Police warn 'lock up everything, including scrap metal'

POLICE are warning islanders to be vigilant against scrap metal thieves after a vinery was targeted twice in under a week.

POLICE are warning islanders to be vigilant against scrap metal thieves after a vinery was targeted twice in under a week.

Detective Inspector Richard Medhurst urged residents and business to be on the look-out and keep property locked away.

It follows the targeting of Willet Vinery in Les Arguilliers Lane, Vale, on two occasions in just six days – most recently by two youths.

‘Our advice is to take whatever measures you can to keep even scrap metal secure,’ he said.

‘What some may consider rubbish, can be considered quite valuable. This is happening and people should be aware that there is the possibility for metal – scrap or otherwise – to be stolen.'

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What is a heavily armoured landrover worth as scrap?

Charlie G

Well, if you scrape off all the salt residue,and the rust,leave the engine and gear box in ,cause it'll all be siezed up....not a lot i suppose.


Your attempt at humour would be funny if land rover jibes had anything to do with the story.

As it is, it comes across as desperate. Do the job then criticise.


got out of bed the wrong way this morning Hartley?


Sorry PC Hartley darhling.

Can I respectfully ask you to read the main story again as it appears that we have valid complaint to make.

On Friday 30th August 2013, 1:00PM BST Detective Inspector Richard Medhurst made the following statement :-

"‘What some may consider rubbish, can be considered quite valuable."

I robustly rest my case.

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1-0 to Mrs P


More like PC Hartley O.G.

Bev Hill

Long live Mrs P.

Devil's Advocate

Given that there's only one scrapyard here and two freight operators, surely it's got to be easy to eliminate the outlet for stolen metal?

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You're forgetting 'White van man'

guern abroad

Talking of which I was shocked at how many I saw recently while over, certainly more than the odd one but at least one on every trip about.


Theres only one scrap yard? There is O Tooles at Bulwer Avenue, Baubigny garage and Tony Cullington at Fontaine vinery.

Most of the tools being stolen are by people coming over in vans.

They do it because its virtually impossible to catch them. They are gone the next day on the ferry and the police flat out refuse to put someone in the holding area for the ferry to take photos of the contents of the vans leaving the island. They will deploy police in town for the sole, specific task of dropped dog ends so why not do something usefull and catch actual criminals red handed?

Most people whether visiting chancers or local thieves will stock up on stolen scrap then take a trip away for a better price from UK scrap dealers/auction yards etc. this way there is also no trail that leads to them locally.


I've lived in Guernsey all my 60+ years and have never lived in a house that was locked neither did my parents or grandparents and never had anything stolen; suppose it must be luck,eh.


people of guernsey the culprits have been warned and if they dont listen to the warning,the land rover will be deployed as it needs a run out

Charlie G

The attempt at humour was briliantly and superbly executed!.it was scrap from the day it rolled off the ferry,a worthless waste of money time and space,(along with the MX5s),totaly out of proportion to this Islands way of life...and should be treated as the joke it is....hilarious.Great post Mrs P.


Where are these armoured little Maxda convertibles that you keep referring to, have I missed them or something?

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BMX5s possibly?


I didn't think it would be long before one of the "good old days" brigade would post. Conversely I have never lived in a house that was unlocked and never ever will. If you have house and contents insurance it will be invalid if you have left the door unlocked. As the police say, lock it or lose it!


You are right. I hope crime here never gets as bad as elsewhere but there would be no point crying to an insurance company if you get robbed through negligence. Right now I have garden tools outside in an unlocked shed, I wouldn't expect any sympathy if they got stolen. Leaving the house or car doors unlocked would be a step way too far for me.


Aha! new recycling route ~~~

Just put out metal whatever and they will vanish overnight!!


That's not far from the truth Soph

My mate is taking down the house along Forest road, a few along from the Garage.

To save getting a wood skip, he piled it all in the front garden, with a sign saying free wood

He's disposed of virtually all of it, and it hasn't cost him anything

Terry Langlois

just think, if he was doing it in the UK he could have saved himself the bother of making a sign

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Careful Terry. The way things are going it won't be very long before that post will be classed as a hate crime

Anna Mossity

Nice little dig at UK residents, Terry. Doesn't that make you feel smug and superior.

Terry Langlois

Just speaking from experience. It also works in reverse: get a skip outside your house and each morning you'll find that a mysterious fairy has dumped some rubbish in it.

No judgement or smugness involved, just first hand experience.