Shore fishermen told to tidy up after themselves

FISHING clubs have warned their members to keep popular areas clean after sacks containing dead fish and a sea bird were dumped at Pembroke Bay.

FISHING clubs have warned their members to keep popular areas clean after sacks containing dead fish and a sea bird were dumped at Pembroke Bay.

The clubs have joined together to produce a poster campaign reminding shore fishermen of their responsibilities, with club officials branding the mess unacceptable.

A member of the public contacted the Environment Department to report that someone had left more than two sacks of rubbish, which included tackle, a barbecue, dead fish and a sea bird in early July.

West Coast Sea Angling Club president Shane Huxster said Environment passed on the complaint.

‘Some of our club members acted immediately and cleared the site that evening and we realised we had to get the message across that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable and gives a poor impression of shore fishing,’ he said.

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Good idea... A couple of years ago when the Bass Fest was on some of the fishermen left all there beer cans on the slipway...and they were empty!!

the truth


are the clubs to blame for the mess or do they have to tidy up other peoples mess

maybe the police should be going to the light house and see what happens down there after dark

Shane Huxster

Im glad someone has asked to alabriate on this. I have already contacted the press as they have unfortunately given the wrong inpression of what it is we are trying to do. I have asked them to apologise or recify with something along the lines of:

'Although we regularly remind club anglers to clear up we don’t believe the state of the marks is a direct cause from them as we would deal with these situations internally (if there ever was the need to), the cause of the problem lies with a minority outside the club angling world and that is where we wish to help educate individuals.'

Also with regards to the police this wasnt put across as detailed as we intended also even though the information was provided. They police have advised sometime ago that they will definately be doing several evening hightide strolls down the east arm, havelet, saints and the breakwater to show face and remind people to clear up after themselves.

Allthough the rest of the article was correct unfortunately the damage has been caused in the first paragraph but the message still stands and we hope we can at least get a few people to change their ways.

the truth

thanks shane as a club member i thought the press might have got this totaly incorect hope this can be sorted out with may be another artical in the press

not a club angler

Shane your comment " the cause of the problem lies with a minority outside the club angling world ..." I cannot agree with and I think is very misleading.

Simply you cannot claim that the litter left at many fishing marks is either a club member or not. I have photographs of litter at many marks this year. This litter problem has increased from around March/April and is not a problem in the winter months. I appreciate that some of your members fish all year round, as do I, but I have been appalled at the increase in litter in the spring and summer months. Some of the marks being littered aren't exactly the kind of place a casual fisherman would go, they take a little more care and knowledge. I have heard from club members that the problem is down to kids or foreigners, again unacceptable.

You cant broad brush this aside as a problem caused by a minority outside the club, that is short sighted and gives your members an excuse rather than educating them.

It is very simple to leave a mark as you have found it. Don't give anybody an excuse to pass it off as a 'non-member' problem or the problem will not go away until the weather gets a little cold and it is only the serious anglers left out there.


Excuse my ignorance, but what is a 'mark' - is it an official place where people fish from?

not a club angler

That's right Charliecat a mark is another name for a fishing spot. Lots of them can be found in Len Le Page's book Angling in the Bailiwick of Guernsey or via the Where to Fish section of Mick's fishing supplies website.

Other 'marks' or fishing spots are kept a closely guarded secret as many fishermen take a lot of time working out what mark fishes at what tide in which season using different bait and tactics.

It amazes me and winds me up when I see empty bottles of beer on the rocks, giant Doritos bags, fag packets, carrier bags, even the blister packet from a fishing knife clearly brought locally to use that trip - that one really wound me up, why not buy it from the shop, unpack it, stick the knife in your fishing bag and recycle the plastic. It shouldn't even make it to the fishing spot let alone be left there. Sorry I go on but whoever these people are, it infuriates me and as a non club angler I think it is really misleading for this to be past off as a 'non-club minority issue', it isn't, it is a problem that needs to be addressed by club and non-club anglers alike. That's what GBASS, WCSAC etc needs to be saying, not offering excuses to their members, I, for one that is out there every month of the year, believe that this issue is caused by both club and non-club members.

Good work by WCSAC in putting out signs and bringing this issue up, it's a few months overdue in my opinion, but again don't pass it off upon others as you would have 'dealt with it internally' I don't get that at all, are your members honestly telling you where and when they fish then an inspection is carried out after they finish to check they haven't left any litter? Of course not, so you cannot be sure. Rant over....for now lol

shane huxster

Hello 'Charliecat' a mark is just a term used for a place to fish from such as the castle breakwater is a well known mark.

To 'not a club member' i disagree and agree with you on your comments. The original wording of my piece to the press did not specify club anglers nor non club anglers but to angling as a whole but this was incorrectly re-worded by the press and aimed at just club anglers which is unfair to tar us as the main cause of the problem when we are working so hard to get the message out there. The club anglers have taken this campaign on board along with multiple parties such as the RSPB, Police and Tackle Shops to help educate all that enjoy fishing. The summer months are the worst due to mainly mackeral/pollack and bream fishing during the warmer climates but litter as you have said on various fishings marks around the island is in the most unlikely places. We can deal with educating club anglers at open competitions, agms etc but to get the wider audiance we need the publicity via radio, press, TV, posters and word of mouth. There is only around 140 club anglers spread over the 5 local clubs and this is far more easier to monitor any litterbugs within that community during competitions then the wider general population of anglers. Hopefully that answers your concomments.


Why anyone needs to be "reminded" not to leave their waste anywhere other than a place designated for such makes me sad. I walked around with three spent cigarette butts in my back pocket today as I didn't think throwing them in the woods to be right. My trousers stink (worse than normal) but it was my waste so I dealt with it.