Guernsey is second on grid for fast cars... despite 35mph speed limit

GUERNSEY motorists were ranked second in the UK for owning the fastest cars – despite the island’s 35mph maximum speed limit.

GUERNSEY motorists were ranked second in the UK for owning the fastest cars – despite the island’s 35mph maximum speed limit.

Islanders came runner-up to drivers in the City of London, who topped the survey of almost 6,000 car owners. The results, released by, were based on the average top speed of the cars owned by motorists from each region.

Jersey drivers finished just behind Guernsey in third place.

Guernsey’s high ranking was of little surprise to Forest Road Garage owner Dale Crowsley, who said that islanders took pride in their motors.

‘I’m not surprised in the slightest, even though we have a speed limit of 35mph. Why do people have fast cars? Because they can.’

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Sarnia expat

Why do people have fast cars? Because the imbeciles who own them generally have little in the upstairs, or come to that, the downstairs department, and have to prove their worth through materialistic rubbish!!


I am a little surprised SE that you who normally writes good posts would come out with such an inaccurate insulting load of rubish.

The wicker man

Agreed bcb , what a load of ball cocks. Usually, those that have abit upstairs can afford them. Give me a two litre escort any day of the week.


I own a fast/nice car because A) i wanted one and B) because i have worked hard for my money and as a reward to myself bought the car.

i have nothing to prove at all (especially to people like you) as i just plain and simply enjoy cars!!

i would say that your comment is insulting, however i detect that you may possibly be a little bitter/resentful of these people.

mo one

I actually think SE got it spot on. Having money does not mean you are intelligent, it just means you are overpaid for what you actually do.

Come on guys with a 35mph speed limit you have to be compensating for something eh.


Well in that case i shall tar you with the same brush as SE which is a plonker!

i have worked extremely hard to get where i am and consider myself to be reasonably intelligent too, which essentially makes your comment completely untrue (in my case anyway)

just because we have a 35mph speed limit why should i drive a perodua or some other pile of mass produced rubbish? I earnt the money not you so i shall do with it as i see fit!!

mo one

Touched a nerve there I think.


A little yes if I'm honest as I feel that your comment is unjust! However I try to take this with a pinch of salt as I don't really want to get into slanging matches against people on an Internet forum. I do actually ( kind of) see your point as guernsey is definitely not suited for cars like mine. However it's my hobby, other people have theirs, so each to their own (apart from people who ride horses as they are a royal pain in the proverbial!)

mo one

This is what I don't understand. You are in favour of having any vehicle you like, but cant stand someone having a horse.

Why is one persons hobby more ok than anothers ?

At some point in time we have all come across someone who is not safe on the road, be they young, old in a car, bike, horse etc.

The bottom line to me driving is not fun, as you stated earlier. Fun should be kept for offroad or track days (not easy here)

Driving on the roads is chore with large resposibilities, we should never take it lightly.


Ah its not actually the horses i dislike, its the people that ride them!!

I agree 100% you cannot categorically blame any one vehicle user for being worse than another on our roads!!

I would say that driving can be a chore sometimes but i enjoy it most of the time.

so basically what i am saying is that i mostly agree with you (apart from the intelligence comments)


The real 'imbecile' is the person who feels the need to abuse those that don't fit into his idea of a perfect world.

That will be you Sarnia expat.


Sounds like jealousy to me. Stereotypical rubbish, I'm surprised you didn't mention mid-life crisis's.

Based on your username you're an expat? So why bother posting when you don't even live on the island?

Sarnia expat

Is that Kev? As in Kev Run?!!! Ho ho. Is his feelings hurt a little then? Awwwww.

Sorry, spend your hard earned cash on whatever your little hearts desire and I shall do the same.

Jealousy? Nope - don't need to prove anything thanks.

Enjoy your wee hobbies boys (and girls of course)


Don't worry, you haven't hurt my feelings at all, I just recognise that those who find it necessary to abuse others in order to make a point are normally of limited intelligence themselves.

As for the 'Kev run' - yes, about 25 years ago and I've wised up since then, maybe you should try to do the same?


Any ranks for slowest or even cheapest cars?

Sark Watcher

I am guessing that Sark would come top of all lists of the slowest and least prestigious forms of personal transport, by any measure.


What a disgustingly arrogant final remark from Mr Crowsley - "why do people have fast cars? - because they can". This sums up the 'keep-up-with-joneses' Guernsey attitude and the importance put on money, status and materials possessions. Things will change as the economy continues to decline with the finance industry shrinking. Try selling your flash cars then Mr Crowsley!

