Come Dine With Me nerves ahead of show's airing

CONTESTANTS from the Guernsey edition of Come Dine with Me have spoken of their nerves ahead of the show being aired today.

CONTESTANTS from the Guernsey edition of Come Dine with Me have spoken of their nerves ahead of the show being aired today.

While they were tight-lipped over who won the show’s £1,000 prize, wannabe chef and energy firm worker Gemma Sparkes, 28, said it was terrific fun to be a part of.

‘I got the Rioja out and had a field day filling in the form. I had two phone interviews and they question everything on the form. When they were filming it was like an out-of body experience.’

Youngest contestant Ben Inder, 21, has received the show’s top billing and is the only one named in the Sky TV guide for the episode.

The show airs on Channel 4 at 5pm.

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Local celebrity

You'd have thought they's have got someone well known to take part, I've never heard of any of these chirpers


Er ... this was an episode of the non celebrity part of the show. Just who exactly is famous enough here to be known to UK viewers?

Island Wide Voting

Larry Collins?

Local celebrity

I meant well known locally jackass

Island Wide Voting

Sorry LC

Slight typo.I should have said Harry Collins


Come Dine with Me sets sail for Guernsey.

Island FM radio boss, Mike Huston, kick-starts the week with an evening of 'spice and taste'. Used to being the man in charge, he's less than impressed when his evening is hijacked by 20-year-old entrepreneur, Ben Inder, who thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread.

On the second night, fashion designer Kay Davidson dons the oven gloves and tries to impress with a fine dining menu and a sophisticated wine tasting game. Once again, Ben upsets his fellow diners, particularly feisty foodie Gemma Sparkes, when he tries to play wine connoisseur. She soon takes him to task over his arrogant attitude.

On Ben's night, guests can't wait to see if he can actually 'walk the walk' and are eager to find flaws. Mike pounces on this opportunity to show Ben who's boss.

Taking the spotlight on the final night is wannabe chef Gemma. Her guests feel she's the dark horse of this hotly contested competition, but will she do enough to snatch the prize from her rivals?


There's enough so called "celebrity" stuff on tv, don't want any more, tv shows, quizzes etc are more fun when it is everyday true to life people.


Well having just watched the latest "Come dine with me" featuring the Guernsey contestants these are my views.

First off was Mike: Well at the beginning he did seem like so many men of his age in Guernsey, having done quite well and wanting everyone to know it. His food i thought was very good and to be fair as the program went on he did grow on me and seemed a rather nice man.

Second up was Kay: A genuinely nice woman and was consistent in her views, her food again was excellent and i cannot think of any negatives for her night.

Third was Ben: where do i start? From the get go he was intent on winding people up, and how he succeeded. Like Mike at one point i did feel sorry for him with his nerves but that sympathy soon disappeared. This pretentious, arrogant and thoroughly dislikeable man let himself down virtually throughout. I know the program will have been heavily edited but he really came across as complete fool, i assume him being slapped around after dessert was cut hastily. His food however was excellent all bar the main, his presentation was first class and deserved praise.

Finally was Gemma: What a worthy winner indeed. Through the whole show she was delightful, witty and a lovely dinner guest and host. Again the food was superb as was to be fair the whole week in general. She handled the self loving pretentious narcissistic well. The show was quite entertaining and would have liked to have seen a little more of the island. As a Guernseyman the boy's comment of locals being a little backward was nothing more than ignorance and his other comment of Gemma being "not the sort of person he would usually associate" was ill thought and showed his utter ignorance and stupidity, successful and affluent as he seems, he will do well to keep a low profile even if he only frequents certain venues on the island with his friends. I do hope he is really not as conceited as he seemed but alas i think it will turn out that he is.

I will hopefully return for a visit later this year or early next, it is a beautiful island and i am proud to be a Guernseyman, at least three of the contestants did not let the island down. Well played Mike, Kay and the brilliant Gemma.


Dear Mr Inder,

Working in the industry you do, you should of known better:

I am very shocked to learn after reading on Facebook, (8th January 2013), that Mr Inder works for Blix, an agency that directly represents VisitGuernsey!

You owe the island an apology young man.



This right here is the problem with this island. He doesn't owe anybody anything, yet society seems to expect everything from it's youth. Why should he apologise to you? He works hard (I assume, as you don't get that kind of success without it), pays his taxes like everyone else and what does the youth get in return from Guernsey? Nothing. Nowhere to go, nothing to do and house prices that no-one is going to be able to afford until they're 40. He owes you nothing.

Local celebrity

Spot on jac354

He gets nothing whatsoever from Guernsey. No decent working environment in which to earn money, no beaches, no sports facilities, no parks, no roads on which to drive his Porsche, no cheap insurance premiums due to the lack of car crime, no decent bars or restaurants, the poor lamb gets absolutely nothing.

