicles were raided on our property (luckily nothing of value was in them) - however I phoned the police to report it as I was concerned that others may have been targeted and been less lucky (I live in a fairly quiet area of the Castel so assumed it may have been a door-to-door attempt at theft). I got told that I was about the 12th person that had called that morning about the same thing. As I could not give any information about the perpetrators I was told someone 'might' contact me - but I won't hold my breath. Wonder if any of the reports from last night will make their way into the statistics? I am sure this type of criminal spree is not uncommon but would be interested to know how Mr Rice's statistics are calculated. I certainly feel less safe than a few years ago.


Happy to report that I have now been contacted by the police and told that they have made arrests/recovered some property (hopefully leading to prosecution) - I hold my hands up for jumping the gun on feeling that they were not that interested in minor crimes - will hold my tongue in future and give them a chance to prove themselves next time (as they have done this time) - hopefully there won't be a next time though!


No doubt he would claim that the comparitive lack of armed crime is somehow related to the crazy amount the SWAT team costs. In the real World they would look closely at the conspicuous waste he has been responsible for.


Today's paper, Firearms unit review, Mr Rice did not want to discuss whether specialised boats would be introduced for a faster response to incidents on Sark and Alderney???? Oh dear, sounds like more of tax payers money being used, or,should they just put blue lights on that other folly, The Leopardess??


The police are working very hard with a minimum workforce and budget to keep crime rates down.

It shows you it proves that states departments can work together given less spending power.

Job sharing instead of increasing manpower is paying dividends.

Home Dept purchasing armoured vehicles is deterring crime on this island.


Evening all! I don't think you've quite got the hang of PR work yet, have you?


It's not a joke, dude, the Police here are laughably understaffed.

There are nights when there are literally 4 or 5 of us covering the entire island.

And that's not quiet nights like monday tuesday, we're talking friday and saturday.


If that is true, where are the rest of you? On long term sickies for bad backs etc? Working their tickets for early retirement? Gardening leave? Training for things that will never happen? There are well over 200 of you including civilian staff and specials aren't there? If only one in six were doing anything at any one time that is still over 20! If only 5 are on duty something is pathetically wrong with the way you are managed. As an 'Insider' you must have some idea where the blame lies, why not share it with the rest of us? And no, its not a joke because the police are costing us a fortune every year.


You DO know that there are elements of Policing which are not boots-on-the-ground, right?

Civilian staff can't perform front-line Policing tasks for pretty obvious reasons and specials are volunteers with other jobs, they give time as and when they can and receive nothing in return.

Your pre-formed idea of the Police being skivers on sick leave etc. is, to be perfectly honest, pretty insulting.

There is no 'blame', there's just a government demanding more for less and with fewer people.


You know as well as I do the Police record for 'bad backs' etc. is absolutely legendary, there have been many damning statistics published. Come on then, you're the expert... when there are 4 or 5 PC's 'covering the entire island' where are the other 150 or so? We'll leave aside all the civilians since nobody seems to know what they contribute anyway.


Leave, rest days, working office hours in support roles?

If you want a drill of numbers from a real expert, you're better off calling the station in person.


Tha't bad news when all 4 of them have to raid an Advocate's office at 3am..


So? I worked a 24/7/365 job once - we needed four people to ensure that one was always on duty. Sometimes there was a bit of overtime to cover people off sick etc. Back in those days we worked quite hard so I reckoned on you needing SIX people in the police to have one always on duty. I still can't see why out of around 150 non-civilian police personnel that gives you only 4 or 5 on duty as claimed. Instead of getting agressive with me, why not explain this anomaly? I have nothing to gain from having the police understaffed but we are already spending many £millions a year to have 4 PC's on duty. Should we just keep throwing money at a badly managed operation?

Let him have it

And the Order of the Brown Nose goes to..................