Terry Langlois

not necessarily arrogant - you don't really know how he said it.

the reporter may have asked the question and he simply responded along the lines of "why not?". it is a bit of a silly question, really.

as for selling cars - you do realise that it is possible to sell cars off the island, do you?


Fast cars are of course pointless in Guernsey but Mr Crowsley's answer ‘because they can’ is spot on - just an honest appraisal of the situation, i.e. a relatively affluent society and no restrictions on vehicle size/performance.

People seem to like their motorized status symbols regardless of where they live. I’ll never understand why this is the case either, but there you go.


Agreed , seems a poncey comment. TO be expected.

But what they dont tell you is these cars arent driven on the roads they are an investment and tax loss for investment company's :) What a joke. Same goes for Yachts as well registered in Guernsey. Its a racket. I wonder how many Lamborghini's and Ferrari's are registered in Guernsey and never seen a road over here. Get a clue folks .



I don't understand what point you are trying to make here, buying any article -car, yacht, aircraft, jewellery, gold bars etc as in investment is a legitimate enterprise and benefits any community that supplies said items (sale of item, servicing etc in the case of vehicles).

If someone decides to hide their Ferrari or whatever in an old barn, that is their choice... it doesn't directly affect you does it?

Your post seems to be aimed at those who choose to buy what they want with THEIR money, for whatever reason they deem reasonable.

I think you have a slightly envious streak showing ;-)


Point was Guernsey is Second on the Grid ?

I pointed out some facts for the figures of expensive vehicles :) Sorry was it meant to be a secret ?

Not envious at all. But I guess by that comment it annoyed you.

Mission Accomplished. ;)



I don't think you have actually accomplished anything with your post. What facts and figures did you point out... I can't see any. There is no secret that some folks choose to spend their own money on investments.

Overall, your post can be likened to a popular daytime TV show - Pointless ;-)

PS I really am not annoyed... just amused.

Charlie G

Yes i know,all entitled to spend our money how we wish,...but in all sensible honesty,this is so typical island mentality," mines bigger faster and better than yours" ! Just look at the pathetic "fashion" parade in the schools car parks.

Come on ,what an hilarious joke this control now over traffic population ,and ridiculous over powered over sized vehicles,with more than enough of the owners clueless on how to drive them,especialy the 4x4 brigade! Heaven knows how they cope on the continent.....beggers belief.

"Step right this way me old cocker,got a lovely break the sound barrier, V12 superchaged motor just made for you,never been over 30mph, ideal for Island roads, engine needs a bit of a de- coke,clutch burnt to a cinder,only one elderly frail owner!....bargain". Oh deary me....quel folie !


Lighten up Ian....If someone has always dreamt of owning a flash car and they can afford it, then why not? … you’re a long time dead.


Sorry but it just irritates me Mark - it's exactly the kind of attitude that has driven me away for the island. I'll try and chill out :-)


Well done, you've moved somewhere without sports cars - Sark?


It's called keeping up with the Jones's which is a Guernsey pass time. Just glad I am not like that. It does seem worse on this island for that than other places I have lived in.


As the article is about fast cars, why is Mr Crowsley pictured standing next to what is actually a pretty slow motor in the world of performance cars?!


I'd be interested where they got there information from. I can't see the States supplying the information. Is it based on individual cars or averages per capita? As we all know there are more cars than people as Ford and others use Guernsey as a staging post to avoid VAT. More information please GP. Lets also remember that a new ' low powered' Fiesta is capable of 120mph!


It's from 6000 user's of the website Very small and biased collection of participants. Barely a news story.

The only reason for it is to spark more anti-motorist/cyclist posts.

R. Williams

What a lot of miserable responses. Perhaps the cars give their owners great pleasure without having to be driven fast and image is of no importance to the owner.

Some people like cars, some paintings, some spend a lot on clothes or shoes and many other things that takes the owners fancy.

We're all different.

The more important item that needs correction is that neither Guernsey or Jersey are part of the U.K. and hopefully we never shall be despite the screws being tightened by the U.K. government.


Spot on R. Williams.

Sadly the green eyed monster is alive and well in Gy. As you say, the most important aspect of this 'slow news day' story is the reference to our island being referred to as part of the UK.

