Little Chapel disappears from bus timetable

CALLS have been made to return one of Guernsey’s best-known tourist attractions to the island’s bus timetable.


CALLS have been made to return one of Guernsey’s best-known tourist attractions to the island’s bus timetable.

The Little Chapel does not appear on the timetable of the 71 route, either in paper form or online.

Martyn Guille, who owns the neighbouring clockmakers, said the popular landmark is pinpointed on the network map, but visitors have been left ‘baffled’ when the tourist attraction then disappears completely from the corresponding route times.

He said further confusion has been caused by operator CT Plus failing to remove outdated timetables next to the Little Chapel, dating from May 2012 and including incorrect routes and information.

The new route number appears at the bus stop in St Andrew’s, but there are no times available on the sign.

Mr Guille, who runs the Martyn Guille Silversmiths and Fine Jewellers and Guernsey Clockmakers, said he hoped changes would be made with the introduction of the new winter timetable to bring an end to the confusion.

‘The Little Chapel is probably the biggest tourist attraction in Guernsey and yet it is not listed on the timetable itself,’ he said.

A CT Plus spokesman said they would include the feedback in their

consultation. ‘We would like to thank them for taking their time to give us this type of feedback,’ he said. ‘This is very useful.’

CT Plus also encouraged all other islanders and businesses to have their say.

Email or write to The Minister, Environment Department, Sir Charles Frossard House, La Charroterie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1FH.

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How noble of him to think of Guernsey's tourists, or is it his profit margin?


either way... he's right


Oooh you are a cynic you...but what is the betting that the vast majority of people that make their way into his shop are those that primarily wanted to see the Little Chapel.


Good for him raising this issue, and if he is thinking of his profit margin, then I have no problem with that either.. he is in business to make a profit and also makes a positive contribution to this popular visitor (and local) attraction.

It may be an oversight on the part of CT+, so shouldn't be an issue to sort out.


Of course his main interest is his own business and if you were in his shoes you would feel the same way !!

But we need people like him to stand up and make a noise when the bus operator are not on the ball.


The Little Chapel is probably the biggest tourist attraction in Guernsey, really is that all guernseys got left to offer the tourists. lol


No... but strangely enough, the Little Chapel is probably one of the two tourist sites on the island that visitors remember most, years later when thinking of Guernsey.

The other one being Victor Hugo's House - though I would guess that more visitors have visited the Little Chapel than Hauteville.


What planet are these guys on!!!


I pointed out the out of date timetable to CT Plus back in May.

I think it's just been passed onto their bus stop rapid response team for action next year ....

On a serious note, the summer service ends in under a month and how many stops still don't have a summer timetable up ?


I wonder if the new bus timetable will have the new two tier rip the tourist off pricelist printed on it?

Charlie G

Guernseyman....a short but sad thread of yours.Lets not beat about the bush here,our tourism " industry" (ha) for what it was,is now in shreads,and those charged with the job of seeing to it that we stay on the tourist "map",appear to have as much interest in doing so,as i relish a dip in an icy lake!!

Of course our "clock maker" maybe worried,and has every right to be concerned about possible profit margins.Anyone who ,in this day and age risks investment in a local tourist orientated business needs a medal for bravery,given the pathetic lack of support from Authority towards tourism,with a host of other factors.

This Island may not have the weather anymore as it did years go,but we can market other unique attractions ,and the wealth of history on offer to the world,including the little chapel,which years gone by used to attract visitors by the coach and bus loads,and cameras flashing by the hundreds.

It dosn't need rocket science thinking,to work out that each "service" attracts custom to each other,in this case ,little chapel to clockmaker,clockmaker to little chapel,and one bad link in the chain,will affect all.And both those attractions served by an indiferent bus service! How did the sad bleetings go at the recent "standing room only" bus meeting? " we didn't listen "!... To right they didn't listen,no one ever does until its to damn late.

WHY was the bus information not thoroughly inspected before printing? WHY does a simple thing ,like removing outdated timetables get overlooked? WHY does it appear to be that our wonderful bus company has no one in charged with regular inspection of the Islands bus stops and those stops relevant information?

Will the Island now see positive proof ,from its bus company's sudden enlargement of its ears ,to capture those vibrating sounds of voices from those beings ,called customers..? those very people absolutely crucial to the survival of any business!!...personaly i doupt it,but all good things(may) come to those that wait....eventualy!

Note with interest that the J E P announcement ,is that busses in Jersey are to start a pay as you travel service,with liberty swipe do their tourists "fare" in all that?.


the states are to busy pandering to the finance industry, the only industry in the world to pay bonuses to staff for failure, to worry about a tourism industry.

Bus user

What about leaving CT Plus out of Guernsey


And we are supposed to subsidize/give this company £2.5 million a year! In straitened times, surely there must be a better use for such huge sums of taxpayer money?


I guess I would be enough to knock down the little chapel and put a very nice modern house in its place.


I am no fan of CT plus, far from it, but the Little Chapel, Underground Hospital etc are shown on the route plan at the back of the timetable.

