Retailers claim cruise company tells passengers 'island shops take euros only'

TOWN retailers claim a ferry firm is telling its cruise passengers that Guernsey accepts only euros.

TOWN retailers claim a ferry firm is telling its cruise passengers that Guernsey accepts only euros.

Some P&O Cruises crews, they said, are giving out misguided information about the island’s currency.

Guernsey Post runs currency exchange Batif and the utility’s communications manager Cassandra Fish acknowledged there had been several incidences of passengers coming to the island carrying the wrong currency.

‘We did have a few people in over the weekend. Sometimes they have come over and left their debit cards on the ship, so they are a bit stuck until we change it back.’

A spokeswoman for P&O said it had checked all of its port guides, website and pre-cruise information and found it to be correct.

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That's nothing!!.. Someone put euros in my Hedge Veg money box the other day.

Island Wide Voting

That'll be difficult to explain on your tax form


yes a very good point, I could always pay the states income tax with tomato's


I hope they gave you a decent rate


If you want to do business with cruise ship passengers take what currency they have. It is not difficult to take you expect them to have Guernsey



Guernsey currency, the GBP? I would expect them to, yes - a lot of them are English.


Good point. How are they expected to have Guernsey currency?

mo one

Or maybe they use it as an excuse not to buy.

I will leave you to work out why they are not buying.

R. Williams

Having taken euros, dollars and once even Saudi Arabian Riyals, I'm surprised that shops would turn away any currency.


I cruise with P & O every year do you want me to give them a ring or send them an email. Surely someone can convey the details to P & O they are not that difficult to get hold of,or unapproachable,it's not rocket science,tell em.I am sure they would be only too pleased to oblige they are quite pleased to use us as a port.


They should all be told this in the itinerary.

We were and were also told what to use when ever we went somewhere by the tour guide .

This is an excuse ,and if there are many who use different money take it .we have an exchange .never know you might gain a few quid .or if not keep it until rate go up ...


Is it that big a problem to take euros, I've been left with a pocket full after trips to France and always been able to use them around town as a last resort. The worst thing is last time I traveled with condor from the uk I wasn't aloud to spend guernsey pound notes in the boat,. Madness


I've never had a problem spending Guernsey money on the boat, they do usually give you destination change though.

Charlie G

Fuming now!! Good on the cruise company !might get some local business's to pull their fingers out and give some professional flexible service! Instead of bleeting on(as has been the case)about the lack of trade, like a load of winging nimbies..Yes our currency is Sterling,but for heaven sakes bend with the wind,whats wrong with you all!.Ask any cruise line company why they love stopping at Gibraltar?..there are many reaons one being,even though Gibraltar is akso sterling,on the day of each cruise line visit,signs go up in the shop windows reading,






Dont believe it? go and see for yourselves...& guess what?...they even open on a Sunday...shock horror.

Whats what here,one headline saying "all shops accept euros but not all do" the other saying, "Guernsey accepts only Euros" so what,use a caclulator ,work out the rates ,change it at the bank,job done!

Way back in the 70s,before euros ,our business would accept most currancies,to the delight of the customers,who were quite happy to have a little extra on the bill for the trouble and exchange rate...its called professionalism.

Ive ranted before on this subject,and ill huff and rant again....In this day an age its no longer enough for us to say,"ah but what a lovely beautiful Island we have".and just sit back and twiddle your fingers..THOSE DAYS HAVE GONE FOR EVER AND EVER!

Personaly as someone who has been heavily involved in the past with local tourism,i'm sick to the back teeth of Guernsey's unprofessional, play at it attitude towards what could be our Islands last chance saloon of an industry.

IF out Island wants to be competative and put on a professional show,in the cut throat world of tourism,and the cruise industry,then we ALL ,including the States of Guernsey have to reflect hard and seriously just which route we want to take and how much effort we want to make.Self criticism and thorough self analysis need to take place on our Island within all of us,no matter what work or business we operate,the Islands future concerns us all !