Island Wide Voting


Have to agree about 'the green eyed monster'.It can be found in many TIG threads ... often by the same posters


Guernsey - home of the cow, and Mad Car Disease...

george l

How very silly indeed , for the size of island, the narrowness of roads why does anyone want to drive such cars or those horrific 4x4 ? Answer because they are selfish, self important "wannabe's " who think they are some big shot and in reality the are small fish is very small pond but think they have something to prove. I doubt these idiots would survive any further afield that St Martins . Time the States made it tough on drivers and made the roads safer for the rest of us. ( sadly I do not see this happening as they are useless and it wont win votes)


Pathetic narrowed minded views...Should we ban all cars and motorbikes that exceed the speed limit????

Maybe we should all drive the same cars and wear the same clothes. Get over it, if you want it and can afford it, have it, that's life!


No, we shouldn't ban them, but what we should do is make a nice little revenue earner out of anyone silly or vain enough to buy an oversized, overpowered vehicle by bringing back some form of road tax for large, overpowered non commercial vehicles. I'd bring in a Torteval Tractor tax tomorrow and I'd treble it for any yummy mummy who uses such a vehicle to clog up country lanes on the school run!


"some form of road tax"? Like a tax on fuel you mean?


Yes, that as well!


Pointless, would not stop the use of these so called oversized, overpowered vehicles as the owners will and can pay whatever to continue using them.


Could deter a few, or rather encourage some to choose a smaller vehicle more suited to island roads (I'm not trying to save the planet here). Also, what's pointless about earning extra revenue from big car addicts? We do it with smokers.


I'm all for bringing back the cycle tax, why not have a level playing field and extra revenue?, we all know cycles hold up the traffic and in doing so make those vehicles create more pollution,

also why not tax horses too?, after all they make loads of mess on the roads that is never cleared up, this being a dangerous trip hazard when walking in the lanes at night as well.

Where do you stop and which option is more correct than the other?


What we should do, if anything, is provide tax RELIEF for those who rely on bicycles for most of their journeys rather than motorised transport.

Cyclists have a negligible effect on the degredation of our roads, they reduce traffic jams and pollution levels and should be encouraged by the State(s) in every way possible.

Taxing cyclists would be the most retrograde and regressive step and it is a most ludicrous suggestion.

Cyclists do slow down traffic on occasions, I've noticed this when I drive which is not often, but they do not cause traffic jams. Only four wheeled vehicles do that.


"Cyclists do not cause traffic jams" lol I have heard it all now, but I must agree they don't do it all on their own the buses help a lot too.


Personally I own my 3 litre gas guzzler for the purpose of taking it away 2 or 3 times a year on holiday in Europe and the UK, for the amount of miles I do and the reduced price I got it for it's cheaper than a smaller car and so, so, so much more fun!

If that makes me a bad person the so be it, I couldn't give a monkey's toss to be honest.

P.S. whilst typing this post another coal fired power station has been built in China


Perfect and to the point.

Charlie G

And whilst the new coal fired station was being built in China,hoards more idiot thinking attitudes of guzzeler mentality took to the roads in vehicles they can't even drive properly, pretending to be something they certainly are not,,especialy here.Agreed everyone to their own freedoms,but thank heavens for those of us that were born with the grown up mentality of common sense,and that do give a toss about our Enviroment....oh and i'm not Mr perfect by the way .

My little 1.4 litre van takes me nicely round Europe and Scandinavia ,and uses far less fuel....still, the couldn't give a toss brigade have money to burn....or massive loans to fuel their never ending needs!...sad.


Idiot thinking?

Ok I'll get rid of my air conditioned 3 litre estate car and replace it with a Postman Pat minivan that is about as unsafe a vehicle as you could possibly wish for, and crawl around Europe with my family in discomfort just to please the planks who deem me to be environmentally unfriendly.

Who's the idiot here?



If you bought your Postman Pat minivan for here, why couldn't you hire something bigger and more comfortable when wanting to go abroad on a longer trip?



Have you seen how much it costs to hire a big car for a fortnight? By the time you include the extra insurance, child seats, extra driver etc it's well over £1,000 so there's your reason. My car is 7 years old and cost me less than £4,000 and I only do about 3,000 miles a year so it will more than pay for itself compared to hiring.

Plus, of course, I have no wish to look like a dipstick in a Postman Pat van :-)


Phil…. You under-estimate the allure of a Postman Pat van. Do wonders for your street cred! ;-)

Nobody buys the extra insurance from Hire car firms do they? A complete rip off if you annualise (is there such a word?) the charge.

