Calls for extra toilets in Town centre

LOCALS and visitors believe there should be more public toilets in the heart of Town, but officials say they are battling vandalism and where to put them.

LOCALS and visitors believe there should be more public toilets in the heart of Town, but officials say they are battling vandalism and where to put them.

In February, the toilets at North Beach were damaged and the facilities at Cambridge Park have been another target this year.

Town users in Market Square feel that this area in particular could do with public toilets – the nearest are by the bus terminus.

John and Yvonne Ozanne, both retired, thought there were enough around Town, but agreed a facility in Market Square would be a good idea.

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The only way to stop all this is to have a card pass to get into the toilets . they can do this like they have in many offices .Security is a must .

To cover the cost people will, buy these passes. the money raised from this will cover the costs.

this way if they do get vandalised it will show up electronic who was in there.

visitors could buy a pass card from their hotel of from the information office .

time has come for us to be more friendly in this area .

there are toilets around ,but they are now closed

The ones at top of St Julian's Avenue were refurbish about 10 years ago.this cost about 84 thousand pounds . now they are shut! the disabled toilet is still available ,but you need to buy a key to get in. a cost well worth it to the disabled person.

Perhaps more Pissior could be built at a low cost .this would help those men who need to loo on way home from a drinking session.

there is still a few available in town ,one up top end of the Bordage ,this one is still used but needs a good clean.

the other is at the weighbridge . this could be refurbished .this is part of our old History and needs to be renovated .


What about good old fashioned toilet attendants? They seem to be making a comeback in some parts of the world.


They buried one in that pathic market square could dig that out again as the square serves no purpose.


only have them open between 8am and 7pm

guern abroad

There are toilets in the Market square, some bright spark though it better to drink coffee over them then let people pee in them.

Install CCTV in the toilets, who cares about privacy catching vandals much more important.

Guernsey Fudge

I agree, building more toilets a must.

No time to loose..............

Mr Bee

Add CCTV, I know of a specialist CCTV company on Guernsey who have the know how and expertise to achieve privacy within, and catch the baddies.


I believe that you would have a hard time resurecting the Market toilets as i heard they were filled with concrete for the tower crane used in the renovation.


Strange how none put in (new) marketplace to replace those underground ones

Over-site by who? betcha it was a bloke!!

guern abroad

Should have been a stipulation of the planning approval.


Also, it's nice to see so may short sharp posts on this thread. At least we're not getting bogged down in debate with this subject.

Guernsey Fudge

The problem lies with the seat of the government.


....but my cup runneth over


Could put one in an unloading bay..he he

Island Wide Voting

If all the £200 fines for piddling in doorways were ringfenced in lieu of building more toilets there would be no shortage


More toilets in town?Where do you place them for the public?A big job for environment to expose themselves to sites available for use.

Quick fix`it portable Loos