States chief executive set to step down

STATES chief executive Mike Brown has announced his retirement date.

Mike Brown

STATES chief executive Mike Brown has announced his retirement date.

The announcement was made to States employees yesterday.

‘I now consider that the time is right to prepare the groundwork for my successor to eventually step into my role,’ said Mr Brown, pictured.

‘It is for this reason that I make this relatively early announcement of my intention to leave the employment of the States of Guernsey in April next year, as I do not want any unfounded speculation to distract from the appointment of my successor and the further work required to continue the progress that has been made.’

Mr Brown joined the States in 1978 as a chartered accountant. Before becoming chief executive in 1993, he served as deputy treasurer and treasurer.

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I smell a rat.The Chief Exec AND his deputy jumping ship!

They must know something terrible is on the horizon and want out before they get the blame

We're all doomed

J. E. Weller

On an early juicy pension I'm sure.

vic gamble

@ IWF...don't panic so much...they just want to walk their sh*t machine doggies around your neck of the wood, in a happy pleasant state of retirement.

You are getting crotchedy in your old age.

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No major problem with the four legged sh*t machines once they have had their vocal chords compulsorily removed

Perhaps it's something PAW could take up?


"The Chief Exec AND his deputy jumping ship!"

Nigel Lewis too?

Island Wide Voting


Yes both of them.Mike Brown in April and Nigel Lewis in October.The Press didn't say if it's October 2013 or 2014

There could be an opening there for the new lady harbour master!


Hmmm. Don't forget Mark Cooke has left recently as well.


More like take the redundancy after 35 years. Hell I would and retire early.


My understanding of the Redundancy/severance package is that all severance applications are put forward to the board, and they will decide whether the post should go. They are to do this at a set time (some time around September)?

So if he walks away with 100 weeks of pay as a severance, I'll be interested to know :)

Any way, you are right! With a cool pension like that why not!

GM for the top spot!!!!!!


Let's hope that the replacements are not as institutionalised.

35 years in the same organisation must restrict ones perspective a certain amount.

Now's the time for a clean sweep and some reform!


lets hope he soughts sap out before he goes


Both are high pressure appointments and if each man can afford to retire, they are wise to do so.

Work can easily dominate one's life and the value of leisure cannot be over-estimated.


Not before time. He should have gone when the organisation he was purportedly in charge of was scammed out of £2.6 million through the simplest of con tricks. Any chief exec in the private sector with such a level of overall responsibility would have gone in the same circumstances.

Guernsey Fudge

Would the last person to leave Custard Castle please turn off the lights please.


There needs to be a complete change of culture within the civil service. A new man at the top will make this a lot easier to implement.

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Not if the replacement(s)are dyed in the wool career Civil Servants who have been in situ for the last 15-20 years.The present culture is all they will know

On the other hand if they recruit from outside of the island there will be uproar.Interesting times ahead


It is the way foreward for our elected deputies to show authority over controlling the islands finances and ridding of wastage throughout their departments.

Maybe all will answer YES MINISTER.

Klaus Fluoride

There must be some Guernseymen out there, who are not dyed-in-the-wool civil servants, have relevant experience & would relish a new challenge.




or Guernsey woman!

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The new harbour master?


Mike Brown is off?

I'll drink to that!


Me too... (non) Accountability Brown.


If he's retiring surely he will get a pension not voluntary severance. I wish him well for his retirement, he has served the island well. Who will be replacing him is the question everyone is asking in the states. There don't seem to be anyone waiting.

Tom Ranson

Interested you state that Mike Brown 'has served the island well'. Maybe you could give some examples because all I can think of are the failure to control States spending, the appalling state of SAP, the lack of accountability for the £2.6 million, the failure year after year to address the pension scheme problem, the failure in making Chief Officers accountable to anybody either their Boards or us the public, the huge overspends at St Sampson's harbour, the new jetty, the other brushed-over capital spending overruns, the list can run and run. Anybody in a company who had achieved so little and had so many failings during their watch would have been sacked by their Board of Directors - but since this is the States we just get told how wonderful the man is and then that any pay-off for retiring/resigning isn't going to be disclosed. The scam or sham continues!


Serving the island for a long time does not equal serving the island well......

Graham Johns

It will be two years pay as said by quizzed. Now who to take his place ?? Watch out for the guy who took the blame for the £2 Million + loss suddenly rise again. I'm not joking - if he can get a plum job 'consulting' for education, he is being kept in wraps for something.