Maybe there is an opportunity here for a car club.


Totally agree, Phil.

I've done some research into buying a '4x4 gas guzzler' myself. Most, I repeat most 4x4's on the market are only milimetres in difference to that of a standard saloon. They're just taller! People seem to get a real bee in their bonnet about this, but estate cars are actually bigger.

These new 4x4's are no different in width and length to the average car, but most run on extremely fuel efficient diesel now, with eco designed engines.

I will admit, I used to curse the Chelsea tractors myself, but having actually researched a fair few of them, I don't hate them anymore. The small car I drive now is far less economic!



Everything you say 'might' be true but it doesn't alter the fact that the general massing of these larger 4x4 vehicles make them more intimidating for other road users. That might even be part of their appeal for some people but to me, confirms that when people in Guernsey decide to buy them, they are not taking into account the rest of the community, or the local environment, or their appropriateness for the local roads. In short, they are thinking only about what they 'want' and what suits them. As Phil says... he 'couldn't give a monkey's toss'. Says a lot really!



So people are intimidated by these vehicles because they are taller? How exactly does that affect two cars of similar length/width passing in a small lane? Lanes are small in Guernsey, most cars will struggle to pass each other, but people will manage, as they have been for many years now.

I won't quote facts and figures, but as I say I HAVE actually bothered to do some comparisons before I rant about their size and again I HAVE compared fuel efficiency on most 4x4's on the market. They compare favourably with that of your average family saloon/hatchback car.

Do your research. Your points about size and the environment are (for the majority of these vehicles, not all (sorry range rover!))unfounded.

I will happily admit though, that there are definately a lot of people who's driving skills dictate they should stay well away from any kind of car, not just a 4x4! There are some seriously hideous drivers on Guernsey roads.

mo one

KG this research that shows fuel economy is similar. I hope you are not basing it on what the manufacturers are saying their vehicles do.

If you are I suggest you get some real figures.

And as for being mere mm bigger I assume you are talking about the silly little 4x4s. I don't think you could compare the BMW 4x4 and a Fiesta for instance. The Fiesta will be much much cheaper to run all round.



As you say, lanes are small in Guernsey. We have a small van and a small car and neither struggle to pass another similar sized vehicle even in the lanes. Obviously, I am not suggesting that large vehicles intimidate each other but they do intimidate smaller vehicles as they bowl along the faster roads that are not much wider (if at all) than a UK country lane. Les Blicqs for example where you have to have nerves of steel to keep all 4 wheels on the road when you see one of those things bearing down on you at speed. They also intimidate cyclists and pedestrians by their size.

Your definition of ‘environment’ is too narrow. These larger vehicles might have improved levels of emissions and mpg and therefore be ‘less bad’ than previously (are they really as good as all the new small vehicles that are coming onto the market?) but ‘environment’ for me, also includes our visual and physical environment. It is not suprising that so many visitors to Guernsey comment on the large private vehicles that increasingly dominate our roads as one of the negative developments of Guernsey in recent years.



Are you suggesting people in these monstrous vehicles are the only ones 'bowling along' intimidating other road users?

It's relative, rosie. You get bad, selfish, inconsiderate drivers in 4x4' also get them in smart cars and mini's!

I currently drive an Astra (too big, too fast? do let me know...)and I am forever stunned by the speed at which some idiots come haring around tight corners without so much as a thank you to me for taking avoiding action. And guess what, they aren't all driving 4x4's. Cyclists can also be just as idiotic and selfish, weaving in and out of traffic expecting the right of way. (Again, not all of them, just some)

The majority visitor opinions I have seen is regarding the amount of vehicles as opposed to the size. But that is a different argument.

*Shocked*..... you have TWO cars!!?

mo one

No need to suggest I do anything. The info I have garnered is from varying sources.... manufacturers, what car? magazine, car buyer, friends who actually own one...

please also note that I said 'most 4x4's' not all. Range Rover and BMW I think are the worst offenders and wouldn't be looking to buy one myself.

Interesting line...'silly little 4x4's' are you saying they should be bigger now?



5 adults.... 2 cars. Is that really so shocking? I should also say 6 bikes and 5 Ormer cards.

I agree that bad driving is bad driving and is not dependent on the vehicle being driven, but when the bad or inconsiderate driver is behind the wheel of something large on roads that are small, the intimidation is much worse. And the larger vehicles don’t even have to be driven badly to make other road users feel as tho’ they are being squeezed out.