By the way, plenty of people can afford properties before they're 40, if you're a low earner that's your issue, don't put everyone in the same boat though.


What a load of rubbish - I bought my house at 23! I worked two jobs for the deposit because the island doesn't owe me a living. I have always found plenty to do (youth clubs, beaches and the like) and I never expected my taxes to got toward entertainment for kids. My taxes are for the island's infrastructure - you know, the important stuff!!

I am proud of my island home and if little wallies like this lad don't like it and think we're 'backward' (his words) then there's a boat leaving everyday! He does owe the island, and at the very least his employers, an apology for poor representation.



You're a perfect example of what is wrong with this island. Keen to jump in and gossip and put down modern islanders. You're also demanding an apology from a grown man. Why would he apologize? He is self-employed so there's no need for him to apologize to his employer. He only took part in a TV show on Channel 4, he wasn't representing the island in the commonwealth games. The fact that it took place in Guernsey is only a big deal to us. I guarantee that no one on the mainland is thinking 'Nah, I won't go the Guernsey on holiday because there was that one guy on that TV show the other week that was a bit of a nob'.


Didn't see the show but why the big fuss about what this guy said? I'm local and I've never heard of him so I doubt people from further afield will care two hoots what he says.....I'm pretty sure his comments will be forgotten just as quickly as one of my random ramblings on TiG!


A quite fair critique overall Paul but having seen the show and having heard Ben on Radio G this morning I think we should give him a bit of a break. He's only 20 and at that age you are a bit arrogant or, at the other end of the scale, severely lacking in self esteem. Essentially I think he's quite a likable person and a worthy runner up to Gemma, who was the worthy winner.


Well done Gemma. Great show, and you really did GSY proud!

Only problem - is black pud really made in GSY?

Gemma sparkes

Thankx so much for your lovely comments :) really nice of u to say.

Yeah the Black pud is Guernsey through & Through.

Jason up at Forest Stores makes it. Deffo worth a try if u like black pud

It’s proper tasty.


Gemma :)


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I was invited to a get together with these "stars" recently and they are some of the nicest friendly people I've met.


Gemma was a great ambassador for Guernsey and I'm pleased she won. It was great to see her at Seafresh, Forest Stores and with all the Guernsey flags in her garden.

One day Ben is going to look back on this and realise what an idiot he is. Arrogance and superiority are not nice traits in a person.

Mike came across as a nice guy, not sure about the sunglasses on the head all the time though but if that's normal for him, then fair enough.

Kay, whilst I'm sure is a lovely person, there was just something about her that made me not warm to her.


Oh come on ! If you watch other episodes you can see how unpleasant the guests can be and these ones were a credit to Guernsey with their considered comments and civilised conversation and general pride in their island.

Yes, Ben has the annoying arrogance of youth and is naive enough to make money his god, but he will learn and even Gemma liked him in the end ! Some of his comments were heavily tongue in cheek anyway.

I was disappointed it was so short ; thought we'd get the rooting around bedroom stuff ( which we didn't ! ) but it was generally really enjoyable. Well done to those brave/mad enough to be on it !


Apparently they don't do the rooting around the bedroom possessions anymore, due to privacy issues.


To be honest, having often seen other episodes of this rather likeable programme that nevertheless needs to be watched tongue in cheek...

The contestants were rather boring except for the young Ben !

Oh, yes, being a rather fat ex-Donkey in his late 50s, I too found his remarks rather, ( or should I say extremely ), offensive.

But think... flashback thirty or so years ago and did I not make similar outrageous comments ? Albeit, fortunately, not on the telly !

Well, Ben may be so full of himself, and over the top, but he does seem to be quite a clever, interesting and enterprising young guy, who knows how to cook, so good luck on him !


Yes Ben is quite a good cook for his young age, but he must learn how to roast Lamb properly and maybe to be more humble, having said that he will possibly be very successful in his life. Ben! Humility is a great virtue and arrogant ostentation a miserable defect and your Porsche only a car after all!


Well done to all the contestants and well done to Gemma for taking the crown.

I think tv can be verymisleading so maybe Ben is not how they portrayed him at all. Food for thought maybe ....

I think it was all round good entertainment and well done to all of you who took part.


Well said DingleB :)

Filming and making the show was an absolute pleasure but it is also a very unusual environment for all of us contestants, We are all under a great amount of pressure & the days are very long and tiring ( Not that that's a negative thing) The point Im trying to get across is that when people are in unusual environments they don't always act themselves.

Ben & I are great friends (All four of us contestants will be friends for life) To share such an amazing & Unusual experience with 3 Complete strangers brings you very close very quickly.

