Dogs can die from eating seaweed, warns vet

SWALLOWING seaweed can be lethal for dogs, Environment has warned.

SWALLOWING seaweed can be lethal for dogs, Environment has warned.

It follows the death of a two-year-old Labrador, caused by an intestinal obstruction, which was reported to the department.

A member of staff from the environment services unit has spoken to people walking dogs on beaches about the dangers of letting their pets eat seaweed, a spokesman said. Most were unaware of the risk.

As a veterinary practice was considered better-placed to inform and advise dog owners, the unit suggested to one that it  contacted the media to raise awareness.

Vetcare Centre partner John Knight said the practice would see four or five seaweed cases every year.

‘People who walk their dogs need to take appropriate care,’ he said.

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Yeech, what is it with dogs? Will they eat just about anything, hungry or not? A few days ago Mrs B saw our neighbour's dog tucking in to a large mound of steaming GG Poo outside our house, then rolling around in the leftovers!


Deliciously ironic - a dog picking up someone else's poo! ;-)


When our dog was a puppy I found her chewing on a piece of old glass she had dug up.

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Was she in pane?

Vale Resident

PLP you reduced me to tears with your comment! So so funny!


Dogs eating seaweed. Seriously ? Depends what seawead Mr.Vet


Maybe this might help some people


Damn, so I shouldn't have fed Mr. Snuffles with those norimake sushi rolls last night??!!


Shame on those who treat this subject with so much levity. I am sure the owner of the dead Labrador must be vraiced with grief!