Yes Steve! How lovely this island would be with no motorised private transport allowed! Anyone can buy what they legally want within their means.

So lets get rid of all those silly 4^4 owners who rule the roost so they think!!


The right to pollute is cheap in Guernsey. Do the States or rather Environment really want to protect quality of life on the island? Their strategy seems to be do nothing or very little and let fast cars and chelsea tractors rule the streets.


People should use a bit of common sense when buying a car, after all, the roads in Guernsey aren't very big and the speed limit is 35 mph. So nobody needs a supercar or one of the many oversized 4x4 vehicles that clog up the pavements on the island. As for those people who try to justify owning such vehicles by saying they go off island once or twice a year well why don't they buy a more island friendly vehicle at a much cheaper price and hire the status symbol of their choice when they arrive at their destination. I'm sure it would work out much cheaper and lengthen the life of Guernsey's pavements.

JJ Lehto

Nice idea, but how many companies hire Range Rovers (or similar) in St Malo? And how does a family get all of their luggage on to the boat and then into the hire car? Most cars I see at the port waiting to get on Condor are full to the brim, and plenty have roof racks too.

Maybe your suggesting we shouldn't take so much stuff with us on holiday? That it's horribly materialistic to take enough clothes to last for 2 weeks on France?


It's a democracy, if someone wants a fast car to crawl around the island they have right to. It’s their money and they have right to spend it how they want.


Get a grip people. look at the calendar - its August. What do you expect but another 'silly season' non-story? Newsflash, some people have MX-5's. Big deal, we all can if we've got £5k to spend. Lets not turn this into yet another tedious car hatefest.


I find this info hard to believe, when compared to Jersey our cars seem small fry, even cars parked all day in the multi storey car parks are high performance cars, I wonder how they collate this info.

JJ Lehto

Why do most of the posters on here think that the sole purpose of buying a nice car is to "keep up with the Jones'"? I presume this is because they have no love of the motor vehicle, but there are plenty of people who actually like to drive a nice car because they like cars!

As Pete says above, we live in a free world. Some people like to spend their money on cars, some like to spend their time posting continuously on TIG!


Totally agree JJL, I am myself in the process of buying a small sports car (not that fast or flashy, just different) purely as an indulgence because I am of an age now where I can afford to buy something I have been hankering after for many years.

In my case, it has nothing to do with 'image' as a lot of posters on here seem to think is the reason for buying such vehicles, its because I want to spend my savings on something different and that is essentially my choice.

It won't adversely affect the environment as I can only drive one car at a time, the mpg no worse than my 'modern' everyday car, so basically, my money, my choice !


So what's the problem? is it the size of the cars or the size of the engines? most sports cars are smaller than your average estate car

just because it says Ferrari on the front doesn't make any difference, it can still be driven at 35MPH.

And if someone can afford one and wants one what its matter, its their hard earned money.... as I said earlier have what you want in life as you're a long time dead.


in fact that little Mazda in the picture would be the perfect car for Guernsey roads.

Richy McRicherton

Many seem to not have noticed that one can in fact take one's many V12's off the island and drive them elsewhere to speeds in excess of the speed we all stick to of 35mph...


Forget this rubbish story on cars, the real headline, as someone pointed out above, is "GUERNSEY motorists were ranked second in the UK" Since when was Gsy in the UK, how can the GEP write this. Did the person doing the ranking think Gsy was in the UK. If you keeping saying something long enough, the populace will believe it. We should be shouting louder about Guernsey. Come on Dave Jones you are always ramping on about Guernsey what is our states doing about promoting us properly to the outside world.

R. Williams

I raised the issue of our islands being described as in the U.K. To be fair to the GP, whilst they could have noted the error, they were only quoting the article which was in the Daily Telegraph.


The same Telegraph owned by the barmy Barclay brethren. The same plutocrats who would have Sark amalgamated into the European Community so it would be against your human rights not to be able to charge ones Hummer across La Coupee to partake of a lobster supper at La Sablonnerie...


Crossed my mind too, ironic isn't it.


Why do you people car what others spend their money on? Just points to envy. And if they buy them locally and don't use them you're even better off. Where do you think the money goes, a lot of it gets injected back into the Guernsey economy.