FACT...the island is already starting to crack at the seams ,we have all sat back ,riding the crest of the wave with blinkered vision far to long now, and local business ,with the full backing of authority,needs to pull its socks up and make harsh either get a grip , get serious,stop crying,and put some effort in,and get out there and fight for you place, or sink in a pool of self pity! ...absolutely as simple as that...unbelievable!

Michael R

Having run a small business in Guernsey, I was always happy to take foreign money, no matter what is was. A quick call to the bank, or failing that if on a Saturday a check in the finance pages of the newspaper, would give a pretty good idea of what exchange rate to apply.

It's not difficult.

Stone de Croze,

Cor blimey, it's about time The States, decided that Guernsey should 'float 'the Sarnia' new currency. eh. ? That would 'sort it out' for all those confused passengers, for sure. !


Easy really, just get your iPad out on the ship and buy online, Simples really.


Charlie, I agree. The island needs to be more accommodating to tourists. Shout the message loud, we accept euros and translating it into French and German wouldn't go amiss either.

Good on you Bruce Russell silversmiths for being the only broad minded retailer in this article thinking outside the box. I nominate him to head up the Guernsey academy of retailing..

The trouble is Guernsey has ridden the wave of offshore finance and that seems to have suppressed industries like tourism.


That is absolute rubbish, Pax are not told to use Euros, especially on the Islands, paying for a Cruise, they have the money they can on their person, money can be changed on board, so no matter what monies is in their wallets, can be changed back no matter what. I was once given a scottish pound note by a visitor, could not argue, it is still money, where is this Guy coming from. Co-op may be going but we do still have banks on the Island, people want to spend accept what you can. So many Businesses going down, so if he wants to turn away Euros he must have a good stash somewhere.


it is down to the designated port agent to inform pre arrival of this type of matter.

A passenger

as a former resident of Guernsey I had the pleasure of a Great Britain and Ireland cruise,one of the ports of call was Guernsey on a Sunday.

The tourist board closed at visible taxi's,no signs for Local buses or where terminus was located, and the front was closed to traffic, no info on local sights, Candie gardens, walking to Castle Cornet, The Town Church open.

Charity stalls, couple of other stalls, and best on offer was Sueco.

Contrast Invergorden, Welcome port side information tent, map of locality,Taxi's advertising trips for an hour or two hours and displaying prices. local bus port side for local trip. the church offering free teas to the crew members and facilities for them to e mail loved ones, and to crew some knitted hats.

On to Holyhead, musicians at port side, little gift shop port side postcards/stamps, information sheets, at local church local choir entertained and their collection box soon filled, Lions club members around welcoming folk.

At another Scottish port the lifeboat shop did a good trade.

What a disappointment when we reached the beautiful island of Guernsey.


Can the people responsible at VisitGuernsey and Commerce and Employment take note now? As things stand we don't deserve the cruise liner business because we just aren't trying hard enough and we are doing practically nothing for the cruise passengers when they set foot on our island.

It is also worth noting that this gentleman or lady arrived on a Sunday. The first thing Kevin should do is accept that the antiquated Sunday trading laws are stifling commerce and employment. It is time for him to 'man up' on this issue and accept that he is wrong.

To the writer of this post I would say: "Thank you Sir/Madam, you have given us a wake up call!"

Island Wide Voting

Commerce and Employment is 'in charge' of Tourism

Are you reading this Deputies Stewart,Brouard,Hadley,De Lisle and Laurie Queripel?

Charlie G

A Passenger....thanks so much for your breath of fresh air comments....true to every word you wrote...i made my "rants" above perfectly clear.Ive no quarms about the truth hurting!!..We have a lovely unique product to offer,but in the hands of amateure nimbies,playing a bad game of "welcome the tourist"!

Martiino...i fully back your so very valid comments.I also say to whoever at this moment is supposed to be dealing with our Islands tourism future,get of your backsides ,pull your fingers out and get your act together.Start by reading these postings,especialy like those of " A passenger".Show the people of this Island you are worthy of your positions! things stand now,this Island needs a right kick up the backside.As for Sunday openning,?ok come to a compromise, and let those who want to ,have the chance to open up ,only when the cruise liners are on a Sunday call,so islanders and visitirs can enjoy themselves,for heavens sake its not the end of the world!!