So all in all then, a load of bs? Dreaming up ever more fanciful scenarios for deploying his Robocop army. Doing nothing about real crimes except fiddling the statistics. This man has been a disaster from the outset. Can't the States replace him with somebody who understands the actual policing needs of Guernsey?

Holborn's Castle

Define 'real crime'.


Well, for instance, burglary is a real crime. It is immensely distressing, the culprits often do it regularly and commit other crimes. If Guernsey police have adopted the English practice of ignoring burglaries then they should be thoroughly ashamed. I bet it would get properly investigated if it was Mr Rice's home that got turned over.

Holborn's Castle

If you actually believe that the Guernsey Police ignore burglary, then I feel truly sorry for you and the deluded fantasy world you live in.


Another agressive reply and no explanation from the boys in blue. Actually, I said 'IF'. Several posts above suggest that the police here are indeed following the procedure in the UK which ignores many if not most burglaries. I know this for a fact because the police in the UK told me so when our daughter was burgled there. They refused to even attend despite me virtually begging them - said they didn't have the manpower, there wouldn't be any evidence etc. etc. Point blank refused. She was so scared and distressed she never spent even one more night in that house. Thats partly why I feel so strongly that every burglary should get properly investigated. If you are promising me that is always what happens here, good. I don't see why people are making up lies though.

Holborn's Castle

That's a UK policy made seperately by a UK force. I don't know of any such policy in Guernsey.

I understand you feeling strongly about the matter considering what happened, but it's plain unfair to turn one experience into presuming all uniform are lazy, don't work etc.

It's an exhausting and thankless job as it is.

Oilcan Annie

The above posts regarding our local police do not ring true in my experience. Over the last few years I have unfortunately required their services on a number of occasions( not because I had broken the law!!) and have always found them to be very prompt at responding to a request for assistance and their kindness and compassion on an unexpected bereavement was exemplary.


So REPORTED crime is down, this is very bad news, have they thought of asking the public why they have stopped reporting crime?


Great news if the figures havent been massaged.


There is another possibility of course.

People are still reporting the crimes, however, now that Rice has managed to reduce the staff numbers there is literally no one to log them onto the computers.

Of course, he will have achieved his goal of leaning down the department, so will be given a large payoff for it. Even larger when he shows them the figures of reduced crime rates when they do reward him.

After all, it would appear he has succeeded in doing the impossible by simply getting rid of extra staff or buying expensive quick response vehicles. Maybe the crime rates have dropped because of the new non-drinking zone on albert pier - roflmao.

Name something that's been done that could have a significant impact on crime figures!?!


What about the states robbing suppliers blind & then have the gall to blame the suppliers themselves, only we all that bloney SAP is working eh loada codswallop, the states need to grow some and admit it ain't working but they won't, bunch of crooks.


I think " Beanjar " should have his own board. But he does make some good points.

Problem with Guernsey is a lot of people have no pride in the Island which is so sad.

They also have no considertaion for other people and Im not targeting younger people as that is not always the case.

Rubbish everywhere in the streets, people having cars vandalised, idiots putting bins out days before collection which is a nightmare.

Most of the problems occur due to drink which is not always in the evening. I walked past the other day and a guy was on the floor out of his head at 11.30. I phoned the police as I was concerned for his health and they were at the scene very quickly.

Being a policeman in this day and age with aggresive people around is not an easy job.

If you tell someone to keep the noise down it can lead to a nasty confrontation. I really get sick of the bad behaviour of fellow islanders.

Oh Dear

Well said Andy.

The police force are under constant scrutiny from a lot of people. They're not perfect, they don't catch everyone, name me a police force in the entire world that does.


Surely a better indication would be a measure of the fear of crime? As many others have posted there are many crimes that go unreported. In today's 'Press a “hedgeveg” man says he’s given up his pitch at L'Ancresse as he gets too many thefts but has never reported them. Not sure how he expects them to stop if he never reports the thefts....

Have had to call the Police a few times over the past few years and each time they did a very good job. I am sure there is the odd bad apple, just as there is in all walks of life.