On a related note, it would be nice if some people could actually drive closer to the speed limit! Crawling around on the islands main roads uncomfortably at less than 20mph is insane and if you can't drive on these roads between 30 and 35mph then you shouldn't be on them. Take a bus

Car Driver

Follow the link to the survey and you will note that Guernsey and Jersey are no 2 and 3 on the survey of Fastest Car Drivers in the UK.

However if you look to the top right of

that page it lists out the names of the car drivers who drive the fastest cars...possibly not from Guernsey eh?

Unless cars and motorised vehicles are going to be completely banned from Guernsey the anti-car debate will just run and run.

Who cares if we've got the fastest cars? Unless you take it off island (and many people do) we don't nip around in them very fast. I've had a £1,000 car that does 125mph and I've had a £25,000 car that does 125mph - this is all just subjective clap trap.

brown cow

why do most cars in Guernsey have wing mirrows smashed or missing .


They dont, stop being silly.


Woohoo!! We beat Jersey!


Why have fast cars on Guernsey? For a start, the cars are engineered to go fast. Same applies to a motorbikes. You don't get a 1200 or R1 to poodle around at 35mph. It will choke the bike. Granted, go abroad if you feel the need. Very psychological thing going on for the need for a fast car in Guernsey. Quality car....yes, fast car the saying goes I'm afraid. Would also be nice to know that the driver/rider has some advanced driving skills.


Why do you believe you have to have advanced driving skills to be able to drive a Ferrari in Guernsey... or the UK/Europe? Advanced driving skills could be equally as important to the driver of a low powered vehicle.

You seem to be trying to imply that owners of high performance vehicles are somehow trying to make up for inadequacies in their persona or physiological make up... I suggest that it may be you who is inadequate as you seem to be unable to appreciate that someone who buys one of these vehicles doesn't have to justify it to you or anyone else for that matter.


Because they look awesome.

Doesn't Guernsey have the greatest number of cars per head of any country in the world? If so then, statistically speaking, perhaps we also have the greatest number of slow cars too.


1000cc+ bikes are fine to poodle around at 35mph. The Police, GMTS and the motorcycle escorts all use bikes above 1000cc.

Fast cars and bikes can easily cruise at 35mph, if they couldn't they'd be useless on the road anywhere not just Guernsey.


1000+ cc bikes look absolutely ridiculous on our roads. Fair enough if you ride abroad often but, as someone who rode a 600cc machine in his youth, even this was far too powerful for island roads. For the last 15 years I have been riding 125cc scooters instead. You really do not need anything bigger in Guernsey.


You need loads of poop under the bonnet to overtake the long lines of cyclists. Ha Ha.



In case you have missed what a lot of people on this thread have said, it is not about what you need, it is about what you want.

Its their money,and if other people think they are silly, then so be it, IT IS THEIR MONEY... now do you get it?


Yes, I get it, but in this instance I was more taking issue with the notion that 1000cc+ bikes are "fine to poodle around 35mph" with, when in fact 35 is the absolute maximum legal limit and, in my experience as a bike and scooter rider of nearly 40 years' standing, machines of around 100cc/125cc are much better suited to our speed limits and poodling around with on our small roads, not to mention whipping in and out of slow moving traffic in a way that you simply can't with a big bike.


Isn't owning a high-performance sports car in Guernsey a bit like keeping a tiger in a playpen?


Nope, the latter is probably illegal and at least you can take the car out to play (abiding by relevant speed restrictions of course) now and then.


Colimachon, this has to count as one of your worst ideas!


My car doesnt try to eat me either!!


Well Guernsey ranks second for fast cars in UK! what does it tell? Well it says that in here there are so some many show off individuals. But this is small predicament comparing with those people that have huge range vehicles. Do they think that they are in Africa doing a Safari? These types of vehicles are very unsuitable for our roads, for our car parks, but above all are very dangerous in collisions with other cars. It is up to the States of deliberation looking into this and impose a determined type of cars suitable for our island or and dish out special taxes that could deter many people to possess such mechanical monsters!



I beleive the article in the GP was first published in a UK newspaper which relied on information from a website but no proof as to how the information was gathered or verified.

That aside, having a large vehicle such as a Range Rover doesn't mean that the owner needs to go on safari, they may just like that type of vehicle and may need it to tow a boat or horse box or whatever. Some may even argue that a vehicle with a higher ground clearance may actually be an advantage when driving on certain sections of road or public car park:-)

As for our Government limiting the type/size of vehicle that an individual can own... I personally think that is a step too far, I'd rather the individual makes their own decision on whether their vehicle is 'suitable' for the island or not.