We need people incharge with flair ,imagination,a never ending flow of ideas, people orientated , a willingness to be seen out there ,at every hour of the day,giving every ounce of energy the Island is paying you for,to get the job done! If the present Authorities can't deliver the results,then move over quickly and let some professional blood take the reigns!

Be under no doupt the cruise industry is a massive growth market ,with every chance now being given to our little Island to make a fine impression in that market,sadly far from the case now.Ive been involved with places like Gibraltar and Norway,believe me it is a marvel to the eyes ,to watch how other places pull out all the stops to woo in the visitors,and how whole communities come out with massive welcome in their hearts,

Our Island needs to bury some of its pathetic,petty bureaucracy ,and red tape ,bring the best of our heads together,to do what it takes ,to put on the finest "show in town".....Shameful !


Charlie G for Commerce and Employment Minister


Excellent post, thats what we need evidence from the horses mouth.

Wont make any difference, we just rest on our laurels expecting the ships to keep on visiting our island.

One day the bubble will burst the cruise lines will get fed up with the complaints and move elsewhere.

We are ruled by those who really do not care so long as they collect their salaries and get voted in every 4 years.

This is not doom and gloom it is based on what is happening to our island at this present time, in all aspects.

Nothing surprises me anymore.


I really don't understand why many pax left their debit cards on the ship, what use is that? That is not the point of owning a payment card, you keep it in your wallet or purse which you take with you shopping.

Lindsay Mitchell

As someone who, erm, goes on holiday (like 99% of people), I always check what currency I will need before I travel. It's a no-brainer, it's common sense.

It is impossible that anyone should have the wrong currency whichever country they go to. It is not the shop-owner's job to act as a foreign exchange bureau!

If I came off the ship without my credit card, I would either go back and get it or make do with whatever cash I had - and if my cash was the wrong currency, I would change it at a bank.

Are people so stupid and disorganised that they turn up with no money and then expect someone else to sort them out?



Are you forgetting that most of the punters are sceptic tanks?

Normal rules do not apply when dealing with imbeciles.


So do I if I'm going to one destination but nobody gets currency in advance for a one day stop during a cruise. Next year I will be doing a typical cruise which has one day ports of call in various Scandinavian and Baltic countries. I will take my credit and debit cards, some sterling notes and some Euros since they are widely accepted. I would not dream of changing £20 into Norwegian Krone before I go just in case I fancy buying a pair of socks. Sometimes the itinerary gets changed and you don't even make it into port - this often happens with Guernsey. One day the other week only 3 out of 5 ships made their scheduled stop in Guernsey for instance. Changing money and then changing it back is really stupid, you will lose about 25% if fx rates and charges.


This is another non-story really. One ship has given out the wrong information, I'm surprised one of the passengers didn't put them straight. If any shops in town won't take any major currency they must be very stupid and lazy. Shops such as Creasys/M&S have taken Euros for years and made an additional nice little profit on the exchange rate.

As for shops being shut on Sundays, we are probably doing the passengers a favour. Not much worth buying and lots to see if they get themselves out and about. Most cruise ports end up all looking virtually the same from a passengers viewpoint so no harm in being a bit different. Really no excuse for the lack of taxis, coach trips, signage or other sensible 'welcoming ideas' mentioned in Post 15 above though. Complacency and laziness I suppose.


I think "A Passenger's" post says it all. Guernsey tourism needs to lead an initiative to get town traders (and the rest of the island) geared up to handle the influx of cruise ship passengers. There is good money to be had here and we simply need to adapt to make the most of it.


Quite right and exend the welcome to all tourists whether they be family vacationers, yachtsmen, campers, golfers and so on.

Vale Resident

Yes Realist

Like opening evenings and Sundays?


Luckily Amazon is open 24 hours 365 days a year.


Of course Guernsey should be more welcoming to visitors. Many of 'A Passenger's suggestions should be implemented by the idiots running Tourism without further delay. But I don't agree with 'Disneyfying' the island and changing our Sunday trading laws to pander to tourists. Cruise passengers should take us as they find us, or at least a slightly more welcoming version.