I Personally think Ben has done extremely well for himself ( He may have mentioned it once or twice on last night show! hee hee) But in all seriousness he is 20 years old & runs 2 successful businesses & he's just proud of his achievements. Without trying to sound patronising in any way at all, Ben is still young and I think the whole experience will be a real learning curve for him. Humility is something we develop with age and I think this is Ben's first experience at learning that. In fact I think each and everyone of us contestants have learnt many things from each other and from the whole experience of come dine with me.

It's just a little upsetting to see the back-lash towards Ben on social media.

I appreciate every one has the right to an opinion and I respect that. I'm genuinely humbled and overwhelmed by the lovely comments I have received - Thank you to everyone :) I was just myself throughout the whole show & the way it was edited & shown really was lovely for me, However we must all remember it is heavily edited and poor Ben got edited in such a way that it does not actually reflect the lovely & very funny guy that he really is, A lot of his comments were said in jest and the whole thing was very Tongue and cheek.

Social media can be a monster that can grow out of control very quickly, Sometimes good and sometimes bad. But certainly with the current issues In the news about online bullying and how it can really affect people I would just ask people to think before they comment. Fair enough be honest but just remember peoples feelings at the same time too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post & once again a massive thank you to Everyone for the lovely comments an amazing support that I have had. I'm truly humbled.


Gem :) X


I can't directly reply to Local celebrity or Angel so I shall leave this here:

No decent working environment in which to earn money: I can't comment as I don't know who is clients are, however if he is working in online marketing there has recently been a rather large coverage of the lack of tech and internet facilities on the island. Regardless, the island has not just popped up to him and said here you go, he himself has done the work.

No beaches: A natural phenomenon, I don't think the States of Guernsey designed and built them.

No sports facilities: Please correct me if I am wrong, I have no problem with that, but aside from Beau Sejour, are there any other state owned sports facilities?

No parks & no roads on which to drive his Porsche: Give me another first world country with comparable cost of living that wouldn't offer these.

No cheap insurance premiums due to the lack of car crime: The fact that he can't, and rightly so, drive his Porsche due to insurance reasons kind of voids this statement.

No decent bars or restaurants: The only places with a comparable cost of living to Guernsey in the UK are London and Jersey. Are you saying that the bars and restaurants are of the same standard as London? And why do a lot of Guernsey people go on trips to Jersey for shopping, nightlife etc if Guernsey is just as good?

By the way, plenty of people can afford properties before they’re 40, if you’re a low earner that’s your issue, don’t put everyone in the same boat though: I never said I was a low earner, I didn't say I couldn't afford a mortgage, I never said Ben couldn't either; I purely indicated that there are a lot of young people on the island who aren't going to be able to afford one without a long time of saving. OK I used a bit of hyperbole and 40 is an exaggeration; but given I know people in the UK at the same age as Ben who can afford a mortgage on a house that would cost 5 to 6 hundred thousand over here with minimal savings then yes, the housing market is becoming unreasonable for young people.

I bought my house at 23! I worked two jobs for the deposit because the island doesn’t owe me a living: Sincerely, you are a decent hard working person and deserve your house. I never said however that the island owes people a living.

I have always found plenty to do (youth clubs, beaches and the like) and I never expected my taxes to got toward entertainment for kids: I promise hands down if you went and surveyed the island's under 23 population I am sure most of them would agree that their is not enough in the way of entertainment. The fact you use kids in such a negative tone maybe shows your leaning towards a bit of prejudice agains the younger generations? I agree tax payers money should not be spent willy nilly on such things, but then if you feel this way do you agree the need for a Culture and Leisure department in the States?

My taxes are for the island’s infrastructure – you know, the important stuff: Agreed that's how it should be, but why are islanders and the press, not only myself, constantly complaining about road works, deputy pay rises, the state of the hospital wards and basically the infrastructure of the island.

I am proud of my island home and if little wallies like this lad don’t like it and think we’re ‘backward’ (his words) then there’s a boat leaving everyday: This is your opinion, I respect it, you are entitled to it, I have nothing to add.

He does owe the island, and at the very least his employers, an apology for poor representation: He may well owe his employers an apology, but I am sure they will support him. He does not however owe you or the island an apology. If he does, then you owe him just as much of one for calling him a little wally.

That out of the way if you actually read my first comment and take in the tone, I have said that he doesn't owe the island, Godrey or you an aopology. I have never said that the island owes him anything in return, I will in fact say now that it doesn't. But that is simply the nature, he pays his taxes as we all do, and we get what we do from the island, which is how it works. He doesn't have to be grateful, and he should not be ungrateful, it is purely an apathetic transaction between citizen and government.

Terry Langlois

that is a very long riposte in support of what was a rather flippant and silly original comment on your part.

you are right that he does not owe anyone an apology but you lost it when you said "what does he get in return from Guernsey? nothing".

If he gets nothing, no-one is keeping him here. The fact that he is here indicates that he gets something, whether that be an environment allowing him to succeed, or family connections or whatever.

