Guernsey women arrested in Portugal over 'prank' kidnapping

TWO Guernsey women have been arrested in Portugal after taking part in a mock abduction for a 40th birthday celebration.

TWO Guernsey women have been arrested in Portugal after taking part in a mock abduction for a 40th birthday celebration.

Lisbon police said that three men and one woman – all Portuguese nationals – were also arrested at 3.45pm on Sunday in connection with the incident.

The two women were on holiday in the Portuguese capital with nine companions and it is understood that the friends had organised the simulated hijacking.

The details of the people involved have not been released, but BBC news had reported that the women – aged 40 and 41 – were from Guernsey.

At 3.30pm on Sunday a white van stopped in the Restauradores Square in Lisbon city centre and two men – one hooded – grabbed the women and bundled them into the vehicle. The driver then drove off. A police spokesman said the public called the emergency services.

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Who would in their perfect state of mind do something like that? Crazy

Chicken Legs

It must have seemed like a great prank when they were planning it! Not my idea of 'fun' and very distressing for anyone not in on the joke.


Get a life you two, it was a joke.

OK it went a bit awry but it has made it a holiday they won`t forget and have many a laugh over.

like a kid

sorry, how old are they? great shame they did not have the guts to attempt their 'look at us, look at us!' holiday laugh in one of the cities of mexico, iraq, india, south africa, brazil, pakistan, ecuador, venezula, colombia, blah, blah, or maybe even when lisbon was under military dictatorship? now that would be worth a bloodied page in their facebook scrapbook.


Becks: With all the similar situations in the news recently which are real, dont see how you can find it a joke, you would not be laughing if it had gone wrong, sick prank.


Insensitive and foolish, yes....worthy of stringing up for, no.

Perhaps they could use their experience to raise awareness of real human trafficking. I'm sure Guernsey Against Sex Trafficking ( would be more than happy to use it as an opportunity to raise awareness.

Just Sayin

This is sick and a slap in the face to anyone who has lost someone this way (which happens all too often to women in some countries). Idiotic.

Becks - just think how their family and friends would have felt before they let them in on the joke? Why would anyone want to do that to anyone? That's not funny.

It's slightly amusing now only because it's a stupid idiotic prank that quite OBVIOUSLY was going to be foiled when they do it in public. Did they think they police were just going to turn around and go 'oh, you were just kidding? of you guys!'


It was a joke and nothing more. People should lighten up and stop expecting everyone to tip-toe around for fear of offending somebody. People play pranks - nobody is devaluing anything.


This isn't to do with offending someone, this is to do with the 'prank' being staged realistically enough that the emergency services were called and their time completely wasted.

Excellent utilisation of their personnel whilst, elsewhere, someone might actually need them for a real life emergency. Yeah - very funny indeed.

Maybe they should've stuck to the old jumping out of a giant cake effort instead!

Charlie G

Oh deary me....some of the nanny state threads on this subject, unbelievable.

It was a prank and thats it, get a grip for goodness sake! Its called the real world,and i can just imagine the frenzied rection if the same thing happened here...look at the fuss we make over the "mass" slaughter of our chicken population!

A good telling off ,an apology and a fine will no doupt bring things to a conclusion,end of subject!


Some pranks are hilarious and fun

Not this one, backfired major fashion

Guernsey free range eggs all over their faces!!

And Chap, how would you feel if you kidnapped?

Portuguese authorities did what they had to do


What a weird prank. Personally this isn't the kind of thing I go away on holiday to do. Each to their own I suppose, but I can't help thinking they must have "issues".

Oh Dear

I enjoy a good laugh and prank as much as the next person but there is a line. This reminds me of some of the hidden camera shows they do in Russia and China. They play it up in such a realistic fashion that the person they're pulling the prank on ends up in tears.

There has to be a line and this prank definitely crossed it and as an added bonus wasted the time of the emergency services.

Good work ladies, well done for displaying Guernsey in such a fine light! People were worried about Ben on come dine with me, this is far worse.

A very foolish thing to do indeed!