Frequent Visitor

Mr Guille keep making your comments known, I am a regular visitor to both the Church and the Clockmakers, yes I live locally, dont forget there is a School etc.,in the area, Mum's cars do breakdown so yes there should be a bus service on hand and not just for Visitors. I admire Mr Guille for bringing this to the attention of the Bus Company and do not believe it is for his own benefit. This man is a Gentleman and would not use this for his own benefit, if that was the case he would have bought a business in the centre of Town.


I seem to remember a previous bus company offering a service that would stop and pick up or put down passengers ANYWHERE they wanted and had their drivers learn about local tourist spots so that they could drop the tourists at the right places.

What happened to that simple but very effective PR exercise?

I know one tourist attraction that used to "reward" drivers for including them on their tour route. If there was no "reward" then the driver used to go past without a mention to the tourists.


Apparently it was built without foundations,or so I believe.


Not only no foundations but probably built without planning permission as well.......


As I type the timetable display at the Little Chapel is still the one from May 2012. If I were senior management in a company, and the press ran an article justifiably criticising an easily correctable mistake we had made, I would do my utmost to sort it out without delay. Especially if that mistake seems to have been brought to our attention already. More than once, by different people ......

However this is CT Minus , so of course nothing has been done.

How difficult would it be to just pop down to the Little Chapel and remove a timetable that is over a year out of date and refers to routes that are no longer operated ?

There's a bus every hour going past, can't one of the drivers pop out and remove it ?

Perhaps whilst they're at it they could take down the stop sign for the 4 & 5S that is still up by the Forest church ?

Utter shambles doesn't even come close to describing them, does it ......

Charlie G

"One of the bus drivers remove it"..and ".whilst they are a it take down the stop sign by the forest church" ha ha! The days of common sense have long gone,replaced by the proud "its not my worry mate" and " i'm only paid to drive a bus" attitude ! Then they'll be the rath and madness of H & S to consider," remove a timetable " ooooh risky job that ,better call in those who are qualified,the " take down a time table squad".Not forgetting the roads to be closed,the setting up of diversions,with the buses( ha) and lock stock and barrel being sent on an Island wide merry go round,for a few weeks whilst the timetable is being adjusted!!!....Tony ,think it would be safer to leave the old timetable where it is...don't you?

Now how did it go at the meeting...."we didn't listen".

Pathetic dosn't even describe it !!!!!

Guernsey Donkey Nearly

Do not worry ?

Are you sure the Little Chapel is still there?

It might have been SOLD by the States under the Asset Management Strategy Plan.

Or maybe it should be Okay as there is the New Traffic Policy being published soon.


Oh god please don't look at my spelling, i am only a poor Donkey that can't do better than these States Departments?

God help us ALL

Guernsey Fudge

Simple solution. Move the Little Chapel to Slaughter House and stick the Roman wreck in there too.

Then the grockles can walk from the Harbour to visit both, thus causing less pollution instead of sending petrol guzzling buses to one of the country parishes.

Oh Dear

I thought they were diesel powered.

Mick is lost

I live in Australia and recently friends of mine want to visit Guernsey when they went over seas......I had told them of the little chapel and it was worth a visit little did I know that there would be no bus service stoping at this Island attraction

Wake up Guernsey once the tax avoidance industry goes under so will Guernsey

Oh Dear

There is no longer a tax avoidance industry in Guernsey. If there was, our bus service would work correctly.


Just shows what Guernsey is becoming, local people cannot even respect a Church. Little Chapel requires a lot more respect than going for the Guy who owns the Clockmakers. It is not just a tourist attraction, it happens to mean a lot to a huge number of People who are LOCAL. I am one, I find it somewhat peaceful and enjoyable on occassions. What has the Island become, over the last 10 years very much like the back streets of London. Used to be able to leave my doors unlocked, no more. My fellow Guernsey "LOCALS" open your eyes, the Island is not what it was, and do not blame the Tourists, we dont have that many anymore.

Oh Dear

I just thought I'd point it out as some of you seem unaware.

There is still a stop outside the little chapel, it's just not included in the bus timetable.

It's quite well sign posted and passengers should be able to spot when they're getting close to it (assuming they're on the right bus of course).

I agree that they should have things like this on there. A passenger asked me the other day about which bus to take to get to the little chapel. I gladly helped her and told her to inform the driver of her destination. It's as simple as that.


I have taken the bus home each night week (as I usually do). Lovely bus driver, but no idea where to stop for the Fermain, La Trelade Hotel (where's that?), Manor Stores and so on.

I became a bus hostess for my short journey one afternoon and was thanked most heartily by the passengers.

So, it's not always 'as simple as that'.x

Oh Dear

Fair enough, it just shows how poorly trained the drivers are doesn't it!


That really is inexcusable Charliecat, the list of problems are endless,when are the powers that be take action,I have heard the driving instructors are doing well young and old learning to drive,at the moment if you want to get from A to B you have no choice.