Residents say aircraft 'shortcuts' making noise levels worse

PUBLIC Services is investigating after Torteval residents complained that a change in aircraft take-off and landings is affecting their quality of life.

Deputy Dave Inglis, left, with Rue du Planel residents Nicholas Drake, centre, and Andrew Moore

PUBLIC Services is investigating after Torteval residents complained that a change in aircraft take-off and landings is affecting their quality of life.

The airport flight path to the west goes over the Portelet area, but parishioners say aircraft going to and from the south-east are taking shortcuts and flying over their homes.

West district deputy Dave Inglis, who lives in Rue du Planel, has put written questions on the subject to Public Services minister Deputy Paul Luxon which will be answered at the next States meeting.

Nicholas Drake, 74, and wife Gillie have lived in La Rue du Planel for 13 years.

‘We bought our house in the comfortable expectation that we were south of the airport flight path but that’s not the case any more and we are under it,’ he said.

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More nimby nonsense. I used to live in St Martin's right under the main flight path. Just get used to it. I did soon enough. It's called modern living. What century do these people think they live in?

Charlie G

Exactly....and i don't remember ever reading any wimby bleetings from anyone living under/ near the flight paths.Maybe only me ?,but there seems to be more and more a trend on our Island to put a hand in the " cloakroom " ticket bag , pull out any old subject and run to the authorities groaning and moaning,then filling up the Press with it.Ok so these folks feel they have a point..and maybe the planes have shifted over a few feet,.but for goodness sake get a grip,before our Island becomes even more of a nanny state.

Spoilt walks on the cliffs?...hilarious,as far back as my old brain can think,we've always had planes buzzing over head in those areas,and

without cliff top property prices being affected.

Incase some have not yet realised..THIS IS A SMALL ISLAND!..

next thing we'll be reading ? " authorities looking into an out break of neighbors snoring"...oh dear.


Not in my back yard but anyone else's is fine???

Chicken Legs

To have the transport links we need there is a compromise to be made between silence and isolation.

The planes don't run at unsociable hours and are an essential link to the outside world.

This is a non-issue.


They now do the same over Petit Bot , Icart and saints bay absolutely ruining your nice tranquil walk on the cliff paths especially with small aircraft going round and round continously, at low lvls droaning away on nice summer evenings. I used to enjoy sitting on the cliff paths enjoying the atmosphere reading a book but would now rather stay at home when this is going on.


There is very little land mass to the south of the flight path, so if you moved there thinking there would be no aircraft noise then you were completely delusional.

I live in the vale and I can hear aircraft on the approach!


This could de value peoples homes by tens of thousands of pounds.

chicken legs

boo hoo


Yay, cheap housing!


The noise has`nt effected the seagull on chimney.

Maybe the new airport radar is a bit wonky causing aircrafts approach more south westerly.

Wait for easyjet to arrive then your have reasons to complain.


Thousands of houses in Guernsey are affected by aircraft noise to a greater or lesser extent. Guernsey is a small island with a very badly situated airport. They had the chance to locate the airport on the coast before the war and blew it.


It's not exactly Heathrow is it? Planes are few and far between and don't fly at unsociable hours... so there's not a lot to complain about really.


Move then


Takes time to adjust to new sounds! The Trislanders used to bug me but then got a lot quieter when they changed their props

We all live in a small island so have to put up with "nuisance" of many kinds

Anything wrong with double glazing or earplugs?

Yvonne Burford

The assertion in the article that aircraft turn at 200 feet above the ground is simply wrong. The turn is at 836 feet above sea level, which is 500 feet above the ground.


get some ear plugs 99p at poundworld !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bail out..

April fool already i see!..quite correct Martino,nimby nonsense! You can hear the metal tubes all over the Island.And there are still those who purchase a property next to an airport,then sometime later moan about the noise!

Mind you looking at this photo, joey looks low enough to crash into that sea gull!

..never did understood why kamakaze pilots wore helmets.


Is Le Planel a heavily built up residential area, ( more than other parts of Torteval, St Saviours or St. Peters ), and has there been so many complaints of noise pollution to warrant raising this matter in the States ?

Or is this yet another case of a States deputy using his position in the States for personal advantage ?

If a normal resident of the island wrote to the Public Services minister with such a question, would it also be answered in a States meeting ?

Anyway, these people's homes are hardly now under the main flight path except when the odd aircraft heads down to Jersey - and they have been turning that way since decades !


According to the States Register of Interest Deputy Inglis doesn’t own any property in Guernsey, so how can the planes be flying over his property

For pity's sake

Noisy!! Get a life, those pesky scooters with "race silencers" on make a lot and I mean a lot more noise than any aircraft, and are much more frequent buzzing around at all hours.


Hang in there> Won't be long before we have electric planes. Mind you, the trailers carrying the batteries might be a bit of a problem, eh?


Is life so sad in that area you have to sit and think about what you will complain about next. You live on an Island, what do you want, next you will complain about the noise from Condor when the wind is in the wrong direction. Get a life.


#moaners #getalife


What a mean spirited bunch you are. IF the planes are not flying on the designated flight path these residents shouldn't be getting disturbed in this way. I made the mistake of staying at the old La Quinta Hotel many years ago and was blown out of bed at 6.30 every morning by the mail and newspaper planes. Its not much fun I can tell you. If you buy a house under the flight path you would pay less and know what to expect. If pilots are just doing what they want then they are in the wrong and should be sorted out.

vic ramble

Not exactly Heathrow is it? What a lot of moaners....introduce night flights and give them something to moan about, oh and I live under a flight path by the way.