I am not the owner of a large 'flashy' vehicle, but that is my choice, as is the choice by others to own what you or others may see as 'unsuitable'.

Lighten up mon vieux


They are not dangerous in a collision

if your the drive of one!!


I have experience of driving larger vehicles both here and throughout the UK. I have recently been over to the mainland and both there and here on many roads people (I have done this myself) forget, or ignore the fact there could be something larger and slower than themselves approaching around the next corner. The amount of times I have had to slam on brakes due to some one coming hurtling around a corner without consideration for what may or may not be approaching from the opposite direction. Personally I do feel many of the cars on the island are way over the top for an island with the speed limits and road conditions which prevail here. I witnessed an Aston Martin being driven from a drive in town recently it was on the road less than ten minutes. It could not have been out of second gear and was parked in a car park near the Grange. It took longer to get out of the drive and into a parking space than to walk the distance would have. Mind it was a nice day for driving hood down and breathing in all that lovely fumes from stationary traffic. Must make a man glad to be alive!


For a start - the 'statistics' are likely misleading...

The survey was conducted on a pool of 'almost 6000 car owners' presumably from all over the UK.

The likelihood is that only a few 'car owners' from Guernsey participated in the survey. The information was likely collected by some form of enthusiasts website: often frequented by car enthusiasts (you know; people with fast cars) so 'car owners' who aren't enthusiastic about such a survey and don't own fast cars will likely NOT have participated.

It's likely that less than 10 people from Guernsey participated in the survey, and lets say these 9 of these 10 people all happen to have Porches or Ferraris or similar exotica with a top speed of (lets say) 185mph. Then the 10th 'car owner' in the survey has a Ford Focus with a top speed of about 125mph.

That gives an average top speed of all cars from Guernsey (according to the survey) of 179mph.

Meanwhile in Wales; a couple of hundred (possibly even thousand) car owners participate in the survey. Some have Japanese imported Subaru Imprezas (limited to 112mph), some have Mercedes AMG saloons(limited to 155mph), some have Ford Focus's(?) and there's a handful of 200mph exotica in there too.

Over a larger spread of information the likelihood is that this magical 'average top speed' is lower.

If every single car (all 85,000 of them!)registered in Guernsey was recorded to give an 'average top speed' I doubt it would even come close to the result if every car in the UK was recorded for the same purpose.

Secondly: Give people a break...

If someone wants to spend their hard earned cash on a fast car, so be it. Not all fast cars need to be driven fast, many are a piece of artwork for collection - others used for the purposes of Motorsport, or taken off Island regularly on track days to break the speed limit in another countries' jurisdiction.

While there is clearly a problem with traffic on this Island - it seems to be more to do with the sheer volume of it (but that's another debate on affluence) or the in-ability of people (of all ages / genders / backgrounds / (dis-)abilities) to use their machine safely and correctly.

If you want to be told what you can / can't drive, then move to a communist country; or better yet live in Sark...


Couldn't have put it better myself!

Quite how a non story such as this has stirred up so much furore beats me, but that's Guernsey for you;-)


Your right but not sure why your surprised? you`ve just joined in :)


bcb... well spotted :-)

george l

GUERNSEY + THE IDIOTS WHO DRIVE 4x4 and High Performance cars.

What a joke. We live in an island with roads that are no more than one step up from those in Sark ( at least they have the right idea) and yet we breed and import idiots who think 4x4's are what is needed.

These unintelligent overpaid clowns should be made to walk and that way they may lose some weight ( inconsiderate overweight uneducated thickits)


You are obviously a numpty who doesn't have a clue what they're talking about.

My car is fast but is no larger than a ford focus saloon, the only issue in guernsey is fuel consumption which only affects me as I have to pay for the fuel.

I have worked hard for my money and will buy whatever the hell I like with it!

Believe it or not some people have hobbies which involve cars, they are called enthusiasts! Others have stamp books and others like crochet, do I feel that these people should be called stupid because they enjoy doing something in their spare time??

If it bothers you that much George.......move to sark! Or the Falklands as that is further away from me!


Idiot... that's all that I could think of when I read your 'post' sorry:-)


How ironic that you should call anyone else 'unintelligent' and 'uneducated'

Ranting little boy.


Let's be honest - if we're discussing the islands traffic issues this is a bit of a red herring.

