Airport firefighters secure 1.5% pay deal

AIRPORT firefighters have been awarded a 1.5% increase - half of the inflation figure they craved – in a tribunal ruling today

AIRPORT firefighters have been awarded a 1.5% increase - half of the inflation figure they craved – in a tribunal ruling today

The firefighters and the States put their arguments forward at the tribunal this morning in a bid to resolve this year’s pay dispute.

The tribunal made its award late this afternoon after just under four hours' deliberation.

Unite the union, which represents the firefighters, wanted to seek a two-year pay deal, however the terms of reference for the tribunal only included a one-year deal, so they were forced to stick to that.

A previous offer of a 2.1% rise – the same awarded to the manual workers – was rejected by the firefighters who wanted a two-year deal to avoid this process happening again in 2014.

Policy Council had offered a 1% pay rise for 2013, arguing that the airport firefighters have been the group to enjoy the biggest rises in pay in recent years. Against the continuing backdrop of economic problems the island faces, it argued an above RPI rise was not in the best interest of taxpayers.

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Living in the real World

Welcome to the real world Gents where we are lucky to get a pay rise, the difference is we cant hold the island to ransom with the threat of a strike, you guys are well paid for the job you do.


I dont think there was any mention of a strike was there?


Strike coming or hold Island to Ransom


O.M.G. Here we go again..

Every States Dept has got to save money, apart from the Airport Fire Service(again) it would seem.


Ah!! great another Fire Fighters bashing.

Having a Laugh

Enough said.


I've said it before, I'll say it again (and again) - income tax revenues are down so there's less money in the kitty!

Yes there are those that are doing very well for themselves but the majority (which lets face it are the ones that pay the most tax from their earnings) have had static pay levels for years.

Bash 8981

In the nineties the island was short of policemen and advertised for them from UK police forces the response the overwhelming.

No ones job is safe I'm sure there must be lots of firemen in the UK who would love a job as an airport fireman given that the UK government is laying them off to save money let alone giving them pay rises!!!


Pretty sure there's a no strike clause in the firefighters most recent working T&C so don't expect one....both sides are doing the right thing going to tribunal. Would it be too simple to suggest that all States bodies are offered the same pay rise (or freeze) deal each year?


I'm going to keep banging my "privatise the airport fire-service" drum until it breaks.

Bang bang!

Get a contractor in

Bang bang!


Obviously they have no pride in their profession, as they care nothing for the way their roles are perceived.


problem solved get some eastern European fire fighters they will work for a pittance and work all the overtime on flat rates the states will save a fortune they did it with the growing industry.


But the growing industry wasn't government owned.

Of course if this were to happen then people will start moaning that unemployment is up, along with unemployment benefit claims and the old chestnut that foreigners have come in and taken all the local jobs!


They would need Housing licences for Eastern Europeans.


Oh dear, that's backfired then - maybe they won't be so greedy and accept what is offered to all other public service employees.

Perhaps they won't be quite so willing to go to the tribunal next time as it has cost them 0.6% today,although having had a 20%+ increase over the last 3 years they can probably afford to lose that much.


They will go sick and the Airport will have to close.


So overworked but still have the time to pose for a photo though.. what a disgrace.. no one else getting pay rises.. but they do... all they do is play pool all day !! or sit in the sun.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, I would be happy to travel by air, day in day out without them being there at all. In fact I' m sure that if you

loked at the number of flights world wide, the number of air accidents and the number of lives saved by airport firemen you would have to wonder if they are really needed anywhere.

half a cup

'You would have to wonder if they are really needed anywhere'???

Would be interesting to hear you say that if you were one of the unlucky ones that did fall into the percentage of casualties needing help.

Of course, the categories for the requirements of fire cover at airports are based on knowledge and statistics rather than your shoot from the hip comment on 'Your Shout'


Your entitled to your opinion though.


The hard workers at HSSD are far more deserving a rise. Unfortunately they are far more loyal to the public they serve and make far less fuss, work longer hours and get far more grief.


Yes privatise the airport and the airport firefighters would get the going rate for the job. The rate that's paid at airports elsewhere,private or otherwise,in the UK because that is the standard practice.