Opening shops at all hours inevitably increases prices and that in turn will reduce town trade further. Evening shop opening would not help cruises one bit, passengers are gone by 5pm. Cruisers can buy tourist tat anywhere, they can tour our beautiful island instead on Sundays.

Simon V

For 2013 I think visitors expect and islanders deserve many things in St Peter Port.obviously ample parking,polite and helpful service,to be flexible on opening hours and if the only cash in their pocket is euros why not take it ?

Now I realise we want to regulate more and more over here as it seems the politicians national sport i.e. tethered cattle and tobacco licences but were Commerce and Employment right not to review our archaic trading laws ? Was it just ducking the issue I wonder ?

Show me a politician that is prepared to grasp thorny issues and deal with them during their time in office and chances are they will get re elected !

Charlie G

Simon... Totaly agree,and you can see by my rantings how i feel. Guernsey seems hell bent on red tape and bureaucracy,instead of inteligent give and take.

The sad "take us as you find us " attitude could be taken as "wer're to lazy to do anything about it "..and if that same attitude is within Commerce and Employment then heaven help us.Thats just the problem isn't it,there are no politicians with the b***s and courage to stand up and and get the bull by the horns,to get the job done.

My simple prediction ?, we will be discusing ,and pulling our hair out over this subject until the cows come home,unless there is SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL change...guaranteed.


Thats complete nonsense.

I work in the industry and have cruised on P/O to Guernsey a few times. Utter nonsense.

On the daily news sheet with information about the port it clearly details the currency in Guernsey and that UK currency is excepted.


I would like to add, following our cruise, 4 in party,

I did contact a Mr. Moriaty, at the time, in the reply I was told how many compliments they receive!! No indication that issues could be addressed.

Crews come ashore and look for personal toiletries, soft drinks, and opportunity to purchase goods before they travel on to another cruise. Be friendly to them.

I wonder if Guernsey has done away with the little train that could ferry some passengers, particularly or solely for elderly, down to model yacht pond area. SMALL charge could be made to cover costs, and I do mean SMALL charge.

Of course that would mean there would need to be alteration in 'front closure'. Use piers for stalls ?

People we met were very interested in 'The Occupation' and how islanders survived, but where were the books, again loss of book sales.

Not everyone on a cruise can afford the prices charged for organised, by the ship, excursions. So wake up tourist board. Sell Guernsey and in turn you may have return visitors.



Just one small point, A passenger. You rightly mention that "Not everyone on a cruise can afford the prices charged for organised, by the ship, excursions." They are generally unjustifiably expensive but you may not be aware that many cruises cancel scheduled ports of call if not enough excursions have been purchased. I gather they will usually use a 'Health & Safety' excuse such as weather, tides etc. This quite often happens with Guernsey since ships have the additional effort and expense of operating tenders. We have had friends who have booked cruises specifically because Guernsey was on the itinerary only to be disappointed. Needless to say, not leaving the ship encourages passengers to spend more money on board in bars or on other activities! You may think this is very wrong but there is no contractual obligation for cruises to call according to the itinerary so passengers are not entitled to compensation either.


With over 3000 passengers on board the ships excursions easily sell out for places like Sark visit, Herm visit as only so many can go by smaller craft.

I heard no complaints about the Occupation museum outing nor 'local scenic tour' except of one venue on West coast, included in tour.

There were many of the 3000+ left to wander around St Peter Port on the Sunday. Last day of the cruise.

Unfortunately cannot spend money as all closed except for Candy shop.

Plenty of food on board so don't need restaurants.

So,bored lets return to ship. Negative feedback to others.

Is it possible for tourist board to pinch Sure's idea of big screen, a tourist film showing St Peter Port, places easily reached, as passengers disembark and tourist board, or volunteers, to say 'Hey come and explore St Peter Port' and 'Welcome to Guernsey.''How can we help.''lovely photo's can be taken from the,-- 'Take home some Guernsey stamps,Coins, books' etc

Go to the customer not wait for them to find tourist board office.