A fast car is still a car. It makes no difference to traffic density whether its a Ferrari or a Smart car being driven around.

Besides, the really fast ones don't tend to be used on the daily "drop the kids off to school on the way to the office" run anyway.


The voice of reason as always:-)

Neil Forman


Good Posts!

I drive a ' performance ' car, it meets current emission laws and was a show car I purchased in England, after a lot of searching.

I like the car and it is the second one of the same type I have owned, I like this type.

It is the driver who turns it into a ' fast ' car not the car.

The other car in my family is a Fiat Siecento, I know which one I feel safer in. Small car with no protection or larger car with protection?

What is missing on our roads is consideration for other road users and courtesy. I rode a small motor cycle for a while a couple of years ago and just did not feel safe, cars stopping yards over yellow lines, overtaking whilst I'm riding at the speed limit, etc.

I can see the cyclists point of view here, there are some idiots on the road who have no consideration for other road users. You might be held up by a cyclist but so what, there's only a line of traffic to stop you a hundred yards down the road.

St Marcouf

In my experience, the smarter and more powerful the car, and probably the lower the registration number, the slower and worse the driving is both on and off the island.

I've been held up so often by such cars in St Malo and I've overtaken them so often on the motorway as their drivers dribble along in their stupefaction.

It's therefore not true that people have these cars in order to drive fast or make use of their performance off the island - the real reason lies behind new money and ostentation, something for which Guernsey and Jersey today are sadly synonymous.


I agree with this 100%.


I was in London last week and saw a massive black jeep on Oxford street with the number plate 5.

It fitted right in with the Lambo's and Ferraris, I doubt it spends much time in Guernsey though.

george l

reply to - Guernzee

this may come as a massive surprise to you

but there are flights that actually take people off island - sorry i dont mean out of St Sampsons to town ( eh) -i actually mean to the big wide world!!!!

anyway you keep earning all your large bags of cash ( for being a talentless individual ) and i can only guess how well the island will do from you in the future.

congrats Guernzee you are 0/10


I would bet that Guernzee has more to offer this island than you do. He/She can string a sentence together for a start.

How about you take one of those flights. One way.


I don't actually earn that much, it's called saving? As for the talentless comment that's a bit rich dont you think? Considering you don't know me!

Thank you KG you can obviously see that George is a troll and not a very good one either!

Oh Dear

My lifestyle may not be similar to Guernzee's but it's up to him/her what he/she does with his/her money.

There's no point in calling someone "talentless" when they clearly have a better grasp of the English language than yourself. Some could say that you're a talentless typist.

Oh Dear

Why is it that every one on Guernsey is always in a rush? I can understand it in the mornings as people don't want to be late for work. For the rest of the day there's no excuse to speed and drive like idiots.

The bus I was travelling on was nearly involved in a crash yesterday as some pillock came out of the filter when it wasn't his turn. It was a locally registered car with no "H" plates. The person knew he did wrong but didn't want to wait for bus to manouver around the tight bend (which is difficult to do in a bus that's nearly the same length as the island itself).

Backchat, I agree with what Martino is saying. We don't agree on everything but it would appear as though we have similar views on this topic. Bicycles can slow down the flow of traffic but they don't cause traffic jams. The sheer number of cars on this island do that themselves.

I'd also like to say that when all of you drivers over take cyclists don't do it on a corner. I've very nearly been hit several times due to this dangerous manouver.


Why is "This is Guernsey" trying to ram their Communist tendencies down all our throats? Why the sudden campaign against car drivers recently? Slow news month? Bored?


Didn't you 'agree 100%' with St Marcouf's railing against 'new money and ostentation'?

like a kid

absolutley no surprise. almost certainly the same relationship with property. the drippingly obvious wealth within guernsey is yet another elephant in the room. but everyone blames the unemployed or single parents for the island not affording decent public toilets! lester queripel blames our poverty on too much overseas aid!! the price of every other car down the grange at 8.30 a.m. would pay for your extra judge for a year lester, so no need to leave the darkies without running water either, surely? massive money here, whether local or non-local, commonly the monied are tax savvy, property savvy, high on the hog of world wide tax avoidance and its attendent cap doffers and runarounds. no problem with the cars - just tax the owners with courage and fairness. eat the rich, for goodness sake.

george L

KG -

I am sure I take more flights than you do - why don't you stick to your field in Torteval eh

get out and see the world