Mandy swims Channel in under 15 hours

GUERNSEY swimmer Mandy Mackelworth has successfully swum the English Channel in under 15 hours.


GUERNSEY swimmer Mandy Mackelworth has successfully swum the English Channel in under 15 hours.

She completed the 21-mile challenge last night, in a time of 14 hours and 39 minutes.

The 51-year-old decided to take on the challenge after hearing of Roger Allsopp’s Channel swim and set off at 3.06am yesterday.

She, like Mr Allsopp, has raised money for Hope for Guernsey, the local fundraising branch of Wessex Medical Research.

She has already raised more than £2,600.

Mr Allsopp, who has completed two solo Channel swims, was keeping track of Miss Mackelworth’s attempt and said the time was wonderful.

‘It is amazing, and I am delighted for her,’ he said.

Her support team was made up of her partner, Peter Rowland, and Iain Lowe, who completed the swim last year.

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Fantastic Effort!

Very well done, especially when one sees her track on the AIS - the way the tides conspired against her was merciless. I bet she did a lot more than 21 miles.

A very brave lady!


Impressive - well done!

Charlie G

Bravo !!!


A wonderful achievement by Mandy, most impressive as it was with Roger Allsopp.

A brilliant swim with 15 hours in the water and all that in her shower cap, that's class.



What have you done recently that completely overshadows such an achievement and it makes it boring?

Go on! I'd be interested???


Why bother to make comment you sad person!


Not bad but a Jersey girl has just done a two way swim of the channel.

Island Wide Voting

Sorry johnl but your girl will not only have had the benefit of training in 2 degrees warmer seas but as a crapaud she would also have had the advantage of webbed hands which is why her feat won't appear in the record books


Firstly the reason the water around Jersey is two degrees warmer than donkey land is because we don't pump all our raw sewage into the sea and I would have thought that her donkey fur would have kept her warm whilst in the water.Long live the crapaud.

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Don't knock our sewage disposal system too hard.I think you'll find that the history books are quite clear on the fact that Jersey was only two thirds of the size it is now before we started pumping into the sea


You are quite obviously correct IWV, why else would they have acquired the name "Crapauds"? ;-)


The donkey and the horse both belong to the family Equidae and the genus but they are different species-the domestic horse is Equus caballus and the domestic donkey Equus asinus [ asinus translated means Annus how appropriate ].The two can interbreed,[this happens at lot in Guernsey] and produce mules [ offspring of a male donkey [Guernsey man]and a female horse].When a female donkey [Guernsey women]and a horse breed the result is a Hinnie,this all results in a lot of Asses living on Guernsey.

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Ah now you've really made my brain hurt! I bet you passed your 11+ :)

Just one thing I can't fathom out.When Jersey TV go out onto the streets to interview the public on some subject or other ( usually unemployment levels) why is it that they hardly ever find a true Jersey person?


What happened ? Did she forget to take her passport?


I would say that just about sums you up BORED.COM a bore and a big yawn.

well done MANDY. a very fine effort