As to your suggestion of surveying under 23s - I can almost guarantee if you survey under 23s anywhere in the world you will find many who complain that there is not enough to do in their local area and that "someone" should provide XYZ. People (including young people) need to create a life for themself, not expect people to hand it to them.

Very odd that you ran this argument in connection to Ben as he appears to be someone who has got off his backside and done something with his life. Does he complain that there is nothing for him to do? I doubt it.


I'm rather surprised by the way you denigrate Guernsey, jac354. Yes, the property prices are high and just like everywhere else the young would like more to do. But, really, most of your criticisms are very unfair or exaggerated. Do you know what an amazing opportunity it is to live where everybody who wants to can have a job? Thats a really fundamental thing and you take it completely for granted. Whats the unemployment like in Lalaland, the mythical paradise you compare Guernsey to?

"No sports facilities..... aside from Beau Sejour, are there any other state owned sports facilities?" For a start, you quickly dismiss a sports centre which many towns would love to have. How many people elsewhere live within 4 miles of such a resource? Secondly, what does it matter who owns sports facilities? Surely its far better if facilities are owned and run by enthusiasts rather than paid for through our taxes. For instance, I play badminton and we have a superb centre at the Rohais which is the envy of most visitors. It is open to all, perhaps you should get yourself up there. A bit of exercise might give you a less sour outlook on life.

I could similarly take most of you groundless criticisms apart but life is too short. Cheer up and appreciate what you've got right in front of you.

Oh Dear

I find on a whole the food over here is far better than anything I've encountered in London. A lot of holiday makers have said the same thing. Restaurant prices are more reasonable over here as well. We have a lot of classy establishments over here.


One of his clients is VisitGuernsey. You can see this on Blix's Facebook page, (8 January 2013)

Disappointing not to see an apology.


perhaps this was all part of a cunning plan to introduce the new "Guernsey is backward" tourism campaign!

Terry Langlois

I think you mean "one of the clients of the firm for which he works"

Oh Dear

The funny thing is that all those who hate and constantly mention his name on this site always mention where he works. I've got the word Blix stuck in my head now. I hadn't even heard of it before, it was on the front page of the press yesterday. Whichever way you look at it he's a very intelligent young man who is obviously a student of the "any publicity, is good publicity" philosophy.

Well done angry Godfrey for helping him out some more.

Terry Langlois

They are an extremely good business which is doing some good things in the world of commercial website design, and selling their services internationally, not just in Guernsey.

It would be a great shame if those who are being negative about Ben would tarnish his employer with the same brush, especially as some people seem to think that he owns it, which he doesn't.

I've no connection with the firm, I am just familiar with them and what they do.


PB falla is more interesting

Oh Dear

I would love to have seen him on the show.

I wonder if he would've said much...



What the HELL are you all arguing about?

It's just entertainment, folks, we're supposed to enjoy it as such.

Get over yourselves, an' live in hope that if someone gives Ben a leg up, he'll get over himself, too.

Well done Gemma maluv, you did us all proud!



Oh come on know how people love to argue about TV shows like this!

Personally I find these kind of shows boring but I'm happy to argue over offside decisions for hours so I suppose I'd better keep my big mouth shut eh?!


Gemma does seem a lovely lady but wasn't her vote for Ben a bit tactical? I can well understand her finding him tiresome and in dire need of taking down a peg. As Mr Spex on Head said, he would have been unbearable if he won. But this was supposed to be a cookery competition and she clearly loved every course, the crab cakes, the lamb and the Lemon Panna Cotta. And all home made from scratch as far as I could see. She didn't like every one of the other contestants' three courses yet I believe she gave them 8 and poor old Ben only 6 or 7. Whatever Ben's shortcomings (and there are quite a few) his marks seemed fair and generous, perhaps he actually deserved to win?

Oh Dear

I believe they're graded for the entire performance. I haven't seen the show so I'm unsure as to what his hosting skills or entertaining were like. It's not purely based off food. If you went to a dinner party where the food was amazing but you felt as though the hosting skills were poor you wouldn't come out enjoying the evening quite as much as you could've.

John Gollop SAge

Wish I as a failed reality Tv net celeb had taken part! I am sure there are quite a lot of fascinating and famous faces who could be stars too here! Who could be stars now or in the future. Ben Inder willl make people talk!?

Island Wide Voting

Bet he can't make St Sampsons Deputy Paul Le Pelley talk


He wouldn't have to IWV, Ben said it all for him ;-)


Gemma Sparks absolutely nonsense. She doesn`t have a clue about food and wine. Whats a shame for Guernsey comunety!!!


tip top

Island Wide Voting

What's tip top? .. can you please elucidate


What makes a good evening with friends? In my book,good food,good wine, and more importantly 'good company.'

This, after all, was a TV show designed to provoke comment and interest.I thought that it was the best show that I had seen for a long time.

Well done team!