The slant against them in this article is there for all to see as they didn't put in a claim but "craved" for what they wanted.


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

I bet they weren't expecting that outcome were they? I know that some people will say that even 1.5% is more than they deserve, but on the upside, the tribunal has just saved the taxpayer 0.6%!

Roll on next year - let's see if they play the same hand again!?

Like any good financial advisor would tell you - "values can go down as well as up"!

Doh!!! "Why didn't we accept the 2.1%?"


So they turned 2.1% down and ended up with 1.5%? Good, now perhaps these selfish greedy people will stop whingeing for a while.


Nobody ever stopped any of you applying for the job did they? So stop moaning and get on with your own lives. Enough said!

Lazy bones

They might reduce their working week by 0.6% to compensate for this.

Mind you 0.6% of 3 hours isn't worth worrying about.......


I bet that fire engine gets as much use as the world famous police land rover, and probably costs 5 times as much. lol


Glad to see the tribunal see the bigger picture. They have seen the greatest increase of anyone in the island in the past few years and their attitude to job and money shows they know they are in position where they can and will use tribunals to get what they want. What will be interesting now is how many of them suddenly fall ill!!!

If they did look at the bigger picture in the island pay freezes are a common thing right now so to be offered 2.1% should have been greatly welcomed. To go to try and get more shows greed and I for one am pleased this back fired with a 1.5% rise being given. Saying this, I do hope they are happy though as this is more than most others on the island.


I have been told that Airport Firefighters (and I presume this applies to all airport staff) can leave their vehicles in the airport car parks FOC while they are away. Is this true? I thought 'we' as tax payers owned the car parks so why can some people park there for free?

Disgraceful !

Oh how shocking and mean of them !

They should be made to pay through the nose for such a wonderful privilege. They should be made to pay the same rate for parking in town !!

Oooppps... sorry.... there is free parking in town anyway.

How petty can some people get !


I don't think I am being gripe is about airport firemen being able to leave their vehicles in the airport car park while they are away from the island (i.e. on 2 weeks holiday, not while they are at work. We all have to pay to use the airport carpark if we leave our cars there for more than an hour.


I don't think you're being petty either. If correct, its a nice little £10 a day perk which I bet never gets included when they whinge about their terrible salaries or finds its way to their Tax Returns.

Disgraceful !

So what is wrong with that - if it is indeed is true which it might well not be ? Is the car-park full at any time so that other car-drivers who would have paid are turned away ? Don't other airport workers have the same benefit ?


How ridiculous of you. If that is true then that is far from being petty.


You cant see what is wrong with it? really?

Yes there could well be times when cars could be turned away i`ve had to myself on the odd occasion. The car park should be equal to all and not some kind of perk for those who work there while the rest of the general public (which they are too)have to pay.

Whether they are taking up spaces which would otherwise not be used is totally irrelevant as we could all use that logic not to pay.


Surely anybody parking for free in a pay carpark as a benefit of their employment should be declaring it on their Income Tax form, no?

Fair do

Amazing to see so many people suggesting that UK or East European workers are brought in and then on other articles in the Press, there are many people complaining that there are too many foreign workers coming in and that local employers should pay locals a decent wage !

Make up your minds please !

Fair's fair... 1.5 % is not a big deal. With the increase in fuel costs, electricity, bus fares etc etc... that 1.5 % will not enhance one's standard of living. For those who are not getting a pay-rise or see their salaries falling, please do not begrudge others who have got a miserly 1.5 % extra. You too deserve an increase... there are some on the island who are taking every one else on the island for a ride - and it's a question of a few profiting greatly whilst the many have to bear the ever-increasing burden.

And watch this space next year... will the airport fire-service not need additional manpower to permit the new and larger Aurigny jet to operate here ?


Greedy ungrateful people ,most of us havent had a payrise for 2 to 3 years mind you we cant hold the island to ransom disgusting.

Fair do

No... not greedy. And you and all the others who have not been given an increase, deserve better and also deserve an increase as the cost of living is going up.

And especially when the high earners in the private sector and the senior civil servants are raking in ever more money, and whilst at the same time there is so much wastage in public expenditure on the island.


HA! "...not greedy.." Who are you trying to kid? How about he people whose travel was screwed up by these bloodsuckers until the States caved in and gave them all £4000? Extortion, pure and simple.

Oh Dear

They definitely get far more money than they deserve. There are people on this island who are doing far harder, far more notable jobs and they get no rise at all. It's unjustifiable and downright greedy.


Sack them all and recruit new fireman.


Oooooo hutchy


And where are these new firemen to come from, not Jersey or the Isle of Man who for some reason don't seem to have "greedy" airport firemen. Nor the UK where they are paid the going rate for the job.

How short the memories are when you think back that the beginning of the airport firemen episode was because of people leaving and the States not being able to recruit replacements. Yes sack the lot and close the airport, grow up springs to mind.


When oh when will the FTP actually perform a worthwhile task and merge the bl@@dy fire stations?

A fire is a fire - just give the officers the extra training they need to deal with a fire in an Airport environment and vice versa!

I'd love to see the look on Airport Firemen's faces when they'd have a shirt at the Arsenal - Err what? we have to put out a real fire? Umm, ok, where's the manual to refresh my memory how to do that again?

It makes financial sense, resources can be made more efficient etc. etc.

The biggest issue for the decision makers is that they are run by 2 different government departments (Home and Public Services), and the biggest issue for the Airport Firemen is that this would screw up their ability to hold the island to ransom again and more importantly will seriously disrupt their datrs / pool matches!


Any right thinking person would agree with you Waiting; except perhaps the relevant people, States Members please wise up!

Oh Dear

Very good post!

"Real" firemen are far more deserving of the pay as well.


£17.17 an hour and they still complain UNBELIEVABLE.


Waiting and others

The problem doesn't really lie in the fact of their having two different departments governing the two different fire services.

the problem lies in the fact that a town fire fighters job is competence based and I presume so is an airport firefighters. The town firestation is the biggest littlist firestation in the uk if you understand me. They have all on one station with crews of nine personnel that most stations in the uk have only half of.

I would say that the work and training to maintain competence with all that equipment and knowledge which may be required at anytime is quite daunting and lets not forget they have to attend callouts as well. I would think that although the wish to do both jobs is there that the time to squeeze in the extra competence perhaps isn't. lets face it the average grey matter can only store so much!

Some parts of the jobs are probably compatible but this would still mean a bigger training criteria for which time would have to be found.

Even if it did happen what would the pay be? you are asking a lot of training for a job which as two jobs (airport & town)costs £50-£60K jointly, it doesn't mean for sure that you could get rid of any manpower, just provide a bit of resilience to maintain airport cover / town cover.

It seems great on paper to amalgamate different jobs to save but in reality the bigger picture is that out of the two services only a handful of jobs may be compatible etc.

It would be a big ask and concern would be the retention of skillset when it is most needed. There is a National Occupational Standard for both jobs, take a look and decide for yourself, then if you still think it is an easy job apply!


The St Peter Port fire station is not in the UK....when will people realise Guernsey is not part of the UK...


I was at the harbour this morning on my way to Sark, we passed a load of people getting off a cruise boat being greeted by a sign that said "St Peter Port - United Kingdom."

I don't know whether the sign came from the boat or us....I'd like to be able to say nobody here would get it wrong but...... ;-)

Island Wide Voting

One for Chad to cut his teeth on?


It looks like the forecourt attendants at the airport have been taken on as standby firefighters or have become part Mr Rices swat team in the new uniform they are wearing.

They are a disgrace and who ever permitted this dress code need to learn dress code.

What a welcome to visitors to the Islands, the old uniforms gave them authority and also pride in what they wearing.

They were also a point of information, now they are just one of the yellow coat gang, easily mixed up with the Lagan workers.

Yet again a slip in standards in our Island.


1.5% They should be happy with that. At the end of the day they don't really do anything anyway.


Craig: "At the end of the day they don’t really do anything anyway."

Can't agree with that, Craig, 'at the end of the day' is when they start their second jobs! Obviously £40k is not enough for folks with plenty